Samir Nazhde Quotes in The Siege (1998)


Samir Nazhde Quotes:

  • Sharon Bridger: Samir! The Koran preaches...

    Samir Nazhde: Do not lecture me on the Qur'an, woman! First you left me in Iraq... LIKE A PIECE OF SHIT... Then you took our leader... A HOLY MAN FOR PREACHING THE WORD OF GOD.

  • [the agents observe and capture Samir]

    Agent Frank Haddad: His name's Samir Nazhde. Teaches Arab Studies at Brooklyn College. He sponsored Ail Waziri's student visa. And dig this - his brother blew up a movie theatre in Tel Aviv.

    Elise Kraft: You might consider leaving him alone.

    Anthony 'Hub' Hubbard: Why would I consider doing that?

    Elise Kraft: Play him like a cop and haul him in now and get your arrest, or tag him and let him lead you to the really big fish.

    Agent Frank Haddad: [curses in Arabic] You're fishing and he's getting visas for bombers.

    Elise Kraft: You ever heard of catch and release?

    Agent Frank Haddad: Yes, and he's on the next plane for Tunis.

    [Samir is now leaving a cafe]

    Anthony 'Hub' Hubbard: Take him down.

    Agent Frank Haddad: [keys his radio] Go.

    [Three agents take Samir, and lead them to Hub's car]

    Agent Frank Haddad: Samir Nazhde, my name is Frank Haddad, I'm a Federal Agent. We have reason to believe you are an accessory to the bombing of Bus 87.

    Samir Nazhde: Are you crazy?

    Agent Frank Haddad: You are an associate of Ali Waziri.

    Samir Nazhde: Who? I know no one by that name.

    Agent Frank Haddad: You got him a student visa.

    Samir Nazhde: I sign these applications as a matter of course, hundreds of them. Everyone wants to come to the land of opportunity and Baywatch.

    Agent Frank Haddad: You spent two years in Israeli jails during the Intifada.

    Samir Nazhde: The only ones who didn't were women like you.

    [Frank backhands Samir across the mouth]

    Anthony 'Hub' Hubbard: Frank...

    Agent Frank Haddad: Sorry, personal matter.

    [to Samir]

    Agent Frank Haddad: You're going downtown, my friend.

    Samir Nazhde: You cannot hold me. I know my rights! I watch American television!

    Agent Frank Haddad: Defrauding the INS is a federal offense.

    [hands him off to the agents]

    Agent Frank Haddad: Reservation for one, please.

  • Samir Nazhde: Belief is power!

    Samir Nazhde: There will never be a final cell!

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