Ruth Quotes in Snatched (2017)


Ruth Quotes:

  • Emily Middleton: Let's go out tonight. Hair, makeup, boobs... we're going out!

    Linda Middleton: Emily, I am not going out at night.

    Emily Middleton: Everything shouldn't be so scary.

    Ruth: Oh, it damn well should. One in four tourists are kidnapped.

    Emily Middleton: Not true.

    Ruth: One, two, three... Somebody's missing.

  • [Harrigan runs through an old woman's apartment, chasing the Predator]

    Lieutenant Mike Harrigan: It's all right! I'm a cop!

    Ruth: I don't think he gives a shit!

  • Gwen Meighen: Nuts to the man in 21D.

    Ruth: You said it.

  • Frederic: Lately I've been restless. I've been consumed by some... inner fire, and all I think about are girls.

    Ruth: [Grabbing onto Frederic] I've waited 20 years for this!

    The Pirate King: [Pulling Ruth off of Frederic] The sea, Frederic, is a jealous mistress. But she is her own reward. Believe me, you've missed nothing.

    The Pirate King: [to other pirates] Tell him men, have you missed anything these 20 years at sea?

    Other pirates: [Yelling in unison] SEX!

  • The Pirate King: Your Birthday?

    Frederic: February 29, 1859.

    The Pirate King: A leap year!

    Frederic: yes...

    The Pirate King: ...and you were indentured to us...?

    Frederic: until my 21st year...

    The Pirate King: [interrupting] ... until your 21st birthday! Leap years only happen every 4 years. Going by birthdays, you're still only 5 and a 1/4.

    Frederic: [surprised] wha...?

    The Pirate King: I'm merely making you aware of it... I'll leave the rest to your... sense of duty?

    Ruth: Yes, Duty!

    Frederic: Duty and honor are all I have... that's the one good thing you taught me!

  • Ruth: By the way, was that a definite no back there?

    Frederic: Ruth, I don't want to hurt your feelings, but tell me honestly. Now, compared to other women, are you beautiful?

    Ruth: Oh, I've been told so.

    Frederic: Ah, but lately?

    Ruth: Yes, by Sam. 'Course, he was drunk.

  • Ruth: I don't want a pay-off.

    Chris Rumack: Well, then I'm confused. What do you want?

    Ruth: For people to not be assholes.

  • Ruth: I mean, why... why you don't want to help me?

    Detective William Bendix: Help you?

    Ruth: Yeah... I just why? Isn't that your job?

    Detective William Bendix: My job?

    Ruth: Yeah.

    Detective William Bendix: I am doing my job. You're asking me about my job, right now.

    Ruth: Yeah, I'm coming in here...

    Detective William Bendix: You come to my work place...

    Ruth: I have evidence here...

    Detective William Bendix: ...and you ask me about my job. Just because you left your door wide open for some punk to stroll right in, you think the universe revolves around you. Well grow up! We have a man beaten unconcious in his drive way.

    Ruth: That's awful.

    Detective William Bendix: Now, yes, awful. And now, now Ruth, he has skull fragments in his brain. The world is bigger than your silverware. People are experiencing bigger problems! There are people out there

    [pausing because he's almost crying]

    Detective William Bendix: I'm... I'm being divorced. First time I said it out loud.

    Ruth: Sir, I'm very...

    Detective William Bendix: Uh-uh, move it, move your hand. Go home, Ruth.

  • Ruth: Were you praying?

    Tony: You asked for help, I asked for help. That's how things get done. Don't worry. I won't let anything happen to you.

  • [first lines]

    Mrs. Hamble: [watching news report about a riot from her hospital bed] Just look at those goddamn monkeys.

    Ruth: Why don't we turn this off, huh?

    Mrs. Hamble: The way they shoved this country right down the fuckin' stinker. Keep your gigantic monkey dick out of my good pussy.

    [then breathes her last]

    Mrs. Hamble's Son: [a short time later her doctor] Did...? Did she have any last words?

    ER Doctor: [looks over to Ruth]

  • Ruth: Patient died today. I was in the room.

    Angie: Oh. She was special, huh?

    Ruth: No. She sucked. Oh, yeah. She was a real shithead. But it doesn't matter. They'll roll her out... and she'll become smoke. Just... carbon. My grandma Sally, that was her silver that they stole, you know?

