Silver Quotes in Watership Down (1978)


Silver Quotes:

  • Pipkin: [while all are digging in the rain] What's happening back home, I wonder? Think, when we lived in our own burrows? Dry, soft, warm bodies...

    Dandelion: [to Hazel] Look, we can't go on like this.

    Silver: It keeps getting worse and worse wherever we go. Where ARE we going?

    Hazel: It won't be much longer, then we can all rest.

    Silver: How MUCH longer?

    Pipkin: We never should have left.

    Blackberry: Suppose Fiver's all wrong?

    Pipkin: We want to go back and find out.

    Hazel: Go back? After all we've been through?

    Bigwig: And probably get killed for wounding Captain Holly? An Owsla officer? Talk sense, for Frith's sake!

  • Bigwig: There's a dog loose in the woods!

    Silver: Oh, that does it!

  • Sean: Silver, what do you think happens with people in porn?

    Silver: What do you mean?

    Sean: Just seems to mess people up.

    Silver: Working at K-Mart messes people up. Working in Hollywood messes people up.

    Sean: That's true.

    Silver: It's an adult industry. Gotta be an adult to deal with it.

  • Silver: You know, when I was with Sondra, when everything was great at first.


    Silver: but I kept on getting this feeling like she was so into herself. Even when we were having sex, I couldn't get any closer.

    Sean: Well, some people are born distant.

    Silver: It's the *distance* that gets you *hooked.* After a while, it takes its *toll.*

  • Silver: I've been watching you with him.

    Sean: And?

    Silver: There's nothing to tell you that you don't already know. A: he's a porn star, B: he's straight.

    Sean: No he isn't.

    Silver: Sean, just because someone does gay sex doesn't mean they're gay.

    Sean: What does it mean then?

    Silver: Absolutely nothing. You just go through with it. Women understand that from the get-go.

    Sean: Well, he's different with me.

    Silver: What, because of this fluffing thing?

    Sean: Well, if he's so straight, then why does he need a boy to get him hard?

    Silver: Who knows? All that matters is that, in his mind, he's a straight boy. You ain't never gonna change that.

    Sean: And in my mind, I'll always be on my knees in front of him.

    Silver: [sarcastically] Yeah, well, the two of you should be very happy together.

  • Sean: It's like I got this knotted piece of string running down the middle of me, and I try to untie it, I try, but I can't.

    Silver: There's no such thing as a knot you can't untie.

  • Sean: Silver, isn't it weird for you working here? I mean, you like girls, right?

    Silver: I'm into gay porn.

    Sean: You are?

    Silver: [affirmatively] Mmm.

    Sean: How come?

    Silver: I like watching penises. Besides, lesbian porn sucks! With all those long red fingernails? *Please.*

  • Silver: I'm in a "can't keep my hands off him" phase.

    Cay: Did you invite me over to, ah, watch the show?

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