Sato Quotes in Black Rain (1989)


Sato Quotes:

  • Sato: [taunting Nick in English] Here I am, Nick! Here! Almost as near as when you let Charlie die, huh?

  • Sato: So coward, you return...

    Mr. Miyagi: To settle affairs with father.

    Sato: And with me.

    Mr. Miyagi: Sato, I won't fight you.

    Sato: Then you die as you have lived: a coward. You see your father. THEN YOU SEE ME.

  • [Chozen, wielding a butterfly knife, has crashed the O-Bon dance and taken Kumiko hostage]

    Sato: Chozen, don't do this. I was wrong! HATE IS WRONG! The feud is OVER.

    Chozen: [with scorn] I cannot hear you, Uncle. I am dead to you now, remember?

  • [after Miyagi's father dies]

    Sato: Out of respect for my teacher, I give you three days to mourn. When finish, I come back. You prepare to join him.

  • [after Miyagi saves Sato's life in the hurricane, he and Daniel survey the devastated village. Sato's trucks pull up]

    Daniel: Hey, what's Sato doing here?

    Mr. Miyagi: Don't know.

    [Sato gets out, dressed in a foreman's outfit]

    Sato: I come help rebuild. Here deed to village.

    [bows low]

    Sato: Forgive me, I beg of you.

    Mr. Miyagi: [claps him on the shoulder] Oh, Sato, nothing to forgive.

    [Daniel and Kumiko approach]

    Daniel: Mr. Sato? Can I say something? Well, o-bon's coming up, and they can't really have it in the village now...

    Sato: What do you ask of me?

    Daniel: Well, can they have it in the castle? I mean that's where it really belongs, isn't it?

    Sato: [smiles at Miyagi] Your student become my teacher.


    Sato: O-bon will be held in castle, now and forever!

    [Cheering. Sato and Daniel shake hands]

    Sato: One condition: you dance with us. Okay?

    Daniel: Okay.

    Mr. Miyagi: [puts his hand on theirs] Okay.

  • Sato: Miyagi, I wait long time for this. No tricks tonight, or tomorrow, everything gone. Their homes. Their church. EVERYTHING. GONE

  • Sato: Your fear make air stink!

  • Peter Teller: ZED, behavioral modification. Highest level. John Brennick.

    ZED: I'm sorry, but that file has been deleted from the system.

    Peter Teller: By whom?

    Sato: You said delete all casualties.

    Peter Teller: Casualties means dead, you cretin!

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