Sam Brenner Quotes in Pixels (2015)


Sam Brenner Quotes:

  • Sam Brenner: We're the only ones who can do this! I'm kidding, we're all gonna die. I'm just... sorry.

  • Professor Iwatani: Pac-Man is not bad. You'll see.

    Sam Brenner: Professor Iwatani, what are you doing?

    Professor Iwatani: I will talk to him, he's my son.

    [to Pac-Man]

    Professor Iwatani: Hello, my sweet, little boy. Look how big you've grown.

    Ludlow Lamonsoff: That's so sweet, he's so sweet.

    Professor Iwatani: I know, you're a good boy.

    [Pac-Man bit his hand into pixels, then he and the genius scream]

    Professor Iwatani: Somebody kill this stupid thing!

  • [Donkey Kong appears on top of the platform]

    Sam Brenner: Donkey Kong.

    [Donkey Kong rolls a barrel down]

    President Will Cooper: It's just a barrel. How bad can it hurt?

    [Donkey Kong throws down a blue barrel to the oil drum that explodes]

  • Sam Brenner: We got this, if we don't, the world ends.

  • Eddie Plant: [Talking about Q-Bert] Can I kill it?

    Sam Brenner: You can't kill Q-Bert! You gotta talk to it, get to know it better. Then kill it!

  • Sam Brenner: Why didn't you call me then?

    Ludlow Lamonsoff: Because the CIA has been tapping my phones ever since I found out the Zapruder film has been edited, JFK shot first.

    Sam Brenner: Ludlow, it is you.

  • Sam Brenner: Hello. I am a nerd from the Nerd Brigade. Here to nerd out on all your audio and visual needs.

    Matty: Do you have to say that every time you showed up by the house?

    Sam Brenner: If I wanna get paid, yes.

    Matty: Isn't it kind of demeaning?

    Sam Brenner: Only if someone brings that up.

    Matty: Ehh. Well, bring it up then.

    Sam Brenner: Thanks.

  • Matty: Classics you mean Halo and Call of Duty?

    Sam Brenner: No. The real classics. Defender. Pac-man. Astroids. Games you play in an arcade which was a building outside of your house. You would go there with your friends, listen to music, cute girls everywhere. In ancient times, they call it 'socializing'.

  • Sam Brenner: Pac-Man's a bad guy?

  • Sam Brenner: Whoa. She went from zero to psycho in 3.4 seconds; a new world record.

  • Sam Brenner: I was supposed to have a baby with my ex-wife. And the doctor who was helping us make the baby did help us make the baby but unfortunately I wasn't in the room.

  • Ludlow Lamonsoff: I believe that some alien life-force, has sent real life video games, to attack us.

    [Scene cuts to Pac-Man attacking the firefighters truck]

    Sam Brenner: [Thinks for 4 seconds] That makes sense.

  • Violet: [Addressing Sam Brenner] Why are you following me?

    Sam Brenner: Oh God!

    Violet: I can't believe they even let you in here.

    Sam Brenner: Right.

    President's Assistant Jennifer: Colonel Van Patten, you can go right into the Situation Room.

    Violet: Yeah. See, they need me in the Situation Room, so have fun doing whatever you're doing.

    President's Assistant Jennifer: Mr. Brenner. The president is waiting for you in the Oval Office.

    Sam Brenner: [In a derisive tone of voice] Somebody's more important.

    [Moonwalks and addresses a member of the presidential detail while looking at Violet]

    Sam Brenner: Freddie, can you keep the riff-raff outta here?

  • Sam Brenner: [Rescuing Violet] Grab onto my mighty hammer!

    Violet: You loved saying that.

    Sam Brenner: Yes, I did.

    [Sam aims the hammer at Donkey Kong]

    Sam Brenner: I've been waiting to do this since 1982!

    [Throws hammer at Donkey Kong and kills him]

  • Sam Brenner: [after Proffesor Iwatani gets hand bitten off by Pac-Man] That was some twisted Pinocchio-Geppetto stuff!

  • Sam Brenner: Is it your birthday?

    Matty: No. My parents are getting a divorce.

    Sam Brenner: Oh. So it's like 10 birthdays.

  • Eddie Plant: Let's hit it!

    [a chase begins in their cars as ghosts as Pac-Man moves around the city]

    Sam Brenner: Pac-Man's faster than I remember.

    Eddie Plant: Pac-Man's always been faster than the ghost. We're gonna have to outmaneuver.

    [the chase continues until they got Pac-Man cornered]

    Ludlow Lamonsoff: We got him! He's got nowhere to go!

    [Pac-Man moves and eats a power pellet, causing the cars as ghosts to turn deep blue]

    Sam Brenner: Oh, god, no!

  • Sam Brenner: I learned a lot of big words at the dorm room drug parties.

  • Sam Brenner: For the record, I'm an amazing kisser. All us nerds are, cause we appreciate it more.

    Violet: You didn't even brush your teeth this morning!

    Sam Brenner: I ate a Tic Tac!

  • Sam Brenner: We have to take the battle to them.

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