Sador Quotes in Battle Beyond the Stars (1980)


Sador Quotes:

  • Sador: [after Nell self-destructs inside Sador's ship and she also begins exploding] That can't be possible! But I was going to live forever! I want to live forever!

  • [as "Hammerhead", Sador's dreadnaught, is approaching Akir]

    Yago: This is Akir, a planet of stone with a single green spot.

    Sador: Let's see it. What about their forms?

    Yago: Comparable with ours. They have a solar technology. No known defense capacity.

    Sador: Interesting. Let's check that.

  • [Cayman's ship "Zymer" charges "Hammerhead"]

    Cayman: Sador? This is Cayman of the Lambda Zone. Turn around, you overaged degenerate, and we'll bump heads!

    Sador: What do you make our force field at?

    Yago: A ten-six.

    Sador: And what do you make HIS at?

    Yago: It's an elite Trianzymer - ten-two.

    Sador: Of what form are you, Cayman?

    Cayman: I am of the Lazuli.

    Sador: I thought I had the honor of making that form extinct, long ago! I won't fail this time! Here I come, Cayman of the Lambda Zone

  • [in "Hammerhead's" sick bay, Sador prepares himself for surgery]

    Sador: [intimidatingly] Are you capable of speech?

    Nestor 2: [unfazed] Yes, quite capable.

    Sador: Good. And do you have a high tolerance for pain?

    Nestor 2: Almost none at all, I'm afraid.

    Sador: How unfortunate for you. How many ships do the Akira have, and what are their capabilities?

    Nestor 2: If I told you that, it would give you an unfair advantage.

    Sador: This is my surgeon, Dako. Dako is expert at inflicting pain... while keeping the patient alive.

    Nestor 2: It is good to have skills.

  • Yago: [carrying a bag of ashes] Our emissary has returned from Umateal. They have replied to our ultimatum.

    Sador: And?

    [Yago hands over the bag, which Sador examines]

    Sador: What's this?

    Yago: It is our emissary, sir. They have... powdered him.

    [Sador throws the bag in a rage, just missing him]

    Yago: They are a... proud... form!

    Sador: In an hour, they'll be an EXTINCT one, not a trace of them left, not even their dust.

  • ["Hammerhead" returns to Akir but cannot find Kalo and Tembo]

    Sador: Could we POSSIBLY be out of range?

    Yago: Not at all, sir. Something must be wrong.

    Sador: [disgusted] What's WRONG is that I have an army full of GENETIC MISTAKES! Why can't my mutants be intelligent, like Melye?

    Yago: Well, you can't expect us to measure up to YOU, sir.

    Sador: Don't flatter me! Those two probably slammed their ship into an asteroid.

    Yago: Or they MAY have been shot down.

    Sador: Shot down? How? Akir has nothing to put in the air!

    Yago: Somebody came to help.

    Sador: Help Akir against ME? Hmm! Nobody could be THAT stupid. Not even Kalo and Tembo! OR YOU!

  • Sador: Hear me, beings of Akir: I am Sador of the Malmori. I have come with my forces to conquer you. If you resist, I will crush you. I possess a stellar converter, the most powerful weapon in the universe. You cannot resist me. I want your planet to be my colony. Your harvest comes in seven risings of your red giant. I will return then, and you will accept me as your master. If you do not submit, your planet and all life on it will be burned to ash.

  • Sador: This is Sador of the Malmori. I command you to surrender.

    Nell: [sarcastically] I'll surrender, you sorry son of a mutant.

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