Sheriff Ray Owens Quotes in The Last Stand (2013)


Sheriff Ray Owens Quotes:

  • [after his Corvette ZR1 is wrecked]

    Gabriel Cortez: You fucked up my car.

    Sheriff Ray Owens: You fucked up my day off.

  • Sheriff Ray Owens: You make us immigrants look bad.

  • [Sheriff Owens jumps into the diner for cover]

    Irv: How are you sheriff?

    Sheriff Ray Owens: Old.

    Irv: Nah, you got a ways to go yet.

  • Burrell: Who the hell are you?

    [Burrell pulls out his gun, but Owens shoots him in the forehead]

    Sheriff Ray Owens: I am the Sheriff.

  • [last lines]

    Mayor: Ray? Ray! What in God's name happened to my car?

    Sheriff Ray Owens: Well, next time don't park it in the fire zone.

    [Owens and his deputies turn around and walk into the diner]

    Sheriff Ray Owens: Schmuck.

  • Sheriff Ray Owens: Welcome to Sommerton!

  • Mrs. Salazar: [shoots unsuspecting bad guy]

    Sheriff Ray Owens: Mrs. Salazar!

    Mrs. Salazar: Sheriff!

    Sheriff Ray Owens: Obliged.

    Mrs. Salazar: Put the hurt on 'em, Ray!

  • Sheriff Ray Owens: My honor is not for sale.

  • Sheriff Ray Owens: We are not going to let that guy come through our town without a fight.

  • Sarah Torrance: I was scared shitless. I mean, I could barely keep my hands from shaking.

    Sheriff Ray Owens: That's quite normal. I mean, everyone feels like that during a firefight. I'll tell you a secret. I'm probably more afraid then you are right now.

    Sarah Torrance: Whoa... What? How can that be?

    Sheriff Ray Owens: Because I've seen enough blood and death. I know what's coming.

  • Sheriff Ray Owens: Do you have stupid names for all your shit?

    Lewis Dinkum: Only the shit I love!

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