Schutz Quotes in Sin City (2005)


Schutz Quotes:

  • Stuka: [after getting shot with an arrow] Hey... Will ya look at that? It's right through me. Guys, look. It's cut a hole right through me.

    Schutz: There's something wrapped around it. Some kind of note.

    Manute: Give it to me.

    Stuka: Guys, this is starting to really hurt. Just look at it. It's poked a hole right through me. Guys?

    Manute: [reading the note] McCarthy, you fool.

    Stuka: Guys, don't you think maybe somebody oughta call a doctor for me or something? This isn't the kind of thing you just ignore, guys.

    Manute: Out back. Everyone. Bring the women.

    Stuka: Guys?

    [an arrow goes through his head]

    Stuka: [Mildly annoyed] Ugh.

  • Schutz: [Watching Manute torture Gail] We just gotta stand here and watch this?

    Stuka: What are you kidding me man? I could watch ol' Manute do his thing all night long and not get tired of it. The man's an artist.

  • Dwight: [narrating] Dozens of them. Armed to the teeth. I'm outnumbered. Outgunned. But the alley is crooked, dark, and very narrow. They can't surround me. Sometimes you can beat the odds with a careful choice of where to fight.

    Dwight: [holding Jackie Boy's head over the group of mobsters with Becky and Gail in tow] You can have Old Town! I don't care... just gimme the woman!

    [Jackie Boy's head 'talks' with tape over its mouth]

    Dwight: Shut up.

    Gail: Dwight... don't do this.

    Becky: Hey, wait a minute, something's not right...

    Schutz: SHUT UP! Or I'll plug ya.

    Manute: Of course, Mr. McCarthy. A fair trade. She's all yours.

    Manute: [the head and Gail are exchanged. The group raise their guns] Now, if you'll explain to me why we shouldn't blow both of you to pieces?

    Gail: Dwight... what have you done?

    Dwight: Exactly what I had to... every step of the way.

    Becky: No! It isn't right! There wasn't no tape over his mouth! How come there's tape over his mouth?

    [Dwight produces Brian's remote and the head detonates from a hidden grenade, knocking back a few of the gangsters]

    Dwight: [narrating] Where to fight counts for a lot...

    Manute: Cute trick, McCarthy... but it will do you no good...

    Dwight: [continuing] But there's nothing like having your friends show up...

    [We see a battalion of armed Old Town girls surround the alley]

    Dwight: With lotsa guns...

    Manute: NO! McCarthy, you SHIT!

  • Becky: Sure, there's money. Sure, you can move my mom into Old Town, and let her know that her daughter's a goddamn whore.

    Schutz: [sarcastically] Breaks your heart, doesn't it?

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