    Angie: Yeah.

    Ruth: She literally breathed life into people who'd been exploded. She was a war nurse.

    Angie: Yeah, I remember.

    Ruth: Spent her retirement bringing dinner to folks with cancer. And then she had a stroke... and she was just... just carbon too. And now I'm the only one who remembers any of that, and pretty soon... I'll just be carbon. So none of it matters.

  • Detective William Bendix: [looking at her cast of a footprint out of her garden] What do you do, Miss Kimke?

    Ruth: Uh... Well, I'm a nursing assistant.

    Detective William Bendix: Now, suppose I came down to where you do that... Your hospital...

    Ruth: It's a post-op facility.

    Detective William Bendix: Okay. Well, suppose I came down there and I said, You know, maybe not that medication, Ruth, maybe this one instead, don't ya think?

    Ruth: No, that's what... That's not what I meant by...

    Detective William Bendix: You present a certainty that the owner of a vehicle you happened to see at a garage sale is the same individual who burglarized your home. And... His footprint. And that his foot, according to this, is made out of scrambled eggs!

  • Chris Rumack: Look, I don't condone my son's behavior, but anyone can do anything if you let them. Huh? Welcome to the world.

    Ruth: I see why he turned out like he did.

  • Marshall: [trying to distract her] Have you ever eaten cat meat?

    Ruth: You mean cat food?

    Marshall: No. The meat... of a cat.

    Ruth: No. No, man. I never ate any cat meat.

    Marshall: Well, it makes you invisible. Did you know that?

    Ruth: [throws a rock at his head] I see you. Fucking weirdo.

  • Angie: Just be gentle with yourself, all right? You got all the time in the world.

    Ruth: I don't know what that means.

    Angie: Yeah, it's just something people say.

  • Ruth: Kids these days are really spoilt... its like 'mummy, I want a playstation, mummy, I want you to kill that man'...

  • Albert: You know, there are a million ways to die in the west, Clinch. There's, uh, famine, disease, gunfights... And, uh, wild animals. You know, like snakes. And, you know, the funny thing is, you don't even have to get bitten. All you need is a little bit of the venom introduced into your bloodstream and you're pretty much screwed. For example, if you drain a certain amount of venom from the fangs of a diamondback rattler into a hollow-tip bullet, you really only need one shot. Now, I knew my aim wasn't good enough to hit you anywhere important. But if I caught you by surprise... Well, Anna taught me just enough to get me in the ballpark. And just a small amount of venom in an open wound is enough to kill a man if he's...

    Ruth: Albert! He's dead. You did it.

    Albert: Oh.

    Ruth: Yeah.

    Albert: Did he hear all that smart stuff I did?

    Edward: Uh... No. No, I don't think so.

    Albert: Oh. Well, it was still good though.

    Edward: Yeah, it was great!

    Ruth: I thought it was really good.

  • [from trailer]

    Edward: This is my first vagina.

    Ruth: You've never seen one?

    Edward: No. I feel like I should have a piece of cake or something.

    [pause while character lifts up skirt]

    Edward: It's, uhh, it's, it's that, right?

    Ruth: Oh yeah, it's this, it's like from here to here.

    Edward: Oh.

    Ruth: But this is just the outside, there's these folds.

    Edward: Okay, I'm gonna close the bible now.

  • [Ruth has Tourettes Syndrome]

    Ruth: Fart! Dildo! Big, Big, Big Titties!

    [looks at old couple]


  • Deuce Bigalow: Is this Ruth?

    Ruth: Yeah, I'll be right down. GOD DAMN IT!

  • Ruth: BALL-HAIR!

    Deuce Bigalow: Yeah, ball-hair, what we need is a strike here!

  • Ruth: [Caleb is helping her bring food to the table] If you'll just follow me.

    Caleb: To the ends of the earth.

  • Rev. Elcott: [after rounding up the girls] We're all fathers here and we love you, so don't be afraid to answer. A while back I heard a wee babe crying in the house. Whose is it?

    [girls look at one another]

    Rev. Elcott: Whose is it, don't be afraid to tell?

    DorcasAliceSarahLizaRuthMartha: [all at once and smiling] Mine!

