Sal Maggio Quotes in Kangaroo Jack (2003)


Sal Maggio Quotes:

  • Kangaroo Jack: [singing from "Rapper's Delight"] /... see I am Jackie Legs and I like to say, "Hello" / To the black to the white...

    Charlie Carbone: Jackie? Mr. Legs, if you would find your way clear to give me back my money?

    Kangaroo Jack: Money? Oh, you mean that money

    [a pack of kangaroo are messing around with the money]

    Charlie Carbone: Stop that. Stop that! Hey! Stop that, please! If Sal finds out...

    Sal Maggio: [as a kangaroo] If I find out what, Charlie? That you lost my money?

    Charlie Carbone: Sal?

    Sal Maggio: I've asked you to do something. This is not that!

  • Louis Booker: [as a kangaroo] You know what, Sal? You were right about him. Chicken blood!

    Sal Maggio: Smell it on his father. Smell it on him. Chicken blood.

    Kangaroo Jack: Oy! Chicken blood!

    Louis BookerSal MaggioKangaroo Jack: Chicken blood! Chicken blood! Chicken blood!

  • [Sal watched his factory of stolen merchandise become raided by the NYPD on the news]

    Sal Maggio: [disappointed] Louis Booker, you degenerate moron. Were these Medieval Times and you, a knight in shining armor, you would have, I have no doubt, slayed the maiden and saved the dragon.

    [Waffles, Louis' puppy growls]

    Louis Booker: Shh! Waffles!

    Charlie Carbone: Sal, we can explain...

    Sal Maggio: [cuts Charlie off] As for you, Charlie. After the tragic death of your father, I married your mother promising her I would raise you as my own. *You* chose not to take the Maggio name. I did not complain. And when you wanted to go to Beauty School, as boys who lose their fathers early in life often do, I did not snivel at interventions, did I?

    Charlie Carbone: No, Salvatore, you didn't. In fact...

    Sal Maggio: In fact, I happened to bought a beauty parlor so you could sit on you lazy butt all day long. $4.5 million you cost me. Were you anybody else, you be dead by now.

    Charlie Carbone: Look, Sal, we know that your upset.

    Sal Maggio: It's not your fault.

    Charlie Carbone: What?

    Sal Maggio: A lion can raise a mouse, but the mouse is still a mouse. And you, Charlie, are that mouse. Look at this. He takes it. Chicken blood.

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