Sherman McCoy Quotes in The Bonfire of the Vanities (1990)


Sherman McCoy Quotes:

  • Sherman McCoy: There's one thing I can do. I want to see the truth come out, and burn every one of them, and there's only one way to do that.

    Mr. McCoy: And what is that?

    Sherman McCoy: Lie.

    Mr. McCoy: Oh... you know I have always been a great believer in the truth. I have lived my life as honestly as I can. I, I believe in the truth as an essential companion to a man of conscience. A beacon in this vast and dark wasteland, that is our modern world. And yet...

    Sherman McCoy: Yes.

    Mr. McCoy: this case, if the truth won't set you free, then lie.

  • Sherman McCoy: I suppose we could still go to the police. We could get a very talented lawyer...

    Maria Ruskin: And put our heads right into the tiger's mouth? I'm the one who was driving the car. Don't you think I'm the one who should make the decision? And I say, no. No, Sherman. Trust me. Nothing is going to come of this little newspaper article. Absolutely nothing.

  • Sherman McCoy: I understand you went to Yale.

    Tom Killian: Yeah. You, too. Huh?

    Sherman McCoy: What did you think of it?

    Tom Killian: It was okay. As law schools go. They give you the scholarly view. You know. It's terrific for anything you want to do - as long as it doesn't involve real people.

  • Sherman McCoy: Maria, you're incorrigible!

  • Maria Ruskin: [introducing Russian ballet dancer] He's defective.

    Sherman McCoy: You mean, he "defected".

    Maria Ruskin: No, I mean he doesn't speak any English.

  • Pollard Browning: Hello, Sherman.

    Sherman McCoy: Good evening, Pollard.

    Pollard Browning: It's raining, you know.

    Sherman McCoy: I did notice, yes.

    Pollard Browning: [on Sherman's dog] Ah, Sherman, a true friend to man's best friend.

    Sherman McCoy: Pollard, you old phrase-maker.

    Pollard Browning: I beg your pardon?

    Sherman McCoy: Is that the best you can do? Is that as witty as we get?

    Pollard Browning: I don't know what you're talking about. Furthermore, if you're wet when you return, take the service elevator.

  • Sherman McCoy: I want you to meet Aubrey Buffing.

    Judy McCoy: Who?

    Sherman McCoy: Aubrey Buffing. The poet. He's on the short list for the Nobel Prize, he has AIDS, you'll love him!

    Judy McCoy: Sherman, we are standing alone in the middle of the room, a married couple talking to each other. You simply don't do it. Go on and mingle! Please.

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