Shu Quotes in Dragon Ball Z: Doragon bôru Z - Kami to Kami (2013)


Shu Quotes:

  • [Trunks approaches the Pilaf Gang]

    Trunks: I was trying to act cool, and I called you my girlfriend...

    Pilaf: ME?

    Trunks: Not you!

    Shu: ME?

    Trunks: How did it come to that? That girl there!

    Mai: Me?... Why would I be with a kid like you?

    Trunks: You're a kid, too. I'm sorry, but could you just act for a little while...

    Mai: Act as your girlfriend? What should I do?

    Trunks: Uh... how about holding hands?

    Mai: [shocked] EH? How did kids these days get so revolutionary?


    [Pilaf, Shu and Mai are now children]

    Mai: We finally managed to make a wish to Shenron... and you asked for youth!

    Pilaf: There wasn't much point asking to rule the world, when we'd aged and had only a few years left to enjoy ruling...

    Mai: But he made us TOO young!

    Shu: Well, I can't complain. As a dog, I've already exceeded my life expectancy.

  • [English sub]

    Mai: [holds uo a Dragonball] I used the diamond to distract the boy, while I sneaked out with this! They don't have a clue the Four-Star Dragon Ball has gone missing thanks to me!

    Pilaf: Wow, you've really earned your keep this time!... But wait a second, we can't wish for money with just ONE Dragon Ball!

    Mai: Oh, don't worry, I've got it all figured out! We'll demand a huge ransom from them! We'll say we won't return the Ball, unless they give us one million Zeni xash!

    Pilaf: Oh, that's brilliant! Mai, you're a genuine evil genius, a real-deal rascal!

    Mai: Nothing compared to you Pilaf, you're even eviller!

    [both cackle]

    Shu: I'm pretty sure that diamond was worth more than a million zeni, couldn't we just have taken it and left?

    [awkward pause]

    Shu: ...or not?

    Pilaf: Don't be stupid! Nobody wants to be THAT rich, it's way too stressful! It's about balance!

    Mai: That's right! You'll be so stressed, you'll start wetting yourself all the time! And I'm not washing your pee-pee pants!

    Pilaf: ...Okay, that just went to a weird place. I expect my evil henchmen to have a little class.

    Mai: I'm sorry, my bad.

  • Shu: Come.

    Sid: Where?

    Shu: It's fun stuff.

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