  • Dorcas: [upon seeing the Pontipee brothers arrive at the barn raising] Who are they? I don't recall ever seeing them before.

    Liza: They're strangers to me.

    Ruth: Seven of them.

    Martha: And all as tall as church steeples.

    Alice: It's Milly! Milly!

  • [at the airport]

    Ruth: Right, everyone. Has everyone got a ticket?

    All: Yes

    Ruth: A passport?

    All: Yes

    Ruth: A lying snake for a husband?

    [everyone looks shocked]

    Ruth: No? Only me there, then. Let's go. Come on.

  • Chris: Look at 'em. Highgyll WI, "ooh, let's arrange our cakes round an old cartwheel".

    Ruth: Does look pretty though.

    Chris: Whose side are you on, Brutus?

    Ruth: No, I didn't mean...

    Chris: What's your event by the way?

    Ruth: Tea tray, on an international theme. I did Jamaica but it could be anywhere in the Caribbean.

    Chris: You know, if more people did WI, there'd be half the need for hallucinogenic drugs.

  • Ruth: Well, I think it's a great idea.

    Cora: You weren't concentrating, were you Ruth?

    Ruth: I was. We're going to raise money to buy a sofa for the hospital in John's name.

    Celia: By posing for a nude calendar!

    Ruth: Oh no!

    Chris: Oh sit down. I'm not asking you to straddle an 'Arley Davidson.

    Celia: It's still a bit of a leap from Burnsall church, love.

    Chris: That's the 'ole point. It's an alternative calendar, it's...

    Annie: It's what John suggested.

    Chris: Did he?

    Annie: The last stage of the flower is the most glorious. So what this calendar would be saying is "actually, yes John, we agree".

    Ruth: With respect, I didn't hear him use the phrase "whip your bras off"

  • Ruth: Tea tray on an international theme. I did Jamaica but it could be anywhere in the Caribbean.

  • W.I. Judge: And the winner of this year's May Wilkinson trophy for Victoria Sponge maximum twelve inch diameter I'm delighted to say is entry number 213.

    Annie: [whispers] Nice knowing you, Chris.

    Chris: [whispers back] Help me!

    Ruth: Well that's interesting.

    W.I. Judge: entered by Knapely WI and baked by Chris Harper.

  • Eddie Reynoldson: You are looking lovely...

    Ruth: Which one of us are you talking to, Eddie? The one who makes a tart of herself by taking her clothes off or me?

  • Ruth: You two stay and enjoy yourselves. I'm off to Hollywood.

  • Marie: Victoria Sponge. Annie's on Victoria sponge.

    [Marie leaves. Chris dives under the table and brings out a cake tin]

    Ruth: What's that?

    Chris: Well, Annie won't have had time running Yul Brynner in and out of Skipton General, so ta da!

    Annie: Sorry I'm late. It just took a bit longer than... Oh my God, the cake!

    Chris: Told you.

  • Chris: Course you've got a body worth looking at.

    Ruth: Just look at that parking.

    Chris: Ruth.

    Ruth: Doesn't it annoy you when people take up two spaces.

  • Cora: I'm surprised they printed it.

    Jessie: It's probably all over the internet by now.

    Annie: By the sound of it, most people have seen it already.

    Chris: Lots of people have photos taken with their tops off on holiday in Ibiza don't they?

    Ruth: It probably just came as a slight shock Chris, what with the previous fifteen photos being of flower arrangements.

  • Ruth: We're not all Chrises in this life. Some of us are Ruths.

  • Ruth: Right. Let's do it.

  • Ruth: Poor Bob. I almost felt sorry for him. Almost.

  • Nicolette: What about our clothes?

    Ruth: Gone.

    Andy Patchett: What about my toys?

    Ruth: Gone.

    Nicolette: What about my tapes?

    Ruth: Gone, everything is gone.

  • Ruth: Andy, Nicolette, this is your new home.

  • Ruth: [to Mary] Oh, I'm so sorry.

  • Ruth: [narrating] Some women are born beautiful. They make it look easy. But most women have to put a little time and effort into their appearance, and then there are those of us who need all the help we can get, like me.

  • Bob: Okay Ruth, I'll give you a few days, then you've got to come back for the kids. Where can I reach you?

    Ruth: I'm not coming back, Bob, they'll have a much better life here with you.

