Sanderson Reed Quotes in The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (2003)


Sanderson Reed Quotes:

  • [Allan aims his elephant gun at a fleeing assassin]

    Sanderson Reed: But he's so far away.

    [Allan lowers the gun with a grunt of frustration]

    Sanderson Reed: Yes, I thought he was.

    [Allan puts on a pair of glasses]

    Allan Quartermain: God, I hate getting old.

    [He aims the rifle and fires. In the far distance, the assassin goes down. Reed gapes]

  • Sanderson Reed: Where is your sense of patriotism?

    Allan Quatermain: [stands up with a drink] God save the Queen.

    [the other patrons of the club mutter an apathetic return to the toast]

    Nigel: God save her.

    Allan Quatermain: [to Reed] That's about as patriotic as it gets around here.

  • Sanderson Reed: They're indestructible.

    Allan Quatermain: No, just armor-plated.

  • [Chasing Moriarty, Tom Sawyer bumps into an invisible man]

    Tom Sawyer: Skinner?

    [to Quatermain]

    Tom Sawyer: It's okay! It's Skinner!

    [to the invisible man]

    Tom Sawyer: What the hell are you doing here?

    Sanderson Reed: What makes you think I'm Skinner, huh?

  • Sanderson Reed: There is great unrest. Countries set at each other's throats, baying for blood. It's a powder-keg. The trouble of which I speak could set a match to the whole thing: War.

    Allan Quatermain: Wi-With whom, exactly?

    Sanderson Reed: Everyone. A world war.

    Allan Quatermain: That notion makes you sweat?

    Sanderson Reed: Heavens, man. Doesn't it you?

    Allan Quatermain: This is Africa, dear boy. Sweating is what we do.

  • Sanderson Reed: But you're Allan Quatermain. Stories of your exploits have thrilled English boys for decades.

    Allan Quatermain: That I know. And Nigel has done a grand job reminding me. But... with each past exploit I've lost friends, white men and black... and much more. And I'm not the man I once was.

  • Sanderson Reed: The Empire needs you.

    Allan Quatermain: But the question is, do I need the Empire?

  • [first lines]

    Sanderson Reed: [to coachman] Don't... wander... off.

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