Sammy Ryderbeit Quotes in The Pink Jungle (1968)


Sammy Ryderbeit Quotes:

  • Sammy Ryderbeit: [entering Morris' car, holding a machine gun] Now, don't panic, men. I'm just hitchin' a ride. Rolled my car over on a back road.

    Ben Morris: Did you ever think of using a thumb?

    Sammy Ryderbeit: No, it's more dramatic this way. Also, it works better. Alright, you're cleared for takeoff, skipper.

    Ben Morris: Uh, would you mind taking that gun out of the back of my head?

    Sammy Ryderbeit: Oh. Sure. Forgot I had it. Guns make you nervous?

    [Morris takes off at high speed]

    Sammy Ryderbeit: I see what you mean. Your hairdo would've been all over the front of your shirt.

  • Sammy Ryderbeit: [after being kicked off his mule] Alright, mule. That the best you can kick? I'm gonna boot you all the way to Chile.

  • Ben Morris: He tried to kill me!

    Sammy Ryderbeit: Now how stupid can you get? He just saved your life!

  • Ben Morris: Hey, hold up a minute. Sammy, where'd you put the ChapStick?

    Sammy Ryderbeit: I forgot to get any.

    Ben Morris: Over $2,000 for this fouled up expedition and you couldn't even buy a 35-cent ChapStick? Whadda we do now?

    Sammy Ryderbeit: Stop smilin' so much.

  • Sammy Ryderbeit: [handing Alison a broken bottle of whisky to drink] Here, honey.

    Alison Duguesne: It's full of broken glass.

    Sammy Ryderbeit: Well, strain it through your teeth. Are you a dude, or somethin'?

  • Sammy Ryderbeit: [after shooting McCune] Think I'd put up with all that lip for nothin'. Could've killed him days ago.

  • Sammy Ryderbeit: How much you figure was in the knapsack?

    Dennis McCune (incorrectly given in credits as 'Crowley'): Twenty pounds, at least.

    Sammy Ryderbeit: You don't even know what he's talkin' about, do you? Diamonds measured in pounds. Diamonds are weighed by the *karat*. Five karats make a gram. Twenty-eight grams make an ounce. Five times... twenty-eight times... sixteen.

    Ben Morris: Why, that's - that's something over... two thousand karats to the pound!

  • Alison Duguesne: And there are three of us.

    Sammy Ryderbeit: There's six of us. There's two of you, and there's four of me. I used to put on shootin' exhibitions.

    Ben Morris: Was that before or after you were a mercenary in the Congo, an IDB, an ivory hunter, and a major in the Peruvian air force?

  • Sammy Ryderbeit: I'm gonna get ahold of him, and the first thing I'm gonna do is dry shave that beard off, face down in the ground!

  • Alison Duguesne: Go on. Save yourself.

    Sammy Ryderbeit: Well, what's the matter now?

    Ben Morris: She needs rest.

    Sammy Ryderbeit: Oh, why in hell do we have to be stuck with a woman?

    Ben Morris: Well, you're not.

    Sammy Ryderbeit: Go be a dead hero.

    [walks off]

    Alison Duguesne: Why don't you go with him?

    Ben Morris: I'm an artist. I'm not supposed to be practical.

  • Alison Duguesne: He turned out to be predictable, after all.

    Ben Morris: [sees Sammy returning] Well, not quite.

    Sammy Ryderbeit: You ever tell anybody I was this big a jerk, and I'll kill you.

  • Sammy Ryderbeit: Now that was nice goin'. Bluffin' him with an empty gun.

    Ben Morris: What do you mean, bluffing?

    Sammy Ryderbeit: I can count, can't I? You were out of shells.

    Ben Morris: [removes his last bullet, which is only a tube of lipstick] With Passion's Plaything, you always get your man. I photographed the original layout.

  • Sammy Ryderbeit: Doll, we're gonna buy that yacht, and they can trail us around the world by empty champagne bottles.

    Alison Duguesne: I appreciate it, Sammy, but I'm afraid not.

