SanDeE* Quotes in L.A. Story (1991)


SanDeE* Quotes:

  • Harris: SanDeE*, your... your breasts feel weird.

    SanDeE*: Oh, that's 'cause they're real.

  • Harris: I don't think we should make love, all right?

    SanDeE*: Okay, we'll just have sex.

  • [after they get enemas together]

    SanDeE*: So, what do you think?

    Harris: I think it was a total washout.

    SanDeE*: God, it really clears out your head.

    Harris: Head? Head? You should go back in there and tell them they're doing it wrong. Well, it was a great lunch and enema, thanks.

  • Harris: But then I'd just be using you to get back at her!

    SanDeE*: I don't mind.

    Harris: Let's go!

  • SanDeE*: I'm studying to be a spokesmodel.

    Harris: What is, what is a spokesmodel?

    SanDeE*: Um, it's just a model who speaks, you know, and she points at things like merchandise, you know, like a car or washer and dryer. Sometimes it's something really small, you know, like, like a book or fine art print.

    Harris: They have classes for that?

    SanDeE*: Yeah, 'cause it's a lot harder than it looks.

  • Harris: There are two reasons for the ridiculous detour I was about to embark on...

    [SanDeE* is leaving work]

    Harris: Are you closed?

    SanDeE*: Ya. Sorry.

    Harris: The first reason was: I believed a relationship with Sara was impossible...

    [SanDeE* "spinning" in the rain]

    Harris: And the second reason was: I was a big, dumb male.

  • SanDeE*: I don't put any pressure on you, do I?

    Harris: Not at all... I don't pressure you, do I?

    SanDeE*: No, no, I just don't think there should be any pressure.

    Harris: No. Tell me if I pressure you.

    SanDeE*: OK. And you too, but don't feel like you have to.

  • SanDeE*: [on the beach] Is it OK to spin here?

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