Sean Archer Quotes in Face/Off (1997)


Sean Archer Quotes:

  • Castor Troy: [during the shootout at the apartment] I don't know what I hate wearing worse: your face or your body. I mean I enjoy *boning* your wife, but let's face it, we both like it better the other way, yes? So why don't we trade back.

    Sean Archer: You can't give back what you've taken from me.

    Castor Troy: OK, then... plan B, why don't we just kill each other?

  • Sean Archer: [as Castor Troy] This is between us. Leave them out of it.

    Castor Troy: [as Sean Archer] No. You should have left them out of it. Your son was an accident. I wanted to kill you. But, you took it too personally. Why couldn't you just kill yourself or let it go?

    Sean Archer: [as Castor Troy] No father could.

    Castor Troy: [as Sean Archer] No brother could either.

    Sasha Hassler: [coming in] Neither could a sister.

  • [Troy and Archer see each other for the first time with each other's faces]

    Castor Troy: [grins] OOOEEEE, you're good lookin'! You're hot!

    [cocks his head]

    Castor Troy: It's like looking in a mirror, only not.

    Sean Archer: Troy?

    Castor Troy: Now that is between us. OK?

    Sean Archer: But you were, were, uh...

    Castor Troy: In a coma? Nothing like having your face cut off to disturb your sleep! Read the newspaper lately?

    [shows him a newspaper article headlined "Deadly Inferno at Walsh Institute"]

    Sean Archer: You killed them?

    Castor Troy: Yeah well, beats paying the bill, huh? I mean, come on, uh, if a face lift costs five grand...

    [shows Archer's wedding ring on his hand]

    Castor Troy: ... SEE ANYTHING YOU LIKE?

    [Cut to a shot of Miller, Dr. Walsh, and Tito, all bound and gagged, being doused with gasoline]

    Sean Archer: [feeling a lump forming in his throat] Tito!

    [In flashback, a hand drops a lit cigarette in a puddle of gasoline that quickly spreads towards the captives]

    Castor Troy: I torched all the evidence that proves you're you, okay? So, wow! Looks like you're going to be in here for THE NEXT HUNDRED YEARS! Now, I have got to go. I've got a government job to abuse and a lonely wife to fuck! Whoops did I just say that? I'm sorry... make love to! God, I miss that face!

    [Archer throws his hands around Castor's neck and tries to strangle him. Guards promptly rush in and pull Archer off Castor]

  • Sean Archer: [as he walks out of his office] Any word from the LAPD intelligence? If there IS such a thing?

    Loomis: Not yet, sir.

    Sean Archer: Of course not, because we're a covert anti-terrorist team that is so secret, that when we snap our fingers NOTHING HAPPENS!

  • Castor Troy: [Both have each other at gun point after a shoot out in an airplane hanger] Wow. We have something in common. We both know our guns.

    Sean Archer: What we don't have in common, is that I don't care if I live, and you do.

    Castor Troy: Sean, that hurts. You're not having any fun, are you, Sean? Why don't you join us? Try Terrorism-for-hire, we can blow shit up, it's more FUN!

    Sean Archer: Shut the fuck up!

    Castor Troy: You watch your FUCKIN' MOUTH! I'm about to unleash the biblical plague "Hell-A" deserves. But I'll give this SHITHOLE a break if my brother and I walk.

    Sean Archer: [Not believing what troy is saying] Bullshit.

    Castor Troy: Oh, no? Oh, you think I'm bluffing, oh yeah. Maybe I am. But then maybe I'm NOT! Besides, what are you gonna do with me locked up? You'll drive your wife and kid crazy. Oh by the way, how is your daughter, Janie? Your darling peach, is she ripe yet...

    [Making barking noises and pulls the trigger on the gun and realizes that he is out of bullets, and falls to his knees]

    Castor Troy: Please don't shoot me, man. I'm scared, Sean.

    [gets a knife]

    Castor Troy: Well, I think you better pull the trigger, because I don't give a FUCK!


    Castor Troy: I'm ready, Ready for the big ride, BABY!

  • Sean Archer: [holding onto Troy's neck, having him bent over] Die! Please God die!

  • Castor Troy: Sean Archer here, who's calling?

    Sean Archer: Well if you're Sean Archer, I guess I'm Castor Troy.

    [hangs up]

    Castor Troy: Ah, yes.

  • Pollux Troy: [Not realizing that he is talking with Sean Archer with Troy's face] Not feeling very coordinated lately, are you?

    Sean Archer: [Trying to act like Troy] Listen, bro. I am soooo fried. If the psychos find out I'm this wacky we're both dead meat.

    Pollux Troy: Shock treatment? What's the matter, did they operate?

    [Pollux touches Archer's face]

    Sean Archer: I was in a COMA! Jesus, you're still so frickin' paranoid! Aren't they giving you your medication in here?

    Pollux Troy: What *was* my medication?

    Sean Archer: [sighing in exasperation] Pollux, I hand-fed you those pills for years. Vivex! I haven't forgotten *that*.

    Sean Archer: [beat] It's just everything else. My reflexes, my synapses, it's all like a...

    Sean Archer: [beat] tab of bad Quantrax.