    Bob: Wait a minute, Ruth, where're you going?

    Ruth: I don't know, Bob, into my future I guess.

  • Ruth: I would have to get used to being alone now. It's not easy for a mother to be separated from her children. I'll bet Mary Fisher's mother feels the same way. Maybe I can help old Mrs. Fisher get reacquainted with her daughter. But first, I would need a new name.

  • Ruth: [switching the nursing home's sedatives with energy pills] Mary Fisher's mother had been enjoying a long, untroubled sleep. It was time to wake her up.

  • Ruth: [coaching the nursing home women in a game of soccer, jumping up and down] Come on! Kick that ball! Yes, go! Come on Miss Zulinski!

    Hooper: What is going on here?

    Ruth: Oh, isn't it wonderful?

    Hooper: I know what you've been doing! The vitamins, the workouts, it's against the rules! I'm going to report you to Mrs. Trumper and then you'll be sorry.

    Ruth: Oh I don't think so, I HAVE been sorry my whole life and by the looks of it, so have you, so you do whatever you want. It's a shame though, Hooper, I always thought that women like us should stick together. Let's go! Kick that ball!

  • Ruth: It must be his boat.

    Sylvie: That or he's some sort of lunatic. Either way, I'm not going back to find out.

  • Fisherman: You come back here! Lady, you come back here! Lady, you come back!

    Sylvie: He always does that. If he thinks someone's watching him, he just carries on even more.

    Fisherman: Come back here!

    Sylvie: Pitiful. He's gonna have a heart attack someday.

    Ruth: It must be his boat.

    Sylvie: Either that or he's some kind of lunatic. I'm certainly not going back to find out.

  • Ruth: Silvie had no awareness of time. For her, hours and minutes were the names of trains.

  • Ruth: So we're having a dinner for a possible client and his wife.

    Amy: Okay.

    Ruth: They're staying here for the summer, with their son. And um, I'm not saying you can't come...

    Amy: ...What are you not saying?

    Ruth: Well, I'm not not saying anything. I'm saying of course you can come, you're living here.

    Amy: I'm staying here.

    Ruth: Well, at some point, I don't know what the difference is?

  • Ruth: Who's been taking care of your plants? Ah, I wish I could get mine to do that. What do you give it?

    Paul: More sun, I guess.

    Neal: Well mom, you can get a lot more sun on your plants if you just burn your curtains, like Paul does.

  • Ruth: Stop it! I will not put up with this any more than your father did. How many times did he tell you, family comes first.

    Neal: Is that why he killed himself?

  • Ruth: So what about hens in general? Or my hen? Such as some stupid needless ritual?

    Fionan: Oh, er, no babe. I would happily go on your hen.

    Ruth: You want to go on my hen?

    Big Kevin: Okay Fionan. One of my favourite things to do is have sex with men. And even for me that's a bit too gay.

  • [Ruth is the on phone after seeing a news report about her]

    Ruth: You wanna send a message? I ain't no fucking telegram, bitch!


    Ruth: Nothing's wrong! I'm fine now. You think I'm a fool. You're the fool, cause guess what? This is a war and Diane's a spy. How bout that?


    Ruth: Now you're catching on!


    Ruth: Oh yeah! Well you're a cunt!

  • Clinic Nurse: Let me just ask you something, Ruth. Have you ever really taken the time to think about what it means to have an abortion?

    Ruth: Yeah, um, it means that I don't have to go to jail and it means I don't have to have another baby and it means that I can start getting my life together ...

    Clinic Nurse: I, I, I, I, I. Don't you think that's all just a little selfish?

  • Rachel: It is always women like you who are most victimized by anti-choice: indigent women, third-world women, women of color.

    Ruth: I'm not a colored woman!

  • Ruth: I don't wanna go back to jail again. Least not for more than a week or two.

  • Ruth: I'm gonna stay here. and I'm gonna have that abortion like I wanted. 'Cause I'm a citizen and... and I got my rights to, um, PICK!

  • Ruth: What's the mater? Are you fuckin' people deaf? I said I want an abortion.

  • Ruth's Mother: Ruth, you listen to me! Don't you do it! What if I'd aborted you?

    Ruth: Well at least I wouldn't have had to suck your boyfriend's cock!

