Serleena Quotes in Men in Black II (2002)


Serleena Quotes:

  • Creepy: Hey, pretty lady.

    [licks her]

    Creepy: You taste good.

    Serleena: [eats him whole] Yeah, you too.

  • Serleena: Silly little planet. Anyone could take over the place with the right set of mammary glands.

  • Serleena: You lost, you insignificant little speck! You wasted 20 years of my time, and for what? The complete destruction of the Zarthas, all because you went mushy!

    Agent K: I'm giving you one last chance to surrender, you slimy Kylothian invertebrate.

    Serleena: Oh, what are you gonna do?

    Agent K: Not me, him...

    Agent J: [behind Serleena] Your flight's been cancelled!

    [blasts Serleena]

  • MIB Customs Agent: Purpose of visit?

    Serleena: Education. I really want to learn how to be an underwear model. They say I've got real potential.

    [opens jacket]

  • Scrad: Got NOTHIN' out of him, now we don't know if it's on Earth or not!

    Serleena: He said "third planet", it's here, you idiot!

    Charlie: [whispers] Third Rock From the Sun.

    Scrad: I never got that till now!

  • Serleena: Oh, yummy. Somebody I need to eat.

  • Serleena: [about Z] Oh, so feisty!

  • Agent K: I should've vaporized you when I had the chance.

    Serleena: You really did love Laurana, didn't you K? You silly little man...

    [licks his ear and sticks a tentacle down it]

  • [at passport control]

    MIB Customs Agent: Any fruit or vegetables?

    Serleena: [motioning towards Scrad] Yeah, two heads of cabbage.

  • Serleena: Oops... teeth!

    [gets eaten by Jeff]

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