Sera Quotes in Never Been Kissed (1999)


Sera Quotes:

  • [a new prom theme is needed]

    Guy Perkins: All right, all right. Josie.

    Sera: That's not a theme!

    Guy Perkins: Thank you... No, Josie will have the answer.

  • Sera: You can fuck me in the ass. You can cum on my face. Just keep it out of my hair. I just washed it.

  • [last lines]

    Sera: I think the thing is, we both realized that we didn't have that much time. And I accepted him for who he was, and I didn't expect him to change, and I think he felt that for me, too. I liked his drama, and he needed me. And I loved him. I really loved him.

  • Sera: Is drinking a way of killing yourself?

    Ben Sanderson: Or, is killing myself a way of drinking?

  • Sera: Don't you like me, Ben?

    Ben Sanderson: Sera... what you don't understand is - no, see, no. You can never, never ask me to stop drinking. Do you understand?

    Sera: I do. I really do.

  • Ben Sanderson: Don't you think you'd get a little bored, living with a drunk?

    Sera: Well... that's what I want.

    Ben Sanderson: You haven't seen the worst of it. I knock things over... throw up all the time. These past few days I've been very controlled. You're like some sort of antidote that mixes with the liquor and keeps me in balance. But, that won't last forever.

  • Sera: Included with the rent 'round here is a complimentary blow-job.

  • Sera: So why are you a drunk?

    Ben Sanderson: Why am I a drunk? Is that really what you wanna ask me?

    Sera: Yes.

    Ben Sanderson: Well, then, this is our first date, or our last. Until now I wasn't sure it was either.

  • Sera: That's nice talk, Ben - keep drinking. Between the 101-proof breath and the occasional bits of drool, some interesting words come out.

  • Ben Sanderson: Giving you money makes me want to come.

    Sera: Then come.

  • Sera: You go back to your hotel and I'll go back to my glamorous life of being alone. The only thing I have to come home to is a bottle of mouthwash to get the taste of cum out of my mouth. I'm tired of being alone. That's what I'm tired of.

  • Sera: How do you feel?

    Ben Sanderson: Like the kling klang king of the rim ram room.

  • Sera: So, Ben with an "N"... what brings you to Las Vegas? Business convention?

    Ben Sanderson: I came here to drink myself to death.

  • Ben Sanderson: I came here to drink myself to death.

    Sera: How long will it take you?

    Ben Sanderson: I'd say about three to four weeks.

  • Sera: I know a cool place in the desert.

  • Ben Sanderson: Sarah, with an "H"?

    Sera: With an "E". S-E-R-A. Sera.

  • Ben Sanderson: You know I love you, yeah?

    Sera: Yeah, I know... I love you. I love you.

  • Sera: What's up?

    Ben Sanderson: I was looking for you tonight. I don't know if you've a boyfriend, or a girlfriend, but I thought maybe we could get some dinner.

  • Sera: [Ben has been on another binge] I want you to see a doctor.

    Ben Sanderson: Sera... I'm not gonna see a doctor. Perhaps now would be a good time for me to move back to a motel.

    Sera: And do what? Rot away in a room? We're not gonna talk about that. Fuck you, we're not gonna talk about that!

    [starts to cry]

    Sera: You're staying here! You could do this for me. I've given you gallons of free will around here.

    [throws her chopsticks on the table]

    Sera: You could do this one thing for me!


    Sera: I have to go to work now.

  • Sera: I think the tough times are finally behind me. There'll always be bad things, but... my life is good. It is as I want it to be. It's good. It's good being here with you.

  • Sera: So... why are you killing yourself?

    Ben Sanderson: Interesting choice of words. I don't remember. I just know that I want to.

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