    Sean Archer: [beat] I don't even know why that fucking Yeti jumped me the other day.

    Pollux Troy: Dubov? You had a sex sandwich with his wife and his sister the night he was sent here.

    Sean Archer: Well, that explains why he was so upset. We're gonna blow up L.A., bro. Ain't that cool?

    Pollux Troy: Sure, rub my nose in it, why don't you. Ten million dollar design and those Militia nut jobs get to keep their cash.

    Sean Archer: It's so fucking unfair! That bomb you built does deserve an audience. I mean, it's a work of art, it belongs in the Louvre.

    Pollux Troy: Yes, it does. Oh well, I guess the L.A. Convention Center will just have to do.

    Sean Archer: [rejoices as Pollux just revealed the location of the bomb] Thank you.

    Pollux Troy: For what?

    Sean Archer: Oh, bro. You are so fuckin' pathetic.

  • Sean Archer: [over the phone with Victor] When we put this thing to bed, you can brand the fourth amendment on my butt.

  • Sean Archer: [over a car phone in a stolen car] Eve, listen to me. The man you think is your husband isn't.

    Dr. Eve Archer: Who is this?

    Sean Archer: Listen. Take Jamie. Go to your mother's. Don't tell him where you're going, just go!

    Dr. Eve Archer: Whoever you are, don't call again!

  • Jamie Archer: HOLD IT!

    Castor Troy: Good girl, Jamie. SHOOT HIM!

    Sean Archer: Honey, don't listen to him. He's not your father.

    [Archer's original voice]

    Sean Archer: Hear my voice. I'M YOUR FATHER!

    Castor Troy: Use your eyes, Jamie and shoot him!

    Sean Archer: Don't shoot. Just don't...

    Castor Troy: This scumbag, this SCUMBAG shot your BROTHER Jamie. SHOOT HIM!

    [Jamie shoots Archer in the shoulder]

  • [after Archer gets in a fight with Dubov]

    Walton: I stop the fights, not you. That's two strikes for you, Dubov. One more, and you know where you're going.

    Sean Archer: When I get out of here...

    Walton: If you get out of here.

    Sean Archer: ...I'm gonna have you fired.

  • Castor Troy: It's a capital crime to try to kill the next big boss of the FBl, yes?

    Sean Archer: [struggling] Yes... the penalty...

    Castor Troy: What?

    Sean Archer: ...The penalty is death!

    [Hits him]

  • Sean Archer: I've said and done some things that made your life hard, I know

    Sasha Hassler: How would you? when you left you never looked back

    Sean Archer: I just know,

    [Adam walks in]

    Sean Archer: Sasha I'm not the same person you remember and for what it's worth I'm sorry,

    [getting dressed]

    Sean Archer: nice looking clothes

    Sasha Hassler: Yeah, of course their yours

    Sean Archer: [Adam walks in] nice looking kid too

    Sasha Hassler: Yeah, of course, his yours too

  • Sean Archer: [in their bedroom] The last time I saw you was in this room, we had a fight when I said I had to go away again I spent the night in Mike's old bed, the assignment was to enter a federal prison as Castor Troy, just fucking insane, a special ops surgeon gave me Caster's face and somehow Castor came out of his coma and killed everybody who knew about the mission not before transforming into me,

    [breaks the glass in Michael's picture frame and removes the photo]

    Sean Archer: I know you don't believe a word I'm saying, well here's proof doctor your husband, me, my Sean's blood type O-negative Castor's AB

  • Sasha Hassler: What's the next move?

    Sean Archer: This isn't your fight

    Sasha Hassler: He killed my brother, I'm not going to let him kill you too

    Sean Archer: No matter what happens I promise Sean Archer's off your back for good

  • Sean Archer: [Introducing Adam to Jamie and Eve] This is Adam and he needs a place to live why don't show Adam his new room?

    Jamie Archer: Come on

    Dr. Eve Archer: [nods] Ok

  • Fitch: So, once we kidnap "supercop", then what?

    Sean Archer: [smiles enigmatically, moving his finger across his face] Tiny... surgery.

    [Dietrich looks at "Castor" confused]

    Sean Archer: l'd like to take his... his face... off. Yes. Now, if you'll excuse me, l have to use the little boy's wee-wee room.

    [Sean stands and starts to walk away]

    Dietrich: Cas...

    [Sean turns back to Dietrich]

    Dietrich: You wanna take his... face...

    Sean Archer: [smiles widely] Yes. His face... off. Eyes...

    [Sean slightly pinches Dietrich's nose]

    Sean Archer: ...nose. Skin. lt's coming off.

    [Sean walks away, leaving the others totally confused of his last words]

    Dietrich: [mimicks Sean's gesture] The face... off.

  • Sasha Hassler: [Her last words] Take care of our boy, love him so much, and don't let him grow up to be like us promise?

    Sean Archer: [Nods] Yeah

  • Sean Archer: I've got something... I have to ask both of you

    [brings Adam in the house]

    Sean Archer: this is Adam... and he needs a place to live

    Jamie Archer: [to Adam] Hi, my name's Jamie

    Adam Hassler: I'm Adam

    Sean Archer: Why don't you show Adam his new room?

    Jamie Archer: Come on

    Dr. Eve Archer: OK

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