    Ruth's Mother: Don't you bring that up again! That's ancient history! I've been saved!

    Ruth: Fuck you!

  • Ruth: [after seeing a movie about abortion] I slept in a few dumpsters. Maybe I slept on some babies.

  • Ruth: Suck the shit out of my ass, you fucker!

  • Ruth: Donald had thrown her out, I'd moved in. She was out for blood!

    Molly Gilbert: Out for blood, YOU tried to run me down, Honey!

  • Ruth: Sit down!

    Mrs. Evelyn Dice: In my house, I'll sit when I'm good and ready!

  • Matt: Do you wanna know why our son is dead? Do you really wanna know? He went there not because of me. He was with her not because of me. He went there because of you. Because you are so controlling, so overbearing, so angry, that he was it! That he was our only son!

    Ruth: That is not true!

    Matt: Oh, yes it is. Yes, it is. Ever since he was little, you were telling him how he was wrong. I remember, one time you yanked him out of a little league game and sent him home, for throwing his glove in the dirt. He was what? Nine years old. Everything he did was wrong. Well, what was wrong with him, Ruth? You are so unforgiving. You are. That's what he said. And now you're pulling the same shit with me, and that's a horrible way to be. It's a horrible. You're bitter, Ruth. And you can point your finger all you want at me, but you better take a damn good look at yourself first.

  • Matt: I know what you think, that I was too lenient, that I let him get away with...

    [Ruth interrupts him, smashing a plate on the floor]


  • Ruth: [sees Franks has been punched in the eye] So what are you going to do about it?

    Frank Fowler: I don't know... take karate.

  • Ruth: He needs his head in school, not in her.

    Matt: So to speak.

  • Ruth: Oh, come on, you've heard the same things I have.

    Matt: You seem to forget, I don't take my lunches in the teachers' lounge.

  • Ruth: If I weren't so sick, I could help you.

    Joe Collins: There are all kinds of sick people, Ruth. Maybe we can help each other.

  • Ruth: [interrupting her son's innocuous greeting] I don't want to hear it.

    Jimmy: What?

    Ruth: Whatever it is you plan to hurt me with.

  • Ruth: [with other passengers in line behind her] Will the lifeboats be seated according to class? I hope they're not too crowded.

    Rose: Oh mother, shut up! Don't you understand? The water is freezing and there aren't enough boats. Not enough by half. Half the people on this ship are going to die.

    Cal Hockley: Not the better half.

    Molly Brown: Come on Ruth, get in the boat. First-class seats are right up here.

    Cal Hockley: You know, it's a pity I didn't keep that drawing. It'll be worth a lot more by morning.

    Rose: You unimaginable bastard!

  • Rose: It's so unfair.

    Ruth: Of course it's unfair. We're women. Our choices are never easy.

  • Ruth: So this is the ship they say is unsinkable.

    Cal Hockley: It is unsinkable. God himself could not sink this ship!

  • Ruth: [getting ready for dinner, tying the straps in the back of Rose's dress] You are not to see that boy again. Do you understand me? Rose, I forbid it.

    Rose: Oh stop it, mother. You'll give yourself a nose bleed.

  • [Jack is teaching Rose how to spit]

    Rose: Mother! May I introduce Jack Dawson?

    Ruth: Charmed, I'm sure.

    [Old Rose, voice in off]

    Old Rose: The others were gracious and curious about the man who had saved my life. But my mother looked at him like an insect. A dangerous insect, which must be squashed quickly.

  • Molly Brown: [to the group who are dining at the same table] Hey, uh, who thought of the name Titanic? Was it you, Bruce?

    Ismay: Yes, actually. I wanted to convey sheer size, and size means stability, luxury, and above all, strength.

    Rose: Do you know of Dr. Freud, Mr. Ismay? His ideas about the male preoccupation with size might be of particular interest to you.

    Ruth: [whispering] What's gotten into you?

    Rose: Excuse me.

    [She rises and leaves]

    Ruth: I do apologize.

    Molly Brown: She's a pistol, Cal! Hope you can handle her.

    Cal Hockley: Well, I may have to start minding what she reads from now on, won't I, Mrs. Brown?

    Ismay: Freud? Who is he? Is he a passenger?

  • Ruth: Tell us of the accommodations in steerage, Mr. Dawson. I hear they are quite good on this ship.

