Sakura Quotes in Urusei Yatsura 2: Beautiful Dreamer (1984)


Sakura Quotes:

  • Sakura: Twice is a tragedy, but thrice is a comedy, as someone once said.

  • [Regarding Lum]

    Mujaki: I knew right away that she'd been born under a very unusual star...

    Sakura: Well, she came from a different one...

  • [Sakura rides in Mujaki's "Blue Turtle" cab]

    Mujaki: Things are a mess fer ya 'cause ya think time an' space are objective things. Y'now how time seems down when y're waiting? Fact is, time is simply a creation of your human consciousness. What is there ain't no human beings anywhere in the world? Wouldn't clocks and calendars be a waste? Maybe there ain't no such thing as time that flows in one direction from the past to the future, and never was dontcha think, ma'am? Human beings are slipshod to begin with, so there ain't nothing strange 'bout time being slipshod too. If ev'rything was all hunky-dory then THAT'D be weird! The only certain thing is the present, that just keeps flowin' like this. Ain't that the best way to think 'bout it?

    Sakura: Interesting. Maybe I really AM riding a turtle.

    Mujaki: Wanna go straight to Dragon Palace? I'll give you a discount fare!

  • [Everyone finds they can't get to their own homes]

    Megane: There's only one thing we can do...

    [At Ataru's house]

    Megane: We'd like you to...

    PermChibiMeganeMendouSakuraShinobuKakugari: PUT US UP FOR THE NIGHT!

    Ataru, Mendou: Why you...!

  • Sheriff Edward Gideon: [Observing a deserted town] What the hell's goin' on around here?

    Sakura: Oh... maybe today holiday.

    Blanc de Blanc: He's right. Today's the day of St. Blanc the Martyr. That's my saint day! Hey, Sheriff, do you mind if I-?

    Sheriff Edward Gideon: Shut up, Swiss. Sit down. You bring tears to my eyes, but we ain't Catholics in these parts.

    Sakura: Uh-uh-uh, that's right. In America, all prostitutes.

    Sheriff Edward Gideon: [Annoyed] Protestants.

  • Sheriff Edward Gideon: Hey, wha- what are you doing there?

    Sakura: I'm preparing poutparri, Japanese style.

    Blanc de Blanc: Potpourri, not poutparri.

    Sakura: Yeah, yeah, special herbs, that prevent sleeping on hunger. That way, Sakura always stay awake and on guard all night.

    Sheriff Edward Gideon: Well, if it helps to stop hunger, bring it here. I'll have some.

    Sakura: Oh, we special, Sheriff, we special...

    Blanc de Blanc: Hey, leave some for me, huh?

    Sheriff Edward Gideon: You'll need your sleep. You're gonna do a lotta galloping tomorrow.

    Sakura: Ah, it's ready. Ah, ya, oh...

    Sheriff Edward Gideon: Good, huh?

    [He eats some of the potpourri]

    Sakura: Ah, yes... It's good?

    Sheriff Edward Gideon: It's very good!

    [Stops chewing and suddenly cries out in pain]

    Sakura: Immediate effect of herb preparation! You no sleep or feel hungry!

    Sheriff Edward Gideon: [spits out the potpourri] BULLSHIT!

    [He goes and collapses by a tree]

    Sakura: Sheriff, Sakura do help teethache, and let samurai stop pain!

    Sheriff Edward Gideon: Well, I can't! Even when I was a kid, the blacksmith had to pull out my tooth, now they're all aching, damn it!

    Blanc de Blanc: Eh, take it easy, Sheriff, one night will pass quickly.

    Sheriff Edward Gideon: YOU SHUT UP!

  • Sakura: The universe is truly vast. To think that someone could compete with Lum's bad taste in men.

  • Lum: Who would want to put Darling through such a terrible ordeal?

    Sakura: The answer to that is...

    [Suspenseful music begins]

    Sakura: The same someone who invoked the curse. And that is... someone even we don't know!

  • Sakura: I've got a bad feeling. A feeling of something heavy pressing down on me. What could this be...? Huh?

    [Cut to Ataru and Cherry leaning against her.]

    Sakura: Why you!

  • [Sakura watches Lum chase Ataru.]

    Sakura: Hey, you kids! Try not to bother the neighbors too much!

    Ataru: "Bother?" Of course not! I'd love to... go on a date with you!

    [Whacks him with her staff.]

    Sakura: What's wrong with your ears?!

  • Sakura: Lum, listen carefully. This is a time of extreme emergency. You must talk Rupa into fixing things.

    Lum: Well, if Darling says that he loves me, then I wouldn't mind talking to Rupa.

    Sakura: [to Ataru] So she says.

    Benten: Earth's fate hangs on a single world from you.

    Sakura: Say it! Even if it's a lie!

    Mendou: On this occasion, I shall permit it.

    Shinobu: Is it that difficult? It's just a simple phrase! You say it all the time to other girls!

    Ataru: I hate your guts!

  • [the frozen dreams collapse, Lum returns, and Ataru approaches her]

    Shinobu: And from now on, the days repeat on and on as usual, right?

    Sakura: No, not necessarily.

    Shinobu: Huh?

    Sakura: Even if the days go around, in a path of endlessly nearly concentric circles, as a whole, they should ultimately lead us to a new place.

    Mendou: That means...

    Sakura: Uh-huh, no one knows what lies ahead of us.

    Megane: How naive of me to approve of you and Lum, even for a moment. "Mistakes must be corrected at once." DIE ATARU!

    [the Stormtroopers all open fire on Ataru]

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