    Sammy Ryderbeit: Now you can't mean that! You owe it to yourself! I'm colorful, I'm lovable... I'm all man.

    Alison Duguesne: I know, I know. But I always had this crazy desire to live till thirty.

  • Sammy Ryderbeit: Insect repellent, soap, six cartons of cigarettes, two cases of Scotch whisky, and two hundred cigars. And there it is, from mules to eyeliner. Two thousand, three hundred and sixty-four dollars. Shell out.

  • Ben Morris: Wait, wait a minute, Sammy. Uh, uh, you're - you're out of touch. Here - you - who - who uses money? See? There you are: a Diner's Club, American Express, uh, Bank Americard, Shell, Carte Blanche.

    Benavides: Is good! Good! All good! See?

    Sammy Ryderbeit: Now wait a minute. I promised him $500 to keep his mouth shut.

    Benavides: Is alright! Is okay! Is good! Good!

    [writes on the credit card invoice]

    Benavides: Bribe: $500.

    Ben Morris: There. You see?

    Benavides: Sign here!

  • Sammy Ryderbeit: What's a nice girl like you doin' in a place like this?

    Alison Duguesne: Looking for a lost diamond mine.

    Sammy Ryderbeit: You got a map?

    Ben Morris: Sure. Show it to him.

    Sammy Ryderbeit: What'd you pay for this thing?

    Ben Morris: Ten dollars.

    Sammy Ryderbeit: Aw... You got stabbed. That version sells for $5 anywhere. Here, I'll show you somethin'. Catch that.

    Alison Duguesne: What is this?

    Sammy Ryderbeit: Now that's a diamond. It's industrial grade. And I know where you can pick up a million dollars' worth in an afternoon.

    Ben Morris: You'd be a king in the used car business.

  • Sammy Ryderbeit: Now, listen. This is no corny con game. These diamonds are hidden to hell and gone back in the river bed. Back in the bush. They'll run 20% gem stones. I used to be an IDB before they made it too hot for me.

    Ben Morris: A what?

    Sammy Ryderbeit: An illegal diamond buyer. I told you I was from Joburg, didn't I? Look, you know what a pipe is?

    Ben Morris: Sure, it's the word before "dream."

    Sammy Ryderbeit: Ha ha. A diamond pipe is the matrix. It's blue...

    Alison Duguesne: Watch it!

  • Sammy Ryderbeit: [hands Morris an open whisky bottle] Here, you can't drive on an empty stomach.

  • Sammy Ryderbeit: I'm sorry, but I'd hate myself if I turned honest.

    [flies away in the helicopter]

  • Ben Morris: You mean someone took that diamond hokum seriously?

    Sammy Ryderbeit: Seriously? What do you think I stole that helicopter for? Do I look like some kind of a kleptomaniac? $500 to bribe that pilot, and then the damned thing crashed. So now we'll just use mules.

  • Ben Morris: I tell ya, there's somethin' phony about him.

    Sammy Ryderbeit: Hell, we saw his passport, didn't we?

    Ben Morris: Sure, the passport looks fine. It's him I don't trust.

  • Sammy Ryderbeit: Well, I'll be.

    Ben Morris: Alright, smart aleck, where'd you learn that?

    Alison Duguesne: Ha-ha! I've been winning ribbons at horse shows since I was six!

    Sammy Ryderbeit: Doll, you are through markin' time! You have met me and now you can start to *live*! We're gonna *find* those diamonds and we're gonna buy a yacht and sail it all the way around the world!

    Ben Morris: And you deserve each other. I hope you both will always be very seasick.

  • Ben Morris: No, no, I mean the log.

    Sammy Ryderbeit: Oh, that. I was wit' a Scottish outfit durin' the war, Jim. Two years. Regimental champion at the caber throw.

  • Sammy Ryderbeit: Shut up, and get on the mule.

    Ben Morris: He hasn't even bought the yacht, and already he's Captain Bligh.

    Sammy Ryderbeit: And don't you forget it.

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