Sharif Quotes in Simbad contro i sette saraceni (1964)


Sharif Quotes:

  • Omar: Hmm, it's wonderful to love and die together... the eternal law of unhappy lovers. You'll be married in death!

    Sharif: Omar, stop!

    Omar: Why?

    Sharif: You must not - as a warrior for the tournament, his person is sacred.

    Omar: [laughs manically] Fortune is against you. You were to die a quick death. Instead, now you're going to die a slow and agonising death, in personal combat. And Fatima, she's going to watch you die. And then she'll be buried alive in the coffin with you

    Sinbad: Praise be to Allah, I'll meet you in combat. You may not touch Fatima until the end of the tourney.

    Omar: That is my right and my privilege.

    Sinbad: Fatima is my woman. And the woman of a man condemned to death is sacred.

    Omar: You have but a short time to live. Sharif, I hold you responsible for him. Guard! Take him away. Farida, take Fatima to the harem.

  • Mahmud Nasir: That, uh, David Schwimmer. He's, uh, Jewish, isn't he?

    Wasif: He's got enough money to be, boss.

    Mahmud Nasir: Yeah, that's it, Wasif. Yeah, you're right. Rich Jewish wankers.

    Wasif: They're all Jews on American TV. The whole country's run by Jews. It's basically the United States of Israel.

    Mahmud Nasir: Exactly. Yeah. Yeah, bloody Jews.

    Sharif: And what about all that? People of the book, aren't they?

    Wasif: People of the chequebook more like.

  • Sharif: What's up, black man?

    Caine: Coolin'. Man, why you got that goddamn hood on your head, lookin' like the Grim Reaper?

    Sharif: It's cold out here, my brother. You know us black folks not used to this cold air. We a tropical people, you understand? Let them Europeans deal with this madness.

    Caine: Then why your tropical ass sittin' on the goddamn cooler?

    Sharif: To keep you fools from drinking this poison. That's why.

    Caine: Man, you better get your Shelenkem-Shilom ass up off this box and pass me a motherfuckin' brew.

  • [Sharif tells Caine to stop vomiting]

    Sharif: Come on now, get up from off your knees praying to that porcelain god, that white porcelain god.

  • Caine: You going to Kansas with this fool?

    Sharif: Yeah, Caine. You should come too, man. I mean, you're not doing nothing out here but getting yourself in a lot of trouble. I know your grandmother would be happy.

    Caine: Shit, I ain't going no place.

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