Sarah Davis Quotes in Raising Helen (2004)


Sarah Davis Quotes:

  • Sarah Davis: [about the turtle] Can you call it Hippo?

    Henry Davis: Why do you call everything Hippo?

    Sarah Davis: Because I can spell it!

  • Sarah Davis: It smells like mommy in here.

  • Sarah Davis: Hippo wants to be a Lutheran, too.

    Helen Harris: Hippo is a Lutheran.

  • Sarah Davis: I want this bed!

    Henry Davis: Look, for the tenth time, in the old house, I had this bed and you had that bed.

    Sarah Davis: But I want THIS bed.

    Henry Davis: That's it, Hippo goes out the window!

    Sarah Davis: Followed by Irwin!

  • Sarah Davis: Does my nose boogie look green?

    Dominique: Yes, sort of Prada green, not their best collection. Put it away now.

  • Sarah Davis: See Clifford, didn't I tell you everything would be alright?

    Clifford: Yes you did Miss Sarah, but I don't like those men. They're liars, and everybody knows that liars eventually get caught.

    Martin Daniels: Yeah that's right you little peckerhead.

  • Sarah Davis: You're a phony! Believe me, I can spot a phony a mile away.

    Drag Queen: Excuse me, Honey, have you seen a gray Collie dog around here?

    Sarah Davis: No, Ma'am, I haven't.

  • Sarah Davis: Martin, you need help.

    Martin Daniels: He's the one who needs help! Go ahead and take him away but don't blame me when his head starts spinning around! Watch out for the green vomit!

  • Sarah Davis: You are such a baby. Clifford should be babysitting you.

    Martin Daniels: No thanks, I prefer babysitters who aren't affiliated with the Manson family.

  • Sarah Davis: Daddy, I want you to be nice to Martin for me, please!

    Parker: If I have to honey, I still don't understand how a man at his age is still not married.

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