Selima Quotes in Fading Gigolo (2013)


Selima Quotes:

  • Selima: Do you have any idea what goes on inside a woman's head?

    Fioravante: If I did, I wouldn't be here.

  • Selima: A woman is meant to be looked at. Or else she will just fade away.

  • Selima: Is it you?

    Fioravante: Virgil.

    Selima: Virgil?

    Fioravante: Virgil Howard.

    Selima: I thought it was Fioravante.

    Fioravante: Once.

    Selima: Oh, I see. A new day and new name. All of us have so many people inside of us, bursting to get out.

  • Dr. Parker: He's in love.

    Selima: You think like real love?

  • John Truscott: [Post-sex] I'm sorry that was too quick wasn't it?

    Selima: You teach me English, I teach you this.

  • Henry: [Giving Selima to John] She will be living with you.

    John Truscott: As what?

    Henry: She performs wifely duties.

    John Truscott: What like sewing?

    Henry: [pause and snicker] She performs wifely duties in the bedroom.

    Selima: I sleep with you.

  • Selima: You won't come! They'll say you're an Englishman!

    John Truscott: Then I'll tell them I'd rather have you than a country... or a language... or a history.

  • John Truscott: [after a bad day] Sorry about this afternoon. I should've stopped her sooner. Selima... you had other lovers before me, didn't you? Did you and they have what we have?

    Selima: Yes. They were men like you.

    John Truscott: [He is a little surprised] I thought we had something special.

    Selima: No. We fuck. That's all.

    [She gets up and walks out of the room, and he goes after her]

    John Truscott: Wait! You're angry. You're not telling the truth.

    Selima: I'm angry! That's why I'm telling the truth! Half my blood is English. That is more that your king and queen, but for you that is not good enough. So Iban I'll be. Rule me if you must, but nothing else.

    [Sits on the bed and opens her legs]

    Selima: Go ahead. Do your sex. Don't mind me.

    [Imitates Cecil]

    Selima: Hands higher! That's it! Perfect.

  • Henry: You know?

    Selima: I guess eventually.

    Henry: It seems I only get to say goodbye.

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