Sango Quotes in Inuyasha the Movie: Affections Touching Across Time (2001)


Sango Quotes:

  • Miroku: As a token of my gratitude for helping our furry friend, would you ladies kindly consider bearing my children?

    [Sango strikes him on the head with her weapon]

    Miroku: Forgive me. It's hard to control myself around such beauties.

    Sango: Who asked you?

  • Sango: Thanks so much, Miroku. You saved me from... hmm?

    [Miroku is stroking her behind as usual]

    Sango: [slaps Miroku] Keep your hands to yourself, pervert!

    Miroku: You misunderstand. I was just making sure your flawless body wasn't harmed in anyway.

    Sango: Not necessary, thank you!

  • Hatchi: No, please don't make me go there, master.

    Miroku: Come with us, or be sucked into my wind tunnel.

    Hatchi: Ah! Alright, alright! Crooked Monk!

    [Hatchi transforms into his squash form while they are still in a cave, grinding Miroku and Sango into the wall]

    Sango: Don't transform in this small space you fool!

    Miroku: Now I'm really going to suck you up.

  • Ruri: Someone has interfered.

    Hari: Our business here is done. Kirara!

    Sango: Kirara?

    [Hari has taken control over Kirara]

  • Sango: [to the hanyou children] Just be careful you don't become warped like Inuyasha!

  • Shippo: How come no one's coming to rescue ME?

    [Miroku breaks his fall, catching him with his Shakujo staff]

    Shippo: I've still got my whole life ahead of me!

    Sango: We'd never abandon you!

    Shippo: [sobbing] I was scared out of my wits!

    Miroku: You're safe now.

    [demon roars fiercely]

    Miroku: Well, maybe I spoke a little too soon...

    Sango: It seems that way.

    [Shippo perches on Sango's shoulder]

    Shippo: What'll we do?

    [Sango looks shocked]

    Miroku: [stroking Sango's butt] A touch of heaven to ease the tension of the moment!

    [Sango growls, a slap is heard]

    Miroku: Gyah!

    Sango: Could you try and focus for once?

    Miroku: Couldn't help myself...

  • Sango: [Miroku falls off Kilala at high altitude] Miroku!

    Shippo: I'll catch ya! Transform!

    [transforms into a large bird, flies and catches Miroku]

    Miroku: Oh, I owe you one! You make a good albatross, Shippo.

    Shippo: [despondently] I'm a hawk!

  • Miroku: Sango! I've missed you!

    [hugs Sango]

    Sango: Wha- Houshi-sama, what are you-?

    [stiffens as Miroku is shown to be rubbing her bottom]

    Miroku: Ah, how missed was this caress...

    [Sango slaps Miroku]

    Miroku: [holding his now-red cheek] Ah, how missed was this pain...

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