Sidney Cochran Quotes in California Suite (1978)


Sidney Cochran Quotes:

  • Diana Barrie: What's that green slime you're eating? It looks like a dish out of Oliver Twist.

    Sidney Cochran: I'm not sure... I think they run the front lawn through a blender.

  • Sidney Cochran: You drank everything in this state. Try Nevada!

  • Sidney Cochran: One day when you're an antique I shall vote for you. I promise.

  • Diana Barrie: [after he kisses her] Don't close your eyes, Sidney.

    Sidney Cochran: I always close my eyes.

    Diana Barrie: Not tonight. Look at me tonight. Let it be me tonight.

  • Sidney Cochran: I am going to bed. We have a 10 a.m. plane to catch in the morning.

    Diana Barrie: 10 a.m. is the morning. That is redundant, you A.H.

    Sidney Cochran: Oh, do you think I don't know what you're saying? I *can* spell, you know.

    Diana Barrie: Not without moving your lips, you can't.

  • Diana Barrie: They will think that we are still mad for each other after twelve years.

    Sidney Cochran: Oh, I thought we were. I keep forgetting.

  • Diana Barrie: What do you do with your afternoon... Sidney?

    Sidney Cochran: In London? I don't think we have afternoon.

  • Diana Barrie: [angrily] I'm not asking you - I'm threatening you, you crud!

    Sidney Cochran: Now I'm definitely not going to tell you.

    Diana Barrie: [sincerely] I'm sorry - I take it back Sidney, you're not a crud!

    Sidney Cochran: Am I still an asshole?

    Diana Barrie: Definitely!

  • Sidney Cochran: The only think you don't do in your dressing room is dress.

  • Sidney Cochran: I don't follow other people's films. I barely follow yours.

  • [during an argument after the awards]

    Diana Barrie: Faggot.

    Sidney Cochran: Oh, good. I thought you'd never ask.

  • Sidney Cochran: Channel 12 just called you the dark horse. They must have seen the dress.

    Diana Barrie: You hate it.

    Sidney Cochran: How much was it?

    Diana Barrie: Nothing, Joe Pickman paid for it.

    Sidney Cochran: Then I love it.

    Diana Barrie: Damn it I wish you didn't have such good taste.

  • Diana Barrie: If there's one thing i can't stand it's a bi-sexual homosexual. Or is it the other way 'round?

    Sidney Cochran: It works either way.

  • Diana Barrie: How many gin-and-tonics have you had?

    Sidney Cochran: Three gins, one tonic.

    Diana Barrie: [admonishingly] Catch up on the tonics. We don't want to be disgusting tonight, do we?

  • Sidney Cochran: [shouting] I am not an asshole!

    Diana Barrie: I've just thrown up on some of the biggest people in Hollywood. Now is no time to be sensitive.

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