Shredder Quotes in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows (2016)


Shredder Quotes:

  • Shredder: [to Bebop and Rocksteady] I'm looking for errand boys...

  • Shredder: We meet again, Turtles!

  • Shredder: Foot Clan, vanish!

  • Shredder: [holds up mutagen] This will help us build an army...

  • Shredder: Once the Technodrome is assembled, we can rule the planet.

    Krang: I'm sorry, we? WE will rule? Ha-ha!

    Shredder: We were a team...

    Krang: "We were a team..." Teams are for the weak! Family is for the scared! The Earth is MY toy, and I do not like to share!

    Shredder: You betrayed me!

    Krang: Actually, I barely even thought about you!

    [Shredder draws his blades, but Krang freezes Shredder and stores him inside the Technodrome]

    Krang: Back to the toy chest, with the rest of the things I've broken! Silly little earthling!

  • Shredder: [in Japanese] Tonight I dine on turtle soup!

  • Splinter: Shredder.

    Shredder: All these years I've been trying to recreate the mutagen. And you... you just handed it to me.

    Splinter: [draws his sword] You will not lay a hand on my sons!

    Shredder: [laughs] Your sons? You think you're their father?

  • Shredder: I do not believe in fairy tales.

  • Shredder: [is blocked by Splinter's sword] Very good, rat.

  • [Raph discovers his brothers are in cages, with one cage empty]

    Shredder: Raphael, glad you could join us. The fourth cage is for you!

  • Shredder: [beats Raphael] The rat did not teach you well!

  • April O'Neil: SHREDDER!

    [stabs the Shredder with one of Raphael's sais]

    Shredder: You stupid little girl...

  • Shredder: Why are you here?

  • Shredder: [beats the Turtles] Enough! The lesson is over.

  • Shredder: Babies! They're babies!

    Professor Jordan Perry: What did you expect? They'd come out quoting "Macbeth"?

    Shredder: They are stupid!

    Professor Jordan Perry: Well, they're not stupid, they're infants.

    Rahzar: [knocks Tokka on the head with a metal pole] Bang!

    Tokka: Ow!

    Professor Jordan Perry: Okay, they're stupid infants.

  • Shredder: Go ahead. Attack me if you will. When it is over, you will call me Master!

    Rahzar: Ma... Mama.

    Tokka: Mama?

    Rahzar: [to Shredder] Mama!

    [they hug Shredder]

    Shredder: Get off me! BABIES! THEY ARE BABIES! AAARRRRRGH!

  • Tatsu: Our father gone!

    [kicks over boxes]

    Tatsu: They will pay! I, Tatsu, now lead! Let any who challenge step forward!

    Shredder: [appearing in doorway] I challenge!

    Freddy: His face!

  • Shredder: [after Tatsu locks a wolf and a snapping turtle into small cells] And these are the two most vicious animals you could find?

    [Tatsu nods]

    Shredder: Good. Professor?

    Professor Jordan Perry: Preparations are complete, however...

    Shredder: Begin.

    Professor Jordan Perry: However, I feel free to re-register my original protest and remind you of the immense dangers of...

    [Tatsu squares up to him and growls]

    Professor Jordan Perry: ...That's enough talk from me. We'll begin.

  • Shredder: Choose the best men of those that remain to follow the reporter. She's the key to finding the creatures that did this to me.

    Tatsu: Yes master. Next master, we rebuild the foot?

    Shredder: No. There is only one thing next. Revenge!

  • Shredder: Tonight we leave a calling card for the Turtles. Tomorrow... We force a final confrontation.

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