Shere Khan Quotes in The Jungle Book (2016)


Shere Khan Quotes:

  • Shere Khan: Shift your hunting ground for a few years and everyone forgets how the law works. Well, let me remind you. A man-cub becomes a man, and man is forbidden!

  • Akela: Mowgli is a member of our pack!

    Shere Khan: Mowgli... they've given it a name! When was it we come to adopt man to this jungle?

    Akela: He's just a cub.

    Shere Khan: [shows his scars] Does my face not remind you of what grown man can do?

  • [from trailer]

    Shere Khan: I can't help but notice there's this strange odor today... What is it, this scent? It's almost like some kind of man-cub.

    [spots Mowgli]

  • Shere Khan: [as all the animals side with Mowgli] You fools! Fine! Rise up, all of you! You want to put yourselves between me and the man-cub? I will have you ALL IN MY TEETH!

  • Shere Khan: [playing with Akela's cubs after he killed Akela] I think they like me.

  • Shere Khan: [finds himself on the branch of a dead tree that starts to crack under his weight] Did you think I would let you grow old?

    [sees the flames below the tree]

    Shere Khan: Either I'll devour you or the red flower will. It's only a matter of time. How long did you really think you'll survive in the jungle? Longer than your father? Longer than Akela?

    Mowgli: I'm not afraid of you! Do you hear me? I'm not running from you!

    [Shere Khan roars and leaps at the end of the branch to tackle Mowgli, but the boy manages to jump onto a vine. The branch snaps and Shere Khan falls to his death]

    Shere Khan: NOOO!

  • Shere Khan: Have I got your attention now? I didn't want it to be this way. I made it so simple. All I ask for is one thing and you denied me. Well, that ends now. Spread the word. Until I have the man cub these hills are my hills. You don't respond to reason. So you now know fear.

  • Shere Khan: [to Raksha's cubs] But the one you have to watch out for is the cuckoo bird. Do you know how the cuckoo bird survives? By preying on a mother's weakness. The cuckoo bird is too cleaver to raise its young instead it sneaks its eggs in nests of simpler birds. So when they hatch the mother bird is fooled. She feeds them, nurtures them and do you know what happens to her own chicks? They starve and die from neglect. All because a mother loved a chick that wasn't her own.

  • Shere Khan: [Shere Khan and Bagheera fight one more time. Shere Khan knocks Bagheera down and pins down his head] It's time we put an end to this!

    [prepares to deliver the killing bite to Bagheera's neck but Raksha tackles him]

    Raksha: No!

  • Shere Khan: Well I guess it's done, then. Unless I can draw him back out!

  • Raksha: Why are you doing this? He's gone! Isn't that what you want?

    Shere Khan: I want him dead. Once he gets word of what happened he'll come back. And I'll be waiting.

  • [Shere Khan visits the wolf pack and learns that Mowgli has left]

    Shere Khan: Well I guess it's done then... unless I can draw him BACK OUT!

    Raksha: Akela!

    Shere Khan: [throws Akela off the cliff]

    Shere Khan: Have I got your attention now? I didn't want it to be this way, I made it so simple! All I asked was one thing, and YOU DENIED me! Well, that ends, now. Spread the word! Until I have the mancub, these hills are my hills. You did not respond to reason, so now you will know fear!

  • [Kaa tries to hypnotize Shere Khan just as he did to Mowgli]

    Kaa: [singing] Trust in me...

    [Shere Khan bats him away with his free paw]

    Shere Khan: I can't be bothered with that, I have no time for that nonesense.

    Kaa: Ssssssssome other time, perhaps?

    Shere Khan: [Scratches Kaa's nostril with his claw] Perhaps. But at the moment I'm searching for a man-cub.

    Kaa: Man-cub? What man-cub?

    Shere Khan: The one who is lost. Now where do you suppose we could be?

    Kaa: Search me?

    [Kaa covers his mouth to stifle his gasp]

    Shere Khan: That's an excellent idea. I'm sure you wouldn't mind showing me your coils, would you, Kaa?

    Kaa: Ccccccertainly not.

    [Shows his tail]

    Kaa: Nothing here, and nothing in here.

    [Points into his mouth]

    Kaa: [Mowgli snores up in the treetop and Shere Khan's ears prick up at the sound; Kaa snores noisly]

    Kaa: It'ssssssss my ssssinuses.

    Shere Khan: Hm.

    [looks up at the treetop]

    Shere Khan: Indeed. And now, how about the middle?

    Kaa: The middle? Oh, the middle.

