Shirley Blake Quotes in Bright Eyes (1934)


Shirley Blake Quotes:

  • Shirley Blake: Ooh, we're going up!

    James 'Loop' Merritt: That's right, we're going way up. Do you know where we're going?

    Shirley Blake: No.

    James 'Loop' Merritt: We're going right up to Heaven. You know, Shirley, Heaven is a very nice place. If we're good, we'll all live there someday.

    Shirley Blake: Yes, I know.

    James 'Loop' Merritt: My mother and father are there now.

    Shirley Blake: So's my daddy. We're up pretty high now. Are we near Heaven?

  • Shirley Blake: My daddy could fly better than anyone in the whole world, couldn't he?

    James 'Loop' Merritt: That's right, better than anyone in the whole world. You know, your daddy and I were pals ever since we were about as big as you are. That's why I'm your godfather.

    Shirley Blake: And then one day he cracked up and went away to Heaven, didn't he?

    James 'Loop' Merritt: That's right.

    Shirley Blake: I'll bet when I'm a pilot, I won't crack up.

    James 'Loop' Merritt: When you're ready to be a pilot, we'll get you a big non-crackable ship. That reminds me, I found a scrapbook the other day with some pictures of your daddy and me in it. Would you like to see?

    Shirley Blake: Oh, yes.

  • Shirley Blake: Who's that picture of?

    James 'Loop' Merritt: Oh. A girl I used to know.

    Shirley Blake: She's a pretty lady.

    James 'Loop' Merritt: I used to think so. But it's not enough to be pretty on the outside. You've got to be pretty on the inside, too.

    Shirley Blake: How can you be pretty in there?

    James 'Loop' Merritt: By thinking the right thoughts and doing the right things. And eating plenty of spinach!

  • Joy Smythe: What are you gonna get for Christmas? I'm gonna get a pink dollhouse with real furniture and a real piano and a tennis racket and a great big doll.

    Shirley Blake: I asked Santa Claus to bring me a doll.

    Joy Smythe: There ain't any Santa Claus!

    Shirley Blake: There is too!

    Joy Smythe: There is not! My psychoanalyst told me there ain't any Santa Claus or fairies or giants or anything like that.

    Shirley Blake: I'll bet you'd feel pretty bad tomorrow morning if you woke up and you didn't have any presents.

    Joy Smythe: Well, I won't. Wanna know why? 'Cause I already peeked in the closet and saw 'em.

    Shirley Blake: I don't care what you saw. There is a Santa Claus!

    Joy Smythe: There ain't!

    Shirley Blake: Mr. Smith, there is a Santa Claus, isn't there?

    Uncle Ned Smith: What did she say?

    Shirley Blake: She said there isn't.

    Uncle Ned Smith: Then there is.

  • Uncle Ned Smith: We showed her, didn't we?

    Shirley Blake: We sure did. Thanks, Mr. Smith. I like you.

    Uncle Ned Smith: Then you're the only one around here that does. They don't like me, and I don't like them, either.

  • Shirley Blake: I know who you are.

    Adele Martin: You do?

    Shirley Blake: Sure, you're the lady who's coming to live at our house.

    Adele Martin: You're not little Joy, are you?

    Shirley Blake: Oh, no, I'm Shirley.

    Adele Martin: Oh, I see.

    Shirley Blake: Loop, isn't this the lady whose picture you have in your book?

    James 'Loop' Merritt: Yeah. She's one of them.

  • James 'Loop' Merritt: Now I've got a present for you. This isn't from Santa Claus. This is from me to you. This is a magic ring, see? Just like in the fairy tales. If ever you're in trouble, or if you ever want me to do anything for you, you send me this ring, and I'll come.

    Shirley Blake: Oh, it's so pretty. Thank you, Loop.

  • James 'Loop' Merritt: Now because today is Christmas, you can do anything that you want to do. What would you like to do best in the world?

    Shirley Blake: You know what. Fly.

    James 'Loop' Merritt: That's just what I thought. All right, Shirley, we're going for a ride. Just you and I.

    Shirley Blake: Are we going way up high?

    James 'Loop' Merritt: That's right, way up high.

  • James 'Loop' Merritt: Shirley, I've got something to tell you.

    Shirley Blake: A story?

    James 'Loop' Merritt: No, not a story. You know, ever since your daddy went to Heaven, your mother's been awful lonesome for him.

    Shirley Blake: Yes, I know. Sometimes she cries and everything.

    James 'Loop' Merritt: Today your mother got so lonesome for your daddy that she went to see him.

    Shirley Blake: All the way up to Heaven?

    James 'Loop' Merritt: All the way up to Heaven. They're up there together now.

    Shirley Blake: You mean... my mother cracked up, too?

    James 'Loop' Merritt: I'm sorry, dear.

  • James 'Loop' Merritt: Shirley, would you like to go back to the Smythes' house and live there?

    Shirley Blake: Do I have to?

    Adele Martin: For a little while, dear.

    Shirley Blake: Are you gonna be there, too?

    Adele Martin: Yes, I am, dear, and we'll be together every day.

    Shirley Blake: Well, if you'll be there, it'll be fine. I like you, and I like Mr. Smith.

    James 'Loop' Merritt: All right, then, it's all settled.

    Shirley Blake: Can't Loop come and live with us, too?

    Adele Martin: No, dear. Just at the moment, I'm afraid that can't be arranged.

  • Joy Smythe: Let's play hospital. I'll be the doctor, and you'll be the nurse. We'll get a big knife out of the kitchen and operate on your doll.

    Shirley Blake: I don't want Mary Lou to be operated on.

    Joy Smythe: I don't care. You have to play the way I want to.

    Shirley Blake: I don't, either.

    Joy Smythe: Yes, you do because this is my house and my yard and you're nothing but an old charity.

    Shirley Blake: I am not!

    Joy Smythe: Yes, you are because I heard my papa tell my mama so.

  • Shirley Blake: Mother, I dressed myself, and I put my clothes away, all folded and everything.

    Mary Blake: Well, you're your mother's little angel, that's what you are.

    Shirley Blake: No, I'm not, because angels have wings, like these.

    Mary Blake: Those are your daddy's pilot wings.

    Shirley Blake: I know, and now he's really an angel, isn't he?

    Mary Blake: Yes, darling.

  • Shirley Blake: [finds one of Joys of dolls by the incinerator] Why, you poor little thing. You must have cracked up. You should be in the hospital.

    Joy Smythe: Hey, that's my doll.

    Shirley Blake: Well, I just found her here.

    Joy Smythe: You can't have her.

    [rips the doll out of Shirley's arms]

    Joy Smythe: You bad old thing. You ran away from home and I'm gonna spank you

    [spanks the doll]

    Shirley Blake: If you give her to me, I'll take care of her. I'll wash her face and make her some clothes and everything.

    Joy Smythe: You can't have her. You wanna know why? Because I'm gonna kill her.

    [rips off the dolls limps and head before skipping away]

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