Sharon Quotes in Silent Hill (2006)


Sharon Quotes:

  • Cybil Bennett: Hey there. Is everything all right?

    Sharon: I don't talk to strangers.

    Cybil Bennett: Good girl.

  • Rose Da Silva: Honey, sometimes when you go to sleep you go on a little walk. And sometimes you talk about a place called Silent Hill.

    Sharon: I don't remember.

    Rose Da Silva: That's okay honey, that's why we're gonna go there. So you can remember.

  • Sharon: [at the front door] He's damaged, he has no place else to go. He's been livin' in my house for two years.

    Joy: Oh, Dad, I'm so sorry.

    Rudy: Yeah...

    Joy: But, ya know, Tony's livin' in the basement.

    Rudy: Your ex-husband shouldn't be livin' in your basement, that's not the proper way to be divorced.

  • Amy: [after catching Mike with his pants down in front of the PC] Oh, my God, are you...?

    Mike: No, no, no, I was just checking my prostate.

    Amy: You know, I've always wondered what kind of porn you like.

    Mike: Why won't this fucking window close?

    Amy: [Sees Sharon naked on the screen] Oh, my God, that's a giant bush!

    Sharon: Uh, who the hell are you?

    Amy: I'm his wife.

    Sharon: Oh, shit.

  • Sharon: We're going to die and I'm wearing my mother's underwear!

  • Goose McKenzie: You might turn UP on Bandstand, but your beak will still be turning DOWN!

    Sharon: [laughs] You're mean!

    Rhonda: I gotta do it! The nose goes. Bandstand, here I come!

    Paulette Rebchuck: Rhonda, I wouldn't fool around with Mother Nature if I were you.

    Sharon: You fooled around with everyone else, Paulette.

    Paulette Rebchuck: Aww, shut up!

  • Sharon: Personally, I think that-...

    T-Birds: [in unison] We don't care, Sharon!

  • Sharon: [after Louis explains verbally and through song that a war is about to erupt] What's started? What's happening, Louis?

    Louis: The Russians are attacking! Get down!

  • Frenchy: [upon seeing Rhonda with a bandage on her nose] RHONDA, YOU GOT A NOSE JOB!

    Rhonda: Forget it. I walked into a door.

    Sharon: So she says.

  • Sharon: Why is it when a relationship doesn't work, we say its because he can't commit? Don't I bear some of the blame here?

  • Sharon: How can I get to you when the high point of your life was high school? You were king of the hill then.

  • Sharon: [looks over the seat at Brother Tony after everyone's clothing has been ripped off] Oh! So all the snakes weren't driven out of Ireland.

    Brother Tony: What?

    [trying to cover himself]

    Sharon: Snakes. ha ha ha ha

    [laughing hysterically]

  • Martin Brogan: Tonight's the one night I turn to flesh so... what d'ya say to a wee bit o' skelpin', eh? Come on. At least tell me your name.

    [He vanishes under the sheet]

    Sharon: [She lifts up the sheet and sees his naked body] Wow!

    Martin Brogan: Oh, really? I've got the best bahookies from here to Ballinderry. Come on, what do you say? Let's give it a twirl, eh?

    Sharon: [She drops the sheet and continues filing her nails] Drop dead.

    Martin Brogan: Ooooh, God, what a woman.

  • Martin Brogan: That was a dirty trick wasn't it, eh? Eh? Kicking me right in the bahoogies.

    Sharon: You were going to stab your wife with a sword, you pig.

    Martin Brogan: Ah, sure, that's no big thing. I do it every night.

    Sharon: Oh, and I suppose watching other men's wives in the bathtub is no big deal either.

    Martin Brogan: [backs Sharon against a wall] Sure, it's a grand thing if the wife happens to be you.

    [leans in for a kiss]

    Sharon: [moves away] You dirty peeping Tom.

    Martin Brogan: My name's not Thomas. It's Martin.

  • [Mary has just aged 200 years]

    Sharon: Jack, you threw me over for this? This... ugh! I mean I know you like passive women, Jack, but she's half dead. I hope she has a great personality, because this hurts.

  • [Sharon is flossing her teeth, seemingly unaware of Jack's presence]

    Jack: Now that I'm dead, I though I'd let you know. You're as cold as a penquin on an iceburg. You're a dwarf. Yeah, clean those choppers so you can chew up the next jerk that comes along.

    Jack: [Sharon slaps him] I'm not dead?

