Shonte Jr. Quotes in Me, Myself & Irene (2000)


Shonte Jr. Quotes:

  • Shonte Jr.: Damn. I can't figure out the atomic mass of this motherfuckin' deuteron!

    Jamaal: Shit, man, that shit's simple! Okay. Tell me this. Tell me this.

    Shonte Jr.: What? What?

    Jamaal: What's a deuteron made up of?

    Shonte Jr.: Duh, a proton and a neutron.

    Jamaal: Then what's this motherfuckin' electron doing right there?

    Shonte Jr.: Shit, I don't know!

    Jamaal: Well, get it outta there then!

    Shonte Jr.: Okay, so, you're sayin' I add up the atomic masses of the proton and the neutron, right, I see's that, but what do I do with the goddamn electron? Can I bring it over here?

    Jamaal: Enrico Fermi'd roll over in his motherfucking grave if he heard that stupid shit. I mean, he'd just turn over ass up in your face. He wouldn't give a fuck!

    Lee Harvey: Hey, Jamaal, man, just cut my man some slack, dog.

    Jamaal: Look here, man, I'm just tryin' to help him save face, all right? I mean, you know, he keep askin' questions like that, motherfuckers gonna think he's stupid!

    Shonte Jr.: I ain't stupid.

    Jamaal: Aw, shit, man.

    Charlie Baileygates: Mornin', fellas.

    Lee Harvey: Oh, hey, Dad.

    Jamaal: Hey, Pops, how you doin', man?

    Charlie Baileygates: What's all the commotion down here?

    Jamaal: Oh, you know, just school shit and shit.

    Charlie Baileygates: How's my little guy doing?

    Shonte Jr.: Struggling. This quantum physics is confusing. If I don't buckle down, I'm gonna get myself another B-plus.

    Charlie Baileygates: Ooh, that'd be whack.

    Lee Harvey: Man, he so fuckin' dumb, he think calculus is a goddamn emperor.

    Jamaal: [bumping fists] Give it up, dog.

    Shonte Jr.: Yeah, well, you think polypeptide's a motherfuckin' toothpaste!

  • Jamaal: Lee Harvey, what's the diameter of a chicken egg?

    Lee Harvey: 4.08 centimeters.

    Jamaal: No, no, what's that in inches?

    Lee Harvey: 1.61, man, what the fuck you gettin' at, man?

    Jamaal: I got ten bucks saying I can squeeze a chicken egg up his ass without it breaking.

    Shonte Jr.: Man, you can't put no chicken egg up his ass, man, look at him, he a tightass.

    Jamaal: No, it can be done.

    Lee Harvey: Yo. I'll take that bet.

    [They bump fists]

  • Shonte Jr.: Man how the hell can they call Pluto a planet? No motherfucking planet has an elliptical orbit. This shit don't make no sense.

  • JamaalLee HarveyShonte Jr.: Thanks for watching our motherfucking movie!

  • [in a police helicopter on the ground]

    Shonte Jr.: Anybody know how to fly this damn thing?

    Jamaal: Motherfucker, it can't be that hard, it's just lift versus drag and rotation.

    Lee Harvey: Yeah, man, get your head out your ass.

    Shonte Jr.: It's not that, man, the controls are written in German, ya asshole.

    Lee Harvey: Motherfucker, you speak German don't you?

    Shonte Jr.: Motherfucker, I can speak it, I ain't saying I can read the shit all that good.

    Jamaal: [Grabs instruction book] You a motherfuckin' disgrace!

    [reading in German from the instruction book; subtitled]

    Jamaal: Secure the aft doors and adjust the motherfucking rotor pedals!

    Shonte Jr.: Jawohl!

    Jamaal: [in German] Now, disengage the goddamn inverter switch!

    Shonte Jr.: Jawohl!

    Jamaal: [in English] Well, get this motherfucker off the ground!

  • Shonte Jr.: [On Charlie's new chin] He sure is a Spartacus looking motherfucker.

  • [after Hank Evans has a bowel movement on the neighbor's lawn]

    Shonte Jr.: Damn, do you think daddy's getting too much stress?

    Lee Harvey: I think he's getting too much shredded wheat by the mothafuckin' look of it!

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