Salome Quotes in King of Kings (1961)


Salome Quotes:

  • John the Baptist: Woman, is not your cup of abominations full enough?

    Herodias: How dare to say that to my face. Get down on your knees and beg my forgiveness!

    John the Baptist: You, woman? Who has given herself the captains of Assyria? To the young men of Egypt? Who has deserted the bed of her first husband, to live in incestuous lust with his brother?

    Salome: Is there blood in your veins? Or, poison?

  • Herodias: I heard that name John the Baptist. I hear he speaks evil things of me wherever he goes.

    Salome: His heart should be ripped from his body!

    Herod Antipas: Your daughter, Herodias, grows more like her mother day by day.

    Salome: Do I not please you?

    Herod Antipas: My stepdaughter pleases me very much, Salome.

  • Salome: [to John the Baptist] Yes, we do live in a very wicked world.


    Salome: You frighten me, you angry man!

    Herod Antipas: Salome, come back!

    Salome: This beast amuses me. Make him dance! On a bed of hot coals.

    Herodias: For better to cut his vicious tongue from its roots.

  • Salome: Go away you vile man!

    John the Baptist: Daughter of adultery! There is but one that can save you. Go seek him out! Kneel at his feet and ask forgiveness for the sins of your mother.

  • Salome: Would you like me to come and visit you in your new cave?

    John the Baptist: You are the seed of evil-doers. The child of corruption. Leave this house of darkness. Find your way into the light while there is yet time.

  • Herod Antipas: Dance for me Salome! Salome, drink little wine. Taste this, so that I may drain the cup.

    Salome: I'm not thirsty.

  • Herod Antipas: Salome, dance for me. I command you to dance!

    Salome: I will not dance.

    Herod Antipas: You cannot refuse me. Salome will now dance for us!

    Salome: I do refuse.

    Herod Antipas: Salome, I beg of you. I'll give you anything you want.

  • Salome: In my opinion, I can't stand these people that are so intelligent yet create such a shitty world.

  • Spattoletti: Honey, if you really like me, you could do it free occasionally.

    Salome: I promised when my fiancé left me pregnant at 16 - I promised not even the Pope! I'd rather close down business.

  • Salome: Feelings are a luxury and this is war.

  • Salome: My room is the mirror room, the best in the house. It's straight out of the "Arabian Nights".

  • Salome: Oh, well. Why didn't you say something? You're just sitting there, so quiet, looking at me like a hungry kitty. Come on. Given our plans, let's just do it. I'm actually very happy to satisfy someone like you. You never know. It might even bring me some luck. Come on. Come here. Come on. What are you waiting for?

  • Salome: Sure, I told you. You need some satisfaction. Especially here with all these beautiful girls. This way it's over with, and you get your head back on track.

  • Salome: Listen. A joke is a joke, and I like to joke. Life is a bitch. If you don't laugh at it, better to shoot yourself, and that's it.

  • Salome: It'll be okay. Go to that girl now. She's waiting behind the door for you, dying with anxiety. When she looks at you, you can see little stars falling from her eyes. Poor Tripoli. Life has already been so bad to her. Go now.

  • Salome: What would happen if all women stopped their soldiers at the door during war?

    Tripolina: You die in war. It would be great if every mother did that. Why not? Why? For history? For justice? They've been fighting since the creation of the world. Explain it to me, all this justice. The dead stay dead, and that's it.

  • Salome: You, shut up! Look who's talking. The other day, this one and the Spanish girl screamed like hell over a pair of underwear. Get a life!

  • Salome: Tunin, enough! Don't waste time! And don't be upset with yourself. Not everyone has to be a hero, damn it!

  • Salome: You keep away from him! Youre hired as freaks... not vampires!

  • Salome: I just gave back a present he gave me once

    The Greek: If it's his heart you want I'll cut it out and give it to you!

  • [first lines]

    Salome: For a camel, you make a triangle like this.

    [drawing in the dirt]

    Salome: That's the hump. It's so easy. See? Then some lines for legs here. Teacher taught me how to do this. He showed me elephants and cats, too. But I told him you like camels. That's the neck.

    [looking up]

    Salome: You're not watching. Then on top, I put another triangle for a head. They have big round eyes and a skinny tail here.

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