Sadie - age 9 Quotes in The Rebound (2009)


Sadie - age 9 Quotes:

  • Sadie - age 9: [not swayed from the topic] So, you like Mom. Are you two gonna date now?

    Aram Finklestein: I don't know.

    Sadie - age 9: You don't really know anything, do ya? I mean, she's kinda your girlfriend.

    Frank Jr. - age 7: Are you gonna be our new dad?

    Sadie - age 9: And, if so, who'll be our nanny?

    Frank Jr. - age 7: Yeah, and what'll we call you?

    Aram Finklestein: Jesus, I'm not being nominated to Supreme Court here, guys. I just had sex with your mother.

    Aram Finklestein: [noticing a distressed mother in the next bowling lane glaring at him while grasping her child protectively] And when I say sex... I mean that I gave her... a nice massage.

    Frank Jr. - age 7: [brightly] With sperm.

  • Sadie - age 9: Aram! Aram!

    Frank Jr. - age 7: Mom is dead!

    Aram Finklestein: What?

    Frank Jr. - age 7: Come on!

    Aram Finklestein: She's not dead.

    Sadie - age 9: Could be post-mortem twitch.

  • [first lines]

    Sandy: [driving kids to school] Same thing, every fucking morning.

    Sadie - age 9: I heard that.

    Sandy: No, you didn't.

    Sadie - age 9: Yes, I did.

    Frank Jr. - age 7: I did, too.

  • Sadie - age 9: [while in a bowling alley] So does that mean you and Mom are gonna have a baby?

    Aram Finklestein: Nooo.

    Frank Jr. - age 7: I don't get it. You said that spurn makes a baby.

    Aram Finklestein: "Sperm," and it does. You know, can we stop talking about this please, okay? I like your mother, and I think she likes me, and that's all that's important.

    Sadie - age 9: And you also work for her.

  • Sadie - age 9: Sing me a song or I'll throw up on you.

    Aram Finklestein: When you put it that way...

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