Sheriff Chris Mannix Quotes in The Hateful Eight (2015)


Sheriff Chris Mannix Quotes:

  • Sheriff Chris Mannix: May I sit down, sir?

    General Sandy Smithers: According to the Yankees, it's a free country.

  • Sheriff Chris Mannix: The nigger in the stable has a letter from Abraham Lincoln?

  • Sheriff Chris Mannix: Well, cut my legs off and call me Shorty!

  • Major Marquis Warren: [about Daisy as she's laying on the floor] No, don't shoot her!

    Sheriff Chris Mannix: Why the hell not?

    Major Marquis Warren: [stutters] John Ruth...

    [long pause]

    Major Marquis Warren: Now, John Ruth was one mighty, mighty bastard. But the last thang that bastard did before he died was save your life. We gonna die, white boy. We ain't got no say in that. There is one thang left we have to say here; and that's how we kill this bitch. I say shootin's too good for her. John Ruth could'a shot her any where, any time along the way, but John Ruth was "The Hangman," and when "The Hangman" catches you, you don't die by no bullet.


    Major Marquis Warren: When "The Hangman" catches you...

    [slight pause]

    Major Marquis Warren: ... you hang!

    Sheriff Chris Mannix: [grinning wide] You only need to hang mean bastards, but mean bastards you need to hang!

    [Mannix and Warren look over at Daisy and laugh gleefully as she glances up at both of them with an agonizing expression on her face; she knows they're about to hang her]

  • Sheriff Chris Mannix: 'Cause when niggers are scared that's when white folks are safe!

  • [last lines]

    Sheriff Chris Mannix: Hey. Can I see that Lincoln letter?

    [Warren reaches in his pocket and takes out a bloodied piece of paper; he hands it over to Mannix]

    Sheriff Chris Mannix: "Dear Marquis, I hope this letter finds you in good health and stead. I'm doing fine, although I wish there were more hours in the day. It's just so much to do. Time is changing slowly but surely and it's men like you will make a difference. Your military success is a credit not only to you but to your race as well. I'm very proud every time I hear news of you. We still have a long way to go but hand in hand, I know we'll get there. I just want to let you know you're in my thoughts. Hopefully our paths will cross in the future. Until then I remain your friend. 'Ole Mary Todd is calling, so I guess it must be time for bed. Respectfully, Abraham Lincoln..."

    [long pause]

    Sheriff Chris Mannix: "'Ole Mary Todd..."

    [smiles weakly]

    Sheriff Chris Mannix: That's a nice touch.

    Major Marquis Warren: [chuckles] Thanks.

    [Mannix takes the letter and crumples it up; he tosses it on the floor nearby]

  • Oswaldo Mobray: [smiles] Well, well, well! Looks like Minnie's Haberdashery's about to get cosy for the next few days.

    [sips his hot coffee and smirks]

    Sheriff Chris Mannix: Yes, it does...

  • [repeated line]

    Sheriff Chris Mannix: Well, I'll be double-dog damned!

  • Sheriff Chris Mannix: [Before stepping into the coach, after John Ruth and Major Marquis Warren shake hands on protecting each other's bounties from him] Well, ain't love grand? Y'all wanna lie on the ground and make snow angels together?

  • Major Marquis Warren: [to Oswaldo, Bob and Joe Gage] So John Ruth's trying to hang your woman, so you kill him. Okay, maybe. But OB wasn't hangin' nobody...

    Sheriff Chris Mannix: [nods] He damn sure wasn't!

    Major Marquis Warren: But he's sure enough laying over there dead now, ain't he?

    Sheriff Chris Mannix: He damn sure is, you sons-of-bitches!

    Major Marquis Warren: Just like any one of us who would have drank that coffee...

    Sheriff Chris Mannix: Like me, Goddamn it!

  • Sheriff Chris Mannix: Like I said, friend, you got me at a bit of a disadvantage!

