Sil Quotes in Species (1995)


Sil Quotes:

  • Dr. Stephen Arden: [Stephen and Sil have just finished having sex. Sil seems distant for a second, but then chuckles excitedly] What?

    Sil: I felt it!

    Dr. Stephen Arden: Felt what?

    Sil: It's started!

    Dr. Stephen Arden: What's started?

    Sil: Life!

    Dr. Stephen Arden: Oh, my darling girl!

    [laughs condeceningly]

    Dr. Stephen Arden: Now, I know in some south african tribes women believe they know the exact moment of conception, but really...

    Sil: Don't you beleive me? Here, feel!

    [She grabs his hand and holds it against her belly]

    Dr. Stephen Arden: [Stephen does indeed feel something in Sil's womb and his smile suddenly fades] Holy Shit!

    [Sil covers Stephen's mouth to muffle his screams as she transforms into her alien form and kills him]

  • Sil: [on Laura's perfume] Smells nice. Can I try some?

    Dr. Laura Baker: Yeah, help yourself.

    Sil: Does it work on your boyfriend?

    Dr. Laura Baker: Yeah, as a repellent.

    [walks away]

  • John Carey: Oh, no. I think someone's at the door.

    Sil: Don't go. Please. I want a baby.

    John Carey: [shocked] *What?* Excuse me?

  • Dr. Stephen Arden: [to his surprise, Stephen walks in to his motel room to find a stranger, Sil, standing inside listening through the wall to a couple having sex in a neighboring room] Who are you? What are you doing here?

    Sil: I saw you downstairs, but you were with all those people.

    [She approaches him, slipping the shoulder straps off her dress to expose her breasts]

    Dr. Stephen Arden: Wh... What are you doing?

    [Sil kisses him]

    Sil: It's not too soon for us to be together.

    [She kisses him again. Stephen stops resisting and starts undressing, himself]

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