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Saban Quotes:

  • Hüsamettin: Saban?

    Saban: Yes, commander!

    Hüsamettin: Why did we set this trap?

    Saban: Why?

    Hüsamettin: To capture the ghoul.

    Saban: Yes, to capture the ghoul.

    Hüsamettin: And who fell into the trap?

    Saban: Who did?

    Hüsamettin: We did!

    Saban: That means we are the ghoul!

    Hüsamettin: Yes, we are the... No you dumb ass!

  • Hüsamettin: Sutoglan! I never liked you Sutoglan... You have always been snotty Sutoglan... And I didn't like your father either Sutoglan...

    Saban: Not my father commander!

    Hüsamettin: Dumb ass!

  • Hüsamettin: [they finally confront the ghoul] I love you Sutoglan.

    Saban: [scared] And my father commander?

    Hüsamettin: I loved him the most.

  • Saban: [in love] Ramazan, who is she?

    Ramazan: Sister of the bridegroom.

    Saban: Really? How come! What's her name?

    Ramazan: Bihter.

    Saban: Bihter...

    Bihter: Yes?

    Saban: And she speaks!

  • Hüsamettin: Dig a hole right here and cover it with branches, ghoul shouldn't notice.

    Saban: But he will fall in if he doesn't notice?

  • Saban: My dear Lutfu, I was thinking that...

    Tellioglu Lutfu: You can't think!

  • Saban: [Scared] Who are you?

    Real Tosun Pasha: Ibrahim Pasha of Cairo at your service, Sir!

    Saban: [Seriously] Who made you a pasha, sir?

    Real Tosun Pasha: It was with your order, Pasha!

    Saban: So I made you a pasha, Mr. Ibrahim?

    Real Tosun Pasha: Yes, Pasha!

    Saban: [Mockingly] Hey Ibrahim, are you Seferoglus' pasha?

    Real Tosun Pasha: Sorry, you lost me, sir.

    Saban: [laughs] Come on Ibo, you can't fool me!

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