Ryu Quotes in Street Fighter (1994)


Ryu Quotes:

  • Ken: This sucks! Those guys are good guys, like us!

    Ryu: Lately, I don't feel very good.

  • Zangief: [to Ryu and Ken] Now you look like Bison troopers! This is vhere ve train in our glorious struggle against the Allied Nations' tyranny!

    Ken: [to a Bison trooper] How ya doin'?

    Ryu: [to another trooper] Hey, lookin' great!

    Ken: [to another trooper] Nice gun!

    Ryu: [to another trooper] Hey, great uniforms!

    Ken: [to another trooper] Long live Bison!

    Ryu: Yep, Bison.

    Zangief: I see you later, in the commissary, ah?

    [salutes them and leaves]

    Ken: You get a good look at that video map?

    Ryu: Just got the left half.

    Ken: Good. I got the right.

  • Ken: Sayonara, buddy!

    Ryu: Come on! Let's go! Where are you going, man?

    Ken: What are you, nuts? Ryu, Guile put a gun to our head! We did our part! The real soldiers are here, and we're gone!

    Ryu: What's wrong with you, man? There's people fighting upstairs! Dying upstairs!

    Ken: Yeah, and they get paid for it! We don't! Now you comin' with me or not? Maybe before this place blows up we can find something worthwhile!

    Ryu: No thanks! I already found something worthwhile.

    Ken: I don't understand!

    Ryu: I know you don't.

  • Colonel Guile: I guess you've earned your passports home.

    Ryu: You can hang onto them.

    Ken: Somebody's gonna have to help put this country back together. Maybe a couple of hustlers can help.

    Colonel Guile: Ever think of, uh, enlisting?

    RyuKen: Oh, no, no, no, no.

  • Ryu: I know you, you're Edmond Honda, the sumo from Hawaii. Almost made Yokozuna.

    E. Honda: Until the Shadaloo Tong destroyed my reputation.

    Balrog: They did the same thing to me in my boxing career.

    [Ken looks at Chun-Li]

    Ken: [Coldly] Don't tell me. Figure skating?

  • Ken: I'm sorry I talked you into this.

    Ryu: I'm sorry I listened.

  • Ryu: Vega!

    Vega: Where were we?

    Ryu: [kicks Vega in the chest] You were losing.

  • Ken: Okay we're off the streets you feel safe yet?

    Ryu: [the sound of ripping flesh is heard. Vega's opponent falls unconcious in the ring next to Ken & Ryu] Yeah, real safe.

  • Ryû: [Ken saves Ryu from Bison] Ken, you're alive.

    Ken: Hey, buddy, how have you been? We'll catch up on the reunion stuff later. We got something to take care of first. Like taking out the trash!

    Ryû: Yeah!

    M. Bison: [throws his cape off] You both seem bound and determined to meet destruction at my hands. So be it. I'll fight you on your own level! COME ON!

  • Edmond Honda: Hey man. Half this money's yours.

    Ryu: Money?

    Edmond Honda: Yes, my man. I might have lost the fight if you hadn't been around. Here, take it. Japanese fighters stick together... cause we're brothers!

  • Ryu: You get the hell out of my way!

    M. Bison: Well, now aren't you the big he-man? Now's the time to see just how legendary your fighting skills really are.

    Ryu: Move or I'll go through you!

    M. Bison: All is talk and no action. You must not be too concerned about your friend who's probably dead by now.


  • Ryu: Hadouken!

  • Ryu: Don't bother. You'll never catch him.

    Cain: Fine. We'll just go straight to the source.

    Max: Brilliant, let's rush in and get ourselves killed now that we got a good chance of stopping this thing.

    Cain: What choice do we have? We're running out of time.

    Max: No, we're not running out of time. If we were running out of time, they wouldn't have bothered coming after us. The only reason they're trying to take any of us out is because there's still time to stop them.

    Ryu: What do you suggest?

    Max: Guerrilla warfare. Hound 'em a little chip away at the edges, make sure the ones we don't get are isolated and afraid of us. It's easier to defeat an enemy that already thinks it can't win.

    Cain: Okay.

    Max: Good, let's blow this popsicle stand.

  • Max: Could have done that earlier.

    Ryu: I had to get in here first. I don't really walk through walls, you know.

    Max: Had me fooled.

    Ryu: [to Cain] You okay?

    Cain: Fine.

    Max: Thick skin.

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