Sam Weston Quotes in Kicking & Screaming (2005)


Sam Weston Quotes:

  • Phil Weston: Hi, I'm Phil Weston and this is my son, Sam. I'm new to coffee... I was wondering if you could mix half of the regular version with half of the decaffinated version?

    Beantown Employees: [to coworker, annoyed] Half-caff...

    Beantown Customers: Right, Half-caff.

    Phil Weston: A Half-caff!

    [to Sam]

    Phil Weston: We're gonna have a Half-caff.

    Sam Weston: [to customer] We're gonna have a Half-caff.

    Beantown Customers: [annoyed] Yay.

    Beantown Employees: Half-caff.

    Phil Weston: Thanks.

    [takes a sip, it's way too hot and he drops the coffee]

    Phil Weston: Yowww! Mother of Pearl!

    Beantown Employees: [more pissed now] You shoulda waited for the jacket.

    Phil Weston: Right... I just got too eager. Uh...

    Beantown Employees: [to coworker] 'nother Half-caff!

    Beantown Customers: [more pissed] Right, 'nother Half-caff!

  • Sam Weston: Dad, you're getting a little creepy.

    Phil Weston: I know, let's all bay at the moon.

    Sam Weston: What?

    Phil Weston: You know, howl at the moon... like this. Owwwwooooo... owooo... ow, ow, ow, ow, owwwoooo!

    Neighbor: Shut up out there!

    Phil Weston: You shut up in THERE!

    [continues howling, and all the kids join in; momentarily, a pack of snarling dogs charge into the yard]

  • Sam Weston: You gotta lighten up.

    Phil Weston: He started it!

  • Sam Weston: How do you say pizza in Italian?

    Gian Piero: Pizza!

    Sam Weston: How do you say "spaghetti"?

    Gian Piero: Spaghetti!

    Ambrose: Italian's easy.

  • Sam Weston: Why are you whispering?

    Phil Weston: For dramatic effect.

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