    Sharon: No, but if I were you I wouldn't make any long term plans!

  • Sharon: My love, my reason for dying.

  • Jack: [Jack and Sharon are witnessing Mary and Martin's fatal argument] This is Mary the ghost, and that's Martin the ghost! They're having problems in their relationship.

    Sharon: No, Jack. We're having problems in our relationship!

  • Miranda: [after the hotel staff has 'performed', the hall is left in darkness] Where did they all go?

    Sharon: Don't ask. They might come back.

  • Sharon: Whatever you do, don't get dumped in L.A. I mean, it's not like New York, where you can meet someone walking down the street. In L.A. you practically have to hit someone with your car. In fact, I know girls who speed just to meet cops.

  • Sharon: Jeff, what do you do in the basement? You're not cleaning it.

    Jeff: You really want to know? You didn't like it last time we had this conversation.

    Sharon: Okay no, you're right, I don't.

  • Linda: Sharon did a movie.

    Allan: Oh?

    Sharon: Underground.

    Allan: Stag film?

    Sharon: Underground! You know, very arty. Sixteen millimeter.

  • Sharon: This film I did got very good reviews. As a matter of fact, I got singled out. Of course, I was the only girl in it with nine men.

    Allan: Really? What's it called? Maybe I saw it.

    Sharon: Gang bang.

  • Sharon: What's in the basket? Easter eggs?

  • Phil Allen: Your highlights go green if you leave 'em in too long, love.

    Sharon: How long's too long?

    Phil Allen: 'Bout now.

  • Sharon: How long are all those people going to be in our yard? It looks like a garage sale.

    Bill: Sharon. It is a garage sale.

  • Anna Madden: What's snogging like?

    Sharon: Like kissing a vaccum cleaner.

  • Angie: Have you heard the word of God? It's the greatest gift of all time. You have to trust completely in God. He'll forgive you of all your sins.

    Sharon: Who forgives God?

  • Mary: No... I miss my daddy!

    Sharon: Oh, honey, I miss your daddy too.

    Mary: I want to go to heaven so I can see him again.

  • Sharon: There has to be something more.

    Randy: Why?

    Sharon: I'm tired of all the pain in my life. I'm tired of feeling empty all the time.

  • Vic: You fell in love!

    Sharon: Yes.

    Vic: Wait 'til he finds out about you.

    Sharon: Oh, he knows all about me.

    Vic: Is he as bad a boy as I am?

    Sharon: I think you should meet him.

    Vic: You told him about me?

    Sharon: I told you. He knows everything.

    Vic: He's rich, right? He's some rich guy and you fell for some line of his.

    Sharon: You could love him too, Vic.

    Vic: You fell for some rich homosexual!

    [Vic doubles up laughing]

    Sharon: He's the Lord Jesus Christ, Vic. He's the Son of God.

  • Sharon: Have you been saved?

    Deputy Foster: No.

    Sharon: Do you know what that means?

    Deputy Foster: Yeah.

    Sharon: Would you like to be?

    Deputy Foster: Oh, yeah, yeah, sure, who wouldn't?

  • [first lines]

    Sharon: Please hold for the number. Operator 134. What city please? Is that a business or residence?

  • [last lines]

    Sharon: Forever.

  • Sharon: Everyone has a choice!

    Sharon: Then I choose... Brujas!

  • Sharon: It's just water from the river

  • Sharon: You said I was the only one!

    Sharon: You said it was just me!

  • Sharon: I should have known better. I'm sorry.

    Chris MacNeil: Yeah, I guess you should have.

    Sharon: How were the tests?

    Chris MacNeil: We have to start looking for a shrink.

  • Sharon: All the time, I longed to see her. Finally, I came back and found that when I'm with her is the only time when I'm at peace. Why would that be? I can't understand it, it frightens me!

    Father Lamont: Have you tried a psychiatrist or a priest?

    Sharon: I'm talking to one now, aren't I?

  • Father Lamont: Was, uh... was Father Merrin afraid?

    Sharon: You'd better see where it happened.

  • Dr. Gene Tuskin: Where is she?

    Sharon: She's on the roof. She's always there. I can't lock her up.

  • Sharon: Who are these women? Why aren't they dressed?

    Larry: They are dressed, they're just dressed scantily!

  • Sharon: Here Ants! Here Ants!

  • [about Rick]

    Sharon: Oh, he's good.

    Man with "I'm a virgin" T-shirt: GOOD? He's the BEST.

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