Sheriff Jeff Lord Quotes in McLintock! (1963)


Sheriff Jeff Lord Quotes:

  • Cowhand: It's a nice mornin', ain't it, boss?

    George Washington McLintock: Everybody's entitled to their own opinion.

    Cowhand: Like that again, huh? Well, this ought to cheer you up. A thousand head. I figure they'll bring about $12.50.

    George Washington McLintock: They're not as fat as I'd like for shippin'. They come off of the north range?

    Cowhand: Yes sir. Settlers. Every one of them with a plow and a bible and not the slightest idea what the range is for.

    George Washington McLintock: Drago! Drag out that hog leg. Get me some attention.

    Drago: [Fires a shot in the air] Yeehaw! People, people, people! Come on all of ya. Gather 'round!

    George Washington McLintock: I'm McLintock. You people plan to homestead and farm the Mesa Verde.

    Settler: Yes, sir. The government give each of us a hunerd and sixty acres.

    George Washington McLintock: The government never gave anybody anything. Some years back a lot like you come in. Had a pretty good first year. Good summer. Easy winter. But the next year the last rain was in February. And by June even the jack rabbits had sense enough to get off the Mesa.

    Matt Douglas: Folks, do you know who that is? That's McClintock. George Washington McLintock.

    George Washington McLintock: I told them that, Douglas.

    Matt Douglas: He controls the water rights on 200 square miles of range. You know that lumber you got? It came from his land. Cut by his loggers and milled in his mill.

    George Washington McLintock: Douglas, I come close to killin' you a couple of times when we were younger. Saddens me I didn't.

    Matt Douglas: Can you imagine a man who owns all that, oh and mines too, I forgot to mention those, all that and he's begrudgin' poor people a measly, a measly, one hundred sixty acres.

    Settler: That right, Mr. McLintock? You begrudge us a little free land?

    George Washington McLintock: There's no such thing as free land. You make these homesteads go you'll have earned every acre of it. But you just can't make 'em go on the Mesa Verde. God made that country for buffalo. Serves pretty well for cattle. But it hates the plow. And even the government should know you can't farm 6000 feet above sea level!

    Sheriff Jeff Lord: Any trouble here, Mr. McLintock?

    George Washington McLintock: No trouble, Sheriff.

    Sheriff Jeff Lord: How about you, Douglas.

    Matt Douglas: Douglas. Just plain Douglas, eh. And you call him Mr. McLintock. Why?

    Sheriff Jeff Lord: Well, Douglas, I guess that's because he's earned it.

    Devlin Warren: Mr. McLintock? I'm a good had with cattle, Mr. McLintock. I'd like a job.

    George Washington McLintock: Well, you look strong enough. You come in with those sooners?

    Devlin Warren: Yes, sir. But we haven't got a homestead and...

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