Sgt. Lee Quotes in Buffalo Soldiers (2001)


Sgt. Lee Quotes:

  • Ray Elwood: [being given a big M-60 machine gun] The 60's a heavy mother.

    Sgt. Lee: So am I.

  • Sgt. Lee: I direct your attention to that spot over there that has been marked with an X. We have here the prototype of a new Russian tank. We are here to test the vulnerability of said tank to sustain fire from an infantry platoon.

    [a couple of men pull off the sheets covering the "tank", revealing Elwood's prized Mercedes-Benz]

    Sgt. Lee: Squad, lock and load one magazine, take up a good firing position. You will fire on my command. Sustain fire, until the order to cease fire has been given. Ready... FIRE!

    [the men fire their M-16 rifles at the Mercedes. Elwood just watches in shock as it gets riddled with bullets. He looks over at Sgt. Lee, who gives him an icy stare, then starts firing his big M-60 machine gun at his own car. It explodes]

  • Sgt. Lee: Hold for a second there... You got the time, son?

    Garcia: [checking his gold Rolex watch] Oh yeah, it's almost 10.

    Sgt. Lee: Well, that's a nice watch, show me that. Where'd you get that?

    Garcia: My father, uh, gave it to me.

    Sgt. Lee: Your father gave it to you? He must be quite a guy. What's he do?

    Garcia: He's a barber.

    Sgt. Lee: Barber? Gee, he must cut a lot of hair.

  • [Sgt. Lee and couple of military policemen have been searching Elwood's barracks room, which is full of luxury items paid for by his illicit dealings]

    Sgt. Lee: [all the while speaks calmly and quietly] This ain't exactly regulation stuff here, is it, soldier?

    Ray Elwood: Well, I don't really know. No, I guess not.

    Sgt. Lee: Look, I'm going to come round here tomorrow and I want this place looking like a regular quarters. You follow?

    Ray Elwood: Look, I know it ain't exactly regulation but the last Top didn't seem to mind about all this.

    Sgt. Lee: Well, him and me are a bit different.

    Ray Elwood: Look, Top, is there a way you and I could talk in private? These guys kind of make me nervous.

    [Lee sends the MP's out. Elwood shuts the door]

    Ray Elwood: Does it really have to play this way, Top?

    Sgt. Lee: How do you suggest we play it?

    Ray Elwood: Well, what is it you want? I mean, you and me, I think we... I think we got a lot in common.

    [for a moment they watch the TV, George Bush is giving a speech about barriers falling between the East and the West]

    Ray Elwood: For example, I see you're an admirer of Japanese technology. No problem, the TV's yours. What I'm trying to say is, what's it going to take for you and me to make nice?

    Sgt. Lee: Are you saying what I think you're saying?

    [he gets up, steps over to the TV and smashes the screen in with his boot]

    Sgt. Lee: There's your answer.

  • [At the Civil War-themed officers' party, Elwood and Stoney are serving drinks, dressed as Confederate soldiers. Stoney is black so this is a bit incongruous]

    Sgt. Lee: Jesus Christ, look how they got you dressed up. Ain't you sick of being fucked by a white man?

    Stoney: [threateningly] You and me can step outside right now.

    Sgt. Lee: Whoa. You think you can take me?

    Ray Elwood: Uh-oh, customers.

    Sgt. Lee: Yeah, maybe. Straight up, hand-to-hand, you got a shot. Maybe. But maybe I wear a blade. Maybe I got a .45 cocked and locked to shove up your ass. You ain't considered that, have you?

  • Sgt. Lee: You want to hear the secret of Vietnam? The secret of Vietnam is simple, I loved it. Goddamn turkey shoot. Whole damn thing was nothing but fun. I'm just being honest, I fucking well loved it. Everyone else would too if we had won.

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