    John 'The Hangman' Ruth: Keeping you at a disadvantage is an advantage I intend to keep.

  • John 'The Hangman' Ruth: [to Warren] What's Wellenbeck?

    Sheriff Chris Mannix: You ain't never heard of Wellenbeck Prisoner of War camp, West Virginia?

    John 'The Hangman' Ruth: No, Reb. I ain't never heard of it!

    [to Warren]

    John 'The Hangman' Ruth: You bust out?

    Sheriff Chris Mannix: Oh, Major Marquis did more than just bust out. Major Marquis had a bright idea. So bright you have to wonder why ain't nobody never thought about it before!

    [to Warren]

    Sheriff Chris Mannix: Tell John Ruth your bright idea...

    Major Marquis Warren: [smirks] Well, the whole damn place was just made out of kindling.


    Major Marquis Warren: So I burnt it down!

    [Warren, John Ruth and Daisy all burst out in laughter; Mannix frowns in anger]

    Sheriff Chris Mannix: There was a rookie regiment there spending the overnight in the camp! 47 men, BURNT TO A CRISP! Southern youth, farmer's sons, cream of the crop...

    Major Marquis Warren: And I say let 'em burn!

    [Mannix looks at Warren with shock and disgust]

    Major Marquis Warren: I'm supposed to apologize for killin' Johnny Reb? You joined the war to keep niggers in chains. I joined the war to kill white Southern crackers. And that means killing 'em in any way I can! Shoot 'em, stab 'em, drown 'em, burn 'em, throw a big 'ol rock on their heads! Whatever it took to keep white Southern crackers in the ground, that's what I joined the war to do and that's what I did!

    [Warren and Mannix both glare at each other with hate]

  • Sheriff Chris Mannix: WHOO HAW! Now we're talkin'!

  • Sheriff Chris Mannix: [to the table] Well I'll tell you like the Lord told John, a letter from Abraham Lincoln wouldn't have that kinda effect on me. I might let a whore piss on it.

    Daisy Domergue: I spit on it.

    Sheriff Chris Mannix: Good for you, sister!

  • Sheriff Chris Mannix: [to Warren] I ain't dead yet, ya black bastard!

  • Major Marquis Warren: [after Daisy stops moving from being hung] That was a nice dance.

    Sheriff Chris Mannix: It sure was pretty!

  • Sheriff Chris Mannix: [to Daisy] Alright, b-b-bitch. What's... your... deal?

  • Sheriff Chris Mannix: [to John Ruth and Warren] So, what's goin' on? Are ya'll having a bounty hunter's picnic? Nevermind! You're takin' in three dead bodies and her into Red Rock to get paid, ain't ya?

    John 'The Hangman' Ruth: Yeah.

    Sheriff Chris Mannix: [grinning] Well, the man in Red Rock's supposed to pay you is me, the new sheriff! So if ya'll wanna get paid, ya'll need to get me to Red Rock!

  • Sheriff Chris Mannix: [as Warren approaches General Smithers] Warren, goddamn it, you leave that old man alone.

    Major Marquis Warren: Stand down, you son of a bitch. I shared a battlefield with this man.

    Major Marquis Warren: [to Smithers] Or would you deny me that too?

    General Sandy Smithers: I suppose you were there.

    Major Marquis Warren: May I join you?

    General Sandy Smithers: Yes, you may.

  • Sheriff Chris Mannix: Well remind me, why we wouldn't just kill y'all, and cash in?

