Sergei Quotes in Eraser (1996)


Sergei Quotes:

  • [explosions rock the building]

    Sergei: It seems your friend has arrived.

    Lee: I'll enjoy introducing him to you.

  • Sergei: [to Daggenhurst] If we cannot trust each other, how can we bring back Cold War together?

  • Sergei: Why so gloomy? Is better than being butcher.

    Boris 'The Butcher' Blavasky: I like being butcher. You know exactly who you are killing. And why.

    [cocks the gun]

  • [last lines]

    Charlie: Nice Throw

    [last lines]

    Sergei: Nice Catch

  • Sergei: Sergei is hungry.

    Miss Ungermeyer: So is Miss Ungermeyer.

  • [as Paolo leaves the stage after being exposed as a fraud, he is confronted by his bodyguard Sergei]

    Sergei: Lizzie McGuire is nice girl, you tried to hurt her?

    Paolo: Get off me, Sergei. You work for me!

    Sergei: Not anymore, I quit!

    [the reporters and photographers surround Paolo]

    Sergei: Paolo cannot sing music. Now he must face music.

  • Sergei: Don't turn around. Don't look at me. It's Sergio. Your Sergio. How much time has gone by? You're more beautiful than ever. I thought you were convinced that I was dead. How many years? 40? 42? How old were you?

    Isabella de la Fontaine: Maybe 16 years old?

    Sergei: 18, I think.

    Isabella de la Fontaine: I was 15.

    Sergei: You were my child bride.

    Isabella de la Fontaine: We really were husband and wife

    Sergei: [I remember] *not translated in subtitles*

    Isabella de la Fontaine: And then - You left for Moscow on our wedding night.

    Sergei: We were Communists. Remember?

    Isabella de la Fontaine: You were a Communist. I was only 14 years old.

  • Sergei: [Peter is dancing in the cheerleader outfit when Sergei enters] Here's a guess... you're the naughty cheerleader?

    Peter Rothner: There's a girl in here, ok?

    Sergei: Really?

    Peter Rothner: Sergei, I am not a...

    Milly Grady: [More partygoers enter, stunned at Peter in the outfit] Uh, you can keep the outfit.

  • [First lines]

    Sergei: [speaking Russian] Pyotr, smotri! Bystro! Vot Liverpool!

    [Peter, look! Quick! There's Liverpool!]

  • [music is playing too loud, so the Neighbour starts banging on the door. Simon opens the door]

    Neighbour: Listen to me, you asshole, if you don't turn off you damn music, I'll kill you myself!

    [Simon pulls out a gun]

    Neighbour: Hey, look, man, chill! Don't do it!

    [Simon pushes the Neighbour into a small store-room and shoots him four times. A moment later Sergei watches him returning]

    Sergei: Who was that at the door?

    Simon: Ah, nobody.

  • [In pas de deux class]

    Sergei: I am your slave.

    Eva Rodriguez: I'd believe it more if you weren't staring at your fucking reflection when you said it.

    Instructor: If someone wants to hear profanity, Miss Rodriguez, they can take a subway. They don't need to spend sixty dollars on a ballet ticket.

    [to Sergei]

    Instructor: Though she has a point.

  • Eva: So, you know the story with this Maureen chick?

    Sergei: You're living with Maureen? Oh, good luck.

    Eva: Big time bitch?

    Sergei: Biggest time.

  • Robert: What is a 'bastard'?

    Sergei: A person who breaks into other people's conversations.

    [subtitled version]

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