    [Kaa unfurls part of his midsection, twirling Mowgli around in his sleep, and brings it down for Shere Khan to inspect, which he does]

    Kaa: [laughs] I-I-I assure you there's nothing in the middle.

    Shere Khan: Hmm, barely. Well, if you do so happen to see the man-cub, you will inform me first.

    [Scratches Kaa's chin]

    Shere Khan: Understand?

    Kaa: [gulps] I get the point. Cross my heart, hope to die.

    Shere Khan: In good show. And now I must continue my search for the helpless little lad.

    [Shere Khan wanders off, Kaa frowns]

    Kaa: Oh, who does he think he's fooling. The helpless little lass... woooo he gives me the shhhhhhivers.

    [Kaa's shivering wakes up Mowgli]

    Kaa: Picking on that poor, little, helpless boy. Oh yes... poor, little, helpless boy.

    [Mowgli pushes the rest of Kaa's coils off the branch he is on and sends him falling to the ground]

  • Shere Khan: Bravo, Bravo. An extraordinary performance. And thank you for detaining my victim.

    Flaps: D-don't mention it...


    Flaps: ...Your Highness.

    Shere Khan: [laughs] Boo!

    [Vultures flee up to their tree]

    Dizzy: Let's get out of here!

    Buzzie: Gimme room, gangway!

    [to Mowgli]

    Buzzie: Run, friend, run!

    Mowgli: Run? Why should I run?

    Shere Khan: Why should you run? Is it possible that you don't know who I am?

    Mowgli: I know you alright. You're Shere Khan.

    Shere Khan: Precisely. And you should know that everyone runs from Shere Khan.

    Mowgli: You don't scare me. I won't run from anyone.

    Shere Khan: Ah, you have spirit for one so small. And such spirit is deserving of a sporting chance. Now, I'm going to close my eyes and count to ten. It makes the chase more interesting... for me. One...

    [Music gets tenser as Mowgli looks for something to defend himself with as Shere Khan continues counting]

    Shere Khan: ...two...

    [Mowgli spots something and goes over to retrieve it]

    Shere Khan: ...three...

    [as Mowgli picks up a stick, Shere Khan begins to suspect something]

    Shere Khan: ...four...

    [Mowgli prepares to defend himself]

    Shere Khan: You're trying my patience. Five, six, seven, eight, nine, TEN!

    [Shere Khan leaps at Mowgli with a loud roar, Mowgli loses all of his nerve at the sight of this fearsome creature]

  • [as Kaa is about to eat Mowgli, Shere Khan pulls on his tail, which makes a doorbell sound]

    Kaa: Ooh! Oh, now what? I'll be right down. Yes, yes, who is it?

    Shere Khan: It's me. Shere Khan. I'd like a word with you, if you don't mind.

    Kaa: Shere Khan, what a surprise.

    Shere Khan: Yes, isn't it. I just dropped by. Now forgive me if I've interrupted anything.

    Kaa: Oh no, no, nothing at all.

    Shere Khan: [brandishing his claws] I thought perhaps that you were entertaining someone up there in your coils.

    Kaa: Coils? Someone? Oh no, I was just curling up for my siesta.

    Shere Khan: But you were singing to someone. Who is it, Kaa?

    [Shere Khan grabs Kaa's throat with his paw]

    Kaa: Ah, um, oh no, I was just singing, uh, to myself.

    Shere Khan: Indeed.

    Kaa: Yes... yes, you see I have... trouble with my sinuses.

    Shere Khan: What a pity!

    Kaa: Oh, you have no idea. It's simply terrible. I can't eat, I can't sleep, so I ssssssing myself to sleep. You know, self-hypnosis. Let me show you how it works.

    [Kaa prepares to look in Shere Khan's eyes and try to hypnotize him]

  • [Shere Khan is calmly stalking a deer just as Colonel Hathi and the other elephants frighten off his would-be prey with their noise]

    Elephants: Hut, two, three, four. Hut, two, three, four.

    Shere Khan: What beastly luck! Confound that ridiculous Colonel Hathi!

  • [Shere Khan watches Colonel Hathi and the other elephants look for Mowgli while tearing down a bunch of trees]

    Shere Khan: Element of surprise? Ho! I say. And now for my rendez-vous with the lost man-cub.

  • Shere Khan: You seem surprised to see me, man cub.

  • Shere Khan: No matter how fast you run, no matter where you hide, I will catch you.

  • Shere Khan: Isn't it ironic that your name is "Lucky"?

  • Shere Khan: So what's it gonna be man cub? You? Or your adorable little girlfriend?

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