    Daisy Domergue: Oh, you can kill us all. But you'll never spend a cent of that bounty money. And you'll never leave this mountain alive. 'Cause when that snow melts, the rest of Jody's gang - ALL FIFTEEN OF 'EM - that were waiting in Redrock, are comin' here. Now, let's say you shoot us all. If you really want all that Domergue Gang bounty money, you still gotta get all our corpses into Redrock... and that ain't gonna be so easy. 'Cause I doubt you can drive a four-horse team. Yet that wagon out there is too heavy for a two-horse team; so that means you gonna have to lead a STRING OF HORSES into Redrock. And with that deep snow after a blizzard, you ain't gonna be able to get away with any more than say... one body per horse. So that's YOU, leadin' a string of four horses, into Redrock. And with all them horses, in that snow, and you all by your lonesome... you're gonna be a mite poky. And you're gonna run smack dab into The Domergue Gang. And when those FIFTEEN KILLERS come across YOU in possession of all our dead bodies, they ain't just gonna kill you and that nigger, they're gonna go back Redrock and kill EVERY SON OF A BITCH IN THAT TOWN. You reeally the Sheriff of Redrock? You wanna save the Town? Then SHOOT than nigger dead!

    [Warren shoots her, aiming for her head but blowing her toes off instead]

    Daisy Domergue: Jesus Christ!

    Major Marquis Warren: Ohohoo! You believe in Jesus now, huh bitch? Well good. 'Cause you 'bout to meet him!

  • Sheriff Chris Mannix: [after walking in for the first time, observing the premises] Oh. I get it. "Haberdashery." That was a joke.

  • Major Marquis Warren: General Sanford Smithers? Battle of Baton Rouge?

    General Sandy Smithers: [to Mannix] Inform the nigger in the cavalry officer's uniform that I had a division of Confederates under my command... in Baton Rouge!

    Sheriff Chris Mannix: [stands up] MAJOR NIGGER! General Smithers wishes me to inform you...

    Major Marquis Warren: [raises hand] I heard him, hillbilly! Inform this old cracker that I was in Baton Rouge also... on the other side.

    Sheriff Chris Mannix: Oh, that's interesting.

    [to Smithers]

    Sheriff Chris Mannix: General Smithers, he said he was also in Baton Rouge on the other side...

    General Sandy Smithers: Captain Mannix! Tell the nigger that I don't acknowledge niggers in northern uniform!

    Major Marquis Warren: [to Smithers] You captured a whole colored command that day... but not one colored trooper made it to camp, did they?

    General Sandy Smithers: We didn't have the time or the food...


    General Sandy Smithers: Nor the inclination to care for nothern horses and LEAST OF ALL, NORTHERN NIGGERS!


    General Sandy Smithers: SO WE SHOT 'EM WHERE THEY STOOD!

    [Warren suddenly drops his coffee cup and goes for the gun in his holster]

  • Sheriff Chris Mannix: [pointing Major Marquis Warren] Do you know who that nigger is?

    General Sandy Smithers: I don't know who that nigger is, but I know he is a nigger, and that is all I need to know.

  • Sheriff Chris Mannix: Now throw out your pistol!

    [Jody throws out pistol]

    Major Marquis Warren: I bet he got another one.

    Sheriff Chris Mannix: Now throw out your other pistol!

    Jody: I ain't got another pistol!

    Major Marquis Warren: Well, you better shit another pistol out your ass! 'Cause if you don't throw one out here in the next two seconds, we gon' kill this bitch!

    [Jody throws out another pistol]

  • Sheriff Chris Mannix: As my first and final act as the Sheriff of Red Rock, I sentence you, Daisy Domergue, to hang by the neck until dead!

  • Major Marquis Warren: [to Joe Gage, Bob and Oswaldo] It's the stew that's got me thinking.

    [to Bob]

    Major Marquis Warren: Now how long did you say Minnie's been gone, a week?

    Bob: Si.

    Major Marquis Warren: You see, my mama used to make stew and it always tasted the same, no matter to me. There was another fella on the plantation, Uncle Charley, he made stew, too. And like my mama, I ate his stew from the time I was a whipper 'till I was a full-grown man. And no matter to me, it always tasted like Uncle Charley's stew.


    Major Marquis Warren: Now I ain't had Minnie's stew in like six months, so I ain't no expert...

