Sarah Cassidy Quotes in Panic (2000)


Sarah Cassidy Quotes:

  • Sarah Cassidy: All you're doing is walking along the street with a beautiful young girl.

    Alex: That's enough to get me killed.

    Sarah Cassidy: Your wife's possessive?

    Alex: All women are possessive.

    Sarah Cassidy: Hah! All women?

    Alex: Yeah.

    Sarah Cassidy: Each and every one the world over?

    Alex: Sure.

    Sarah Cassidy: Does the word "enlightenment" ever come your way?

    Alex: You know a woman who's not possessive?

    Sarah Cassidy: I'm not possessive. I believe in destiny. Either someone loves you or they don't. If they don't, there's nothing you can do about it.

  • Sarah Cassidy: Okay. Here are the rules: She never finds out and we never fall in love. Agreed?

  • Sarah Cassidy: I like pussy alright, is there anything wrong with that?

    Dr. Leavitt: Nope.

    Sarah Cassidy: Then why are you staring at me like I kill people?

  • Sarah Cassidy: [Alex has shown up at her doorstep] What do you want?

    Alex: You.

    Sarah Cassidy: And then?... Then? After you have me, what then?

    Alex: I don't know.

    Sarah Cassidy: You don't know much, do ya'?

    Alex: No, I guess not.

    Sarah Cassidy: So your plan is, you have me, you ravish me, you bury your pathetic middle-aged pain in me, and then you say thanks... or maybe you don't... and you leave, and I never see you again? Or, I see you again and again, because I make you feel better, and you can't stand not feeling better. Either way, you finally get your shit together, and you go back to your marriage - your lovely life, your lovely wife - and I'm left alone in this fucking apartment, wondering when my own life is gonna' begin. Is that your plan? Jesus, it must be: you're here.

    Alex: I'm not middle-aged.

    Sarah Cassidy: You want me to have an affair with you. You want me to be your mistress.

    Alex: You're kinda' scary, you know that?

    Sarah Cassidy: You should go now.

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