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Sergeant Edgar Millen Quotes:

  • The Pilot, Capt. Hank Tucker RCAF: I'm Captain Hank Tucker, RCAF. I've come to bring the fugitive to justice. Where's headquarters?

    Sergeant Edgar Millen: Wherever I'm standin'.

  • Sergeant Edgar Millen: If anyone's going to bring in Albert Johnson, it's going to be me - not some bounty hunter or some flyboy buckin' for promotion.

    Constable Alvin Adams: Why you? Why are you so special?

    Sergeant Edgar Millen: He deserves me, not them.

  • Sergeant Edgar Millen: Johnson, we have a bad situation out here. We have a bunch of savages out here, just aching to splatter you all over the place. They don't want your side tall. Now if you don't come with me, that's all the excuse they'll need. They'll either kill you or get themselves killed trying.

    Albert Johnson: You can't stop it.

    [there is a gunshot]

    Sergeant Edgar Millen: Hold it!

  • Sergeant Edgar Millen: Purer fact is that he's running to save his hide, and every man he killed, he killed to protect himself.

    Constable Alvin Adams: What about Hawkins or Sundog or any of them? What did any of them die for, Millen?

    Sergeant Edgar Millen: Johnson didn't do anything I wouldn't do if I was in his boots. If I thought the killing would stop here, I'd let him go.

  • [reporting for duty at his new post, Constable Adams is disappointed in his disheveled new commander]

    Sergeant Edgar Millen: What are you starin' at?

    Constable Alvin Adams: Are you Sergeant Edgar Millen?

    Sergeant Edgar Millen: Unfortunately. That look on your face would turn good whiskey into sour piss.

  • Hazel: This Mountie here says that man should be brought in for trial. Now what are you going to do about it, Edgar?

    Sergeant Edgar Millen: I'm going to close my eyes and pray you disappear.

    [shuts both eyes, pauses, than opens one eye]

    Sergeant Edgar Millen: Never had much luck prayin'.

  • Sergeant Edgar Millen: Let me give you a little advice, kid. Just throw those law books away, huh? It's better to turn your eyes and let them fight their damn dogs. Damn sight better than them killin' each other.

    Constable Alvin Adams: But you can't let people get away with that - makin' up their own laws.

    Sergeant Edgar Millen: The only thing to remember is Millen's Law. You want to stay a Mountie, then all you have to do is keep headquarters happy, huh? 'Cause the only time they're unhappy is when there's an unaccounted for killing. So if you account for all the killings, you live to be a nice, ripe old Mountie just like me. You got that?

  • [Millen is unimpressed that Adams shot a deer]

    Constable Alvin Adams: Millen, don't you ever have anything good to say?

    Sergeant Edgar Millen: Whaddya want? A shout, a holler and a cigar for doing something right for a change?

    Constable Alvin Adams: No, I guess not. Your cigars taste like shit and you'd probably crack your face if you laughed out loud!

  • [Sundog explains why he's in the Mounties instead of baseball's Major Leagues]

    Sundog/George Washington Lincoln Brown: Hell, they didn't want to let me in the Majors and you know why.

    Sergeant Edgar Millen: Damn right, I know why. I musta heard that story six hundred times...

    Vanessa: Why?

    Sundog/George Washington Lincoln Brown: I was too good, that's why. I'd a pitched that ball down Ty Cobb's throat and made George Sisler look like an electric fan.

  • Sergeant Edgar Millen: You don't look like a mad killer.

    Albert Johnson: You look like a mountie.

  • Sergeant Edgar Millen: [about Albert Johnson] We've been hunting a man who knows how to live off the land and use it to reign.

  • Sergeant Edgar Millen: [about Albert Johnson] As you can see he was one of the American's best trained men. Special Intelligence Squad and the law.

  • Sergeant Edgar Millen: Your father said the best part of you ran down your mama's leg.

  • Sergeant Edgar Millen: So go ahead, Sundog.Tell the kid what your real name is.

    Sundog/George Washington Lincoln Brown: [reluctantly after a pause] George Washington Lincoln Brown.

    Constable Alvin Adams: Eeee-yuk, yuk, yuk, yuk, whoooo!

  • Sergeant Edgar Millen: [to Alvin] I'm going in after him. Shoot anything that moves.

    [pauses and looks at Alvin]

    Sergeant Edgar Millen: Except for me.

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