Sam Slade Quotes in Gorgo (1961)


Sam Slade Quotes:

  • [During a scuba dive, the men glimpse Gorgo and hurriedly return to the boat]

    Joe Ryan: What did you see, Sam?

    Sam Slade: I don't know. But whatever it was, I never want to see it again.

  • Sam Slade: We might be able to catch it in the nets. But how do you propose to kill a thing like that?

    Joe Ryan: Oh, I don't know. Dynamite, maybe?

    Sam Slade: Ever stop to think what a thing like that might be worth alive?

  • Professor Flaherty: Captain Ryan. The creature that you have captured is not an adult specimen.

    Sam Slade: You mean it isn't fully grown?

    Professor Flaherty: No. In fact, we believe it is in rather early infancy.

    Sam Slade: You're trying to say there may be a fully grown one of these things around somewhere?

    Professor Hendricks: It's a fair assumption. Where there are offspring, there are generally parents.

    Joe Ryan: How big would a full-grown one be?

    Professor Flaherty: An approximate guess?

    [He shows them two scale drawings of the creatures]

    Professor Flaherty: The infant. The adult.

    Joe Ryan: That would make it nearly two hundred feet tall!

    Professor Flaherty: At the very least.

    Professor Hendricks: Obviously, the proper authorities must be notified at once.

    Joe Ryan: What are you trying to do? Stir up a whole hornet's nest because of a few calculations made on a piece of paper? Nuts to that!

    Professor Flaherty: I'm afraid, Captain Ryan, the decision is no longer in your hands.

    [Cut to Gorgo testing the limits of his enclosure and roaring when he finds an electrified fence. Cut to Gorgo's mother stomping from the sea onto Nara Island]

  • [Ryan and Slade are brought to Admiral Brooks]

    Admiral Brooks: Gentlemen, you've been asked to come here to supply us with any information in your possession which might be helpful. Nara Island has been destroyed. Reconnaissance aircraft have sighted the creature in this area here.

    Sam Slade: Excuse me, sir, that looks as though the thing is heading for England.

    Admiral Brooks: Quite. And that, in itself, calls for an explanation. Do you have one?

    Joe Ryan: [crossing his arms defensively] Well, we were playing a stream of water on it during the passage. It was Professor Flaherty's instructions. Maybe it left some sort of track.

    Admiral Brooks: I see. Is that possible?

    Professor Flaherty: Yes, it's possible.

  • Admiral Brooks: [turning from a phone call] They report at least two direct hits.

    Sam Slade: You've killed it?

    Admiral Brooks: It's disappeared beneath the sea. They have saturated the area with depth charges which no living thing could escape. It's certainly been killed.

    [Cut to Gorgo's mother breaching the ocean surface and looming above the naval destroyer]

  • [the Admiral has received word that the naval destroyer has been sunk]

    Sam Slade: Well, all right. Now what?

    Professor Flaherty: What will *you* do?

    Sam Slade: Turn that thing at the Festival Gardens loose. What else? Take it back to the sea, while we've still got a chance!

    Joe Ryan: What the hell's the matter with you? This is the twentieth century. There must be some way of handling an overgrown animal!

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