Scotty Pirie Quotes in Ride a Wild Pony (1975)


Scotty Pirie Quotes:

  • Scotty Pirie: Mr. Quayle, I've got some manure here for you. Shall I put it at the end of the garden?

    [Scotty rides Taff through the Quayles's yard]

    Charles E. Quayle: What are you doing? Watch out for the tomato plants!

    Scotty Pirie: I should spread it out at night so it won't stick so much.

    Charles E. Quayle: Yes, uh, how much do I owe you?

    Scotty Pirie: Nothing, it's a present from my father.

    Charles E. Quayle: Watch out for the...

    [Scotty leaps over the fence on Taff]

    Mrs. Quayle: Well! That's one way to collect illegal fees.

    Charles E. Quayle: Angus Pirie always pays his debts the best way that he can.

  • Jeannie Quayle: Hey, there's Scotty walking!

    Kit Quayle: Hey, Scotty, where's Taff?

    Scotty Pirie: Dunno. He broke out.

    Kit Quayle: Can't you find him? Hey, maybe some straggler picked him up.

    Jeannie Quayle: Or maybe he wandered off and can't find his way back.

    Scotty Pirie: Not Taff.

    Kit Quayle: Hey, maybe he fell in the river.

    Jeannie Quayle: Or seen Mr. Ellison's herd of ponies on the other side and wanted to get to them.

    Scotty Pirie: You don't know Taff! I tell you nothing would make him go near the water!

    Kit Quayle: He could've found a dry crossing.

    Scotty Pirie: I looked. There's not one near our place.

    Jeannie Quayle: Well, where is he, then?

    Scotty Pirie: He'll turn up. He always does.

  • Kit Quayle: What's his name?

    Scotty Pirie: Well, I don't know. He's a Welsh pony. Taff is a Welsh name. I reckon I'll call him Taff.

  • Scotty Pirie: Taff's knocked the rail done and gone toward the river.

    Mrs. Pirie: Can you see him, then?

    Scotty Pirie: No. I'm going to look for him.

    Mrs. Pirie: Hold on, I'll give you a lunch to take to school.

    Scotty Pirie: I'm not going to school!

  • Kit Quayle: Maybe someone stole him. Took him off to some town nearby and sold him.

    Scotty Pirie: Yeah, but then that means, Taff could be anywhere.

  • Scotty Pirie: There's Taff!

    Kit Quayle: Where?

    Scotty Pirie: There, that's him!

    [Scotty starts unhitching the pony from Josie's buggy]

    Josie Ellison: Leave him alone! Take your hands off him!

    Kit Quayle: Scotty, that's Bo. That's her pony. That's not Taff.

    Scotty Pirie: It's Taff!

    Josie Ellison: Go on, Bo, go on!

    Scotty Pirie: Stay where you are, Taff, stay!

    Josie Ellison: Dad! Dad, stop him! Stop him!

    James Ellison: What do you think you're doing? Stop that!

    Scotty Pirie: He's Taff! He's my pony!

  • Kit Quayle: How do you know it's Taff?

    Scotty Pirie: How do I know? I know who you are, don't I?

    Kit Quayle: Well, Bluey said he caught him in a wild herd. I suppose he could've seen a herd and swam across the river.

    Scotty Pirie: He'd never do that.

    Kit Quayle: Well, maybe he wandered right along the river and found a dry crossing, one that you just didn't know about.

    Scotty Pirie: Anyway, it's Taff. That's all I know.

    Kit Quayle: They'll never let him go.

    Scotty Pirie: What did your father say?

    Kit Quayle: He said that in a case like this, possession is nine-tenths of the law.

    Scotty Pirie: What does that mean?

    Kit Quayle: It means Josie Ellison's got the pony and you haven't.

  • Jeannie Quayle: Hey, Scotty, did you get Taff back?

    Kit Quayle: Well, did you get the pony back or not?

    Scotty Pirie: Mind your own business.

    Kit Quayle: I'll bet he has.

    Jeannie Quayle: Well, if he has, he ought to be ashamed of himself.

    Kit Quayle: Hey, how'd he get Taff back across the river?

    Jeannie Quayle: If that pony crossed the river, it must be Bo.

  • Scotty Pirie: No, no! They're taking him away!

    Charles E. Quayle: Scotty, stop it!

    Scotty Pirie: Let me go!

    James Ellison: Can't you control that boy?

    Charles E. Quayle: Scotty...

    James Ellison: I simply want to take the pony to my daughter, or do you object to that?

    Charles E. Quayle: No, go right ahead. Kit, will you tell him it's all right?

    Kit Quayle: Scotty, honestly, they won't take him away.

    Scotty Pirie: How do you know they won't?

    Kit Quayle: Because my father won't let them.

  • Kit Quayle: You can't take him. The gate's locked.

    Scotty Pirie: Yeah, but look who's got the key.

    Kit Quayle: Well, Mr. Ellison can't take him, either.

    Scotty Pirie: He's rich. He can do what he likes.

    Kit Quayle: No, he can't. Scotty, he made an agreement, and he wouldn't break it. Anyway, my father won't let him.

    Scotty Pirie: Do I have to go to court?

    Kit Quayle: Yes, I suppose so. Mr. Ellison is suing you for the return of the pony. But it's a civil case.

    Scotty Pirie: What does that mean?

    Kit Quayle: It means you're not on trial. You're on equal terms with the Ellisons.

  • Scotty Pirie: What is *she* doing here?

    Kit Quayle: She's allowed to see the pony as long as she doesn't take it away.

  • Josie Ellison: Tell him not to pull his mane.

    James Ellison: Why do you pull on him like that?

    Scotty Pirie: You tell her it doesn't hurt him. If you let him go, he plays tricks on you and knocks the feed bin over.

  • Charles E. Quayle: Scotty, you've got to bring the pony in.

    Scotty Pirie: No, I won't!

    Charles E. Quayle: Scotty...

    Scotty Pirie: If I do, they'll take him!

    Charles E. Quayle: You can't hide him forever. Scotty, you've got to learn to rely on the law and not defy it. If you bring the pony in, he'll be safe in the police pound, and we shall make a fair decision as to whose pony it is.

    Scotty Pirie: He's mine!

    Charles E. Quayle: Then I think you better bring him in and prove it. Trust me, Scotty. One day, you're going to have to trust somebody.

  • James Ellison: You're giving him too much feed. He's not getting any exercise. Give him one portion of oats and one of chaff.

    Scotty Pirie: He doesn't like oats. He won't eat them.

    James Ellison: Nonsense.

    Josie Ellison: But he doesn't.

  • Scotty Pirie: I don't want another pony. I want Taff.

    Charles E. Quayle: Why? Why do you want Taff?

    Scotty Pirie: Because he's my pony, that's why!

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