Shiv Quotes in Kal Ho Naa Ho (2003)


Shiv Quotes:

  • Lajjo Kapur: Oh, so you are awake...! Looking so good like Hari Putter!

    Shiv: Harry Potter, dadi! Harry Potter

  • Shiv: I need to see the shit.

    Timofey: You don't understand.

    Shiv: Fuck you! Let me see it! I want to see it!

    Timofey: Are you aware of the radiological effects on living organisms? Protons cut through your DNA rewriting your genetic code. The instructions for teeth become the recipe for cancer. Your marrow dies inside your bones taking with it your immune system. The next coughing person will become an infection, the smoke from your cigarette becomes lethal as a bullet. A thousandth of a gram can change a life.

    Shiv: Okay, I'll put the cigarette out.

    Timofey: There is a right way to open this canister, no fewer than twenty wrong ways. Open it the wrong way and the material spills out. It costs thirty thousand dollars to learn the right way.

  • Shiv: You know who wore hat like this?

    Andrei: No.

    Shiv: Jesse James.

    Andrei: Jesse James!

    [mimicking pistols with hands]

    Shiv: Jesse James. He wore hat just like this. He only stole from rich people, so he really wasn't a thief. He'd go into a rough place like Chicago or Brooklyn and do business.

    Andrei: Like you?

    Shiv: [nodding] The CIA chased him for years. Whenever Jesse Jackson needed a car he stole one.

    Andrei: Jesse James?

    Shiv: What did I say?

    Andrei: Reggie Jackson.

    Shiv: Jesse Jackson! He could've been the president of the United States but they don't respect the black man so he went underground.

    Andrei: Was he who did sports like Michael Jordan?

    Shiv: Michael Jackson! Michael, Reggie, Jesse... and two other brothers: the Jackson Five. The most powerful family in America. Hey, what bill is Andrew Jackson on?

    Andrei: Twenty!

    Shiv: Twenty! Hey. Respect the Jacksons.

  • Shiv: The fuck is that? Oh boy. Alright, if you're interested in some kind of man-love, there's a Romanian gymnast in lobby who bites pillow.

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