Shinobu Quotes in Urusei Yatsura 2: Beautiful Dreamer (1984)


Shinobu Quotes:

  • [Everyone finds they can't get to their own homes]

    Megane: There's only one thing we can do...

    [At Ataru's house]

    Megane: We'd like you to...

    PermChibiMeganeMendouSakuraShinobuKakugari: PUT US UP FOR THE NIGHT!

    Ataru, Mendou: Why you...!

  • Shinobu: MEN ARE SUCH WIMPS.

  • Elle: How dare you interrupt the sacred ceremony of love.

    Shinobu: What ceremony of love? This is just a sick collection. The warm love between a man and a woman can't be frozen like tuna.

  • Shinobu: That was the night, leaving behind only those three twinkling trails, that Ten and Lum and all their friends left Tomobiki Town for good. Those of us left here were all struck by a sadness, almost as if a great festival had finally come to an end.

  • Sakura: Lum, listen carefully. This is a time of extreme emergency. You must talk Rupa into fixing things.

    Lum: Well, if Darling says that he loves me, then I wouldn't mind talking to Rupa.

    Sakura: [to Ataru] So she says.

    Benten: Earth's fate hangs on a single world from you.

    Sakura: Say it! Even if it's a lie!

    Mendou: On this occasion, I shall permit it.

    Shinobu: Is it that difficult? It's just a simple phrase! You say it all the time to other girls!

    Ataru: I hate your guts!

  • [an earthquake erupts]

    Shinobu: [grabs onto Mendo] Ah! Mendo, I'm scared!

    Ataru: [grabs onto Shinobu] Ah! Mendo, you're scary!

  • [the frozen dreams collapse, Lum returns, and Ataru approaches her]

    Shinobu: And from now on, the days repeat on and on as usual, right?

    Sakura: No, not necessarily.

    Shinobu: Huh?

    Sakura: Even if the days go around, in a path of endlessly nearly concentric circles, as a whole, they should ultimately lead us to a new place.

    Mendou: That means...

    Sakura: Uh-huh, no one knows what lies ahead of us.

    Megane: How naive of me to approve of you and Lum, even for a moment. "Mistakes must be corrected at once." DIE ATARU!

    [the Stormtroopers all open fire on Ataru]

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