    [Warren points towards the pot of stew]

    Major Marquis Warren: But that damn sure is Minnie's stew. So if Minnie is on the northside just visiting her mama for a week, how'd she make the stew this morning? And this...

    [Warren touches Sweet Dave's chair]

    Major Marquis Warren: This is Sweet Dave's chair. When I sat in it earlier, I couldn't believe it. Nobody sits in Sweet Dave's chair. This may be Minnie's place, but this is damn sure Sweet Dave's chair. And if he went to the northside, I'm pretty goddamned sure this chair'd be going with him.

    [Warren starts taking the blankets and skins off of the top of the chair, revealing a huge blood stain soaked underneath]

    Sheriff Chris Mannix: [to Warren] What's in the chair?

    Major Marquis Warren: Just what I thought. Sweet Dave's goddamn blood!

  • Bob: Are you actually accusing me of murder?

    Major Marquis Warren: [chuckles] The way I see it, Senior Bob, is whoever is working with her...

    [referring to Daisy]

    Major Marquis Warren: ... ain't who they say they is, and if it's you, then Minnie and her man ain't at her mama's. They laying out back there dead somewhere.

    [to Oswaldo]

    Major Marquis Warren: Or if it's you, little British man, the real Oswaldo Mobray's laying in a ditch somewhere and you're just an English fella passin' off his papers.

    Sheriff Chris Mannix: Or we go by my theory which is the ugliest guy did it...

    [turns to Joe Gage and points his gun at him]

    Sheriff Chris Mannix: ... which makes it you, Joe Gage!

  • Joe Gage: [confessing to Warren and Mannix] Stop! Alright, I did it! It was me, I poisoned the coffee.

    Sheriff Chris Mannix: [laughs shockingly while pointing his gun at Gage] I FUCKIN' KNEW IT! OHHH, YOU'RE GONNA DIE NOW, YOU MURDERING BASTARD!

    [turns to Warren]

    Sheriff Chris Mannix: Major Warren, please let me send this ugly son of a bitch to hell!

    [to Joe Gage]

    Sheriff Chris Mannix: You killed OB. He's worth ten of you! Warren, can I kill him?

  • John 'The Hangman' Ruth: You got business in Red Rock?

    Sheriff Chris Mannix: [smiles] Yes, I do!

    John 'The Hangman' Ruth: What?

    Sheriff Chris Mannix: [smiles wider] I'm the new sheriff!

    John 'The Hangman' Ruth: [scoffs] Horseshit.

    Sheriff Chris Mannix: [keeps grinning] 'Fraid not!

  • John 'The Hangman' Ruth: [throws Mannix a pair of handcuffs at his feet outside the stagecoach] Put them on and come inside.

    Sheriff Chris Mannix: [grabs the handcuffs and throws them back at Ruth] Nope!

    John 'The Hangman' Ruth: [stares at him] Then you'll freeze.

    Sheriff Chris Mannix: Then you'll hang!

    John 'The Hangman' Ruth: [chuckles] How so?

    Sheriff Chris Mannix: [to OB who's sitting on the stagecoach] Stagecoach driver, could you come down here and join us?

    O.B Jackson: I gotta hold these horses. I can hear you just fine from up here.

    Sheriff Chris Mannix: You just heard me tell this fella that I'm the new sheriff of Red Rock, right?

    O.B Jackson: Yeah.

    Sheriff Chris Mannix: Red Rock is my town now! And I'm gonna enter my town in bounty hunter's chains? NO, SIR! Sorry bushwackers, I ain't entering Red Rock that way. When you finally get to Red Rock, you're going to realize that every goddamn thang I said was right. And I expect you, OB, to tell the townsfolk of Red Rock that John Ruth let their new sheriff freeze to death.

    [to John Ruth]

    Sheriff Chris Mannix: There ain't no bounty on my head, bushwacker. You let me die, that's murder!

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