Sgt. Tina Bagley Quotes in Wrongfully Accused (1998)


Sgt. Tina Bagley Quotes:

  • Lt. Fergus Falls: Alright listen up, people. Our man will be on foot and running. A man that's tired, a man that's possibly hurt will have a stride of 4 ft, 2 and 3/4 inches while wearing boxer shorts. Four feet even, with the restrictions of a brief. Which means he will cover four miles in one hour. He's got an hour and 3/4 start on us. He'll take to the nearest highway. He'll commandeer a car or hop on a truck.

    [Ryan is in a garbage can for hiding on the back of a truck]

    Lt. Fergus Falls: Now, the average elevation in this area is 2,057 feet 2 and ¼ inches, with one exception. He will take any chances, do anything to stay a free man. Climb, hike, rappel. Hell, even fall down a damn mountain.

    [Ryan falls down the steepest hill in the whole wide world inside the garbage can]

    Lt. Fergus Falls: It's a wilderness out there so this citified sophisticate better watch himself. He's in the heart of bear country.

    [Ryan bumps heads with a bear]

    Lt. Fergus Falls: This fiddle player will be hungry, famished, starved. His last meal was twelve hours ago.

    [an eagle feeds Ryan in his nest]

    Lt. Fergus Falls: This boy's on the run. He'll head for the city, a large city. He'll try to lose himself in a crowd.

    [Ryan is at the Million Man March]

    Lt. Fergus Falls: And wherever he goes, he will feel hundreds of eyes are staring his way. No matter what he does, no matter where he goes, he will feel hunted. And my friends, you are looking at the hunter! Bagley!

    Sgt. Tina Bagley: Sir!

    Lt. Fergus Falls: I want roadblocks around a 10-mile radius. Set up communications with all law enforcement. That's state, county, city! Get me Governor Carlson. I may need the National Guard.

    [Waitress walks by]

    Lt. Fergus Falls: Diet coke, no ice. Alright, people. I want Harrison caught in 4 hours and 28 minutes. That will make it exactly high noon. Now let's move it!

  • Lt. Fergus Falls: All right, my angels! Move!

    [the three policemen start searching the apartment]

    Sgt. Tina Bagley: Patio Clear!

    Lt. Fergus Falls: Ivy needs water!

    Sgt. Orono: Den is clear!

    Lt. Fergus Falls: I got spaghetti! Watch it! Plate could be hot!

    [searching further]

    Lt. Fergus Falls: I got a shut door!

    [bangs the door open]

    Lt. Fergus Falls: Empty. We throw a shoe every time we start to gallop. That man's as slick as a lizard in Jerry Lewis' hair.

    [notices a framed photograph of Cass Lake]

    Lt. Fergus Falls: Cass Lake, face of an angel. Harrison's accomplice. A caterpillar has 2,087 minute hairs on each leg, but for the life of me, I cannot tell you why women keep falling for the wrong man!

    [starts moving out of the apartment]

    Lt. Fergus Falls: All right, people! Tag and log everything. I want carpet fibres. I want wallpaper swatches. I want all plumbing and wood surfaces analyzed. So vacuum, cut, chip and suck! There are two things that frost my butt: It's a snow cone about that high, and the other one is Ryan Harrison.

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