    Jack: [respectfully, playfully, jokingly] The best I've seen, ma'am. Hardly any rats.

  • Ruth: The purpose of university is to find a suitable husband. Rose has already done that.

  • Idgie Threadgoode: I can't believe he swore on the Bible!

    Ruth: Well, if that judge had looked any closer, he'd have seen that it was a copy of Moby Dick.

  • Ruth: I can understand having a funeral for an arm, I just don't know WHY she insists on calling him Stump.

    Sipsey: Miss Idgie says everybody else will be calling him that, we might as well be the first.

  • Ruth: My daddy always used to say there was a separate god for children.

  • Grady Kilgore: Ruth, I have to say. I believe Idgie's been a bad influence on you.

    Ruth: I agree!

  • Ruth: Don't you ever say never to me.

  • Prosecutor Percy: Why did you go with Idgie Threadgoode?

    Judge: Answer the question Mrs. Bennett.

    Ruth: Because she... she's the best friend I ever had, and I love her.

  • Idgie Threadgoode: [chasing Ruth] Where the hell are you going with my money?

    Ruth: [walking to the car] We're going home!

    Idgie Threadgoode: Who are you to boss be around?

    Ruth: I'm the one holding your money, that's who.

  • Buddy Threadgoode Jr.: Mommy, I can hit! You should see me. Aunt Idgie. She hit me in the back with a curveball. I didn't duck, and I hardly cried.

    Ruth: She hit you? Well, she did that to me once too but I think I did cry.

    Buddy Threadgoode Jr.: Mama, I'm sorry if you're sad.

    Ruth: Well... give me a big kiss then, and I'll never be sad again. And you best not be sad neither.

  • Ruth: I've been thinkin', maybe I should move on because of Frank and all. I just... don't want you to feel like you have to look out for us. I just don't want to be selfish, that's all. Maybe if I wasn't here you'd settle down.

    Idgie Threadgoode: I'm as settled as I ever hope to be.

  • Ruth: You're just a bee charmer, Idgie Threadgoode. That's what you are, a bee charmer.

  • Idgie Threadgoode: There's so many

    [voice breaking]

    Idgie Threadgoode: things I want to say to you.

    Ruth: No, I love your stories. Tell me a story, Idgie.


    Ruth: Go on you ol' Bee Charmer, tell me a good tall tale.

  • Ruth: Idgie Threadgoode, you ol' beecharmer, you.

  • Idgie Threadgoode: You're never gonna jump, are you?

    Ruth: Don't you ever say never to me.

  • Ruth: This doesn't have anything to do with trains, does it?

  • Tommie Morolto: -if only I could get my hands on this kid.

    Ruth: I think it's urgent, Mr. Morolto.

    Tommie Morolto: Ruth thinks it's urgent, Joey. What do you think?

    Ruth: It's a Mr. McDeere. Mr. Mitchell McDerre. He's waiting to see you.

    Joey: I think Ruth is right.

  • Ruth: How could one sister be so good and the other so bad?

  • Lee: Aunt Ruth, you're up and around.

    Ruth: Yeah, I'm part machine.

  • [last lines]

    Ruth: Bessie! Oh Bessie, you missed it. Coral finally married Lance!

    Bessie: But now, wasn't Lance married to Coral's mother?

    Lee: No! Coral was married to Lance's father.

    Ruth: He's really a nice boy.

  • Ruth: How did the checkup go?

    Craig Morrison: Clean bill of health for both of us.

    Ruth: Really? The doctor didn't say anything about her memory?

    Craig Morrison: I forgot to ask him.

  • Ruby: What do you want me to say?

    Ruth: Maybe my expectations are so low at this point, I'll accept anything from you.

  • [first lines]

    [Ruth is lying in bed as Philip comes into her room, sits on her bed and reaches inside a sock]

    Philip: [as Ruth excitedly tries to feel the contents of the sock] Careful!

    [Philip takes out a bun covered with white icing and gives it to Ruth]

    Ruth: [excitedly taking the bun] Philip!

    [Ruth starts eating the bun]

    Ruth: [happily] What else did you have for supper?

    Philip: I'm afraid we had meatballs, but they weren't very nice so you didn't miss much.

  • Aunt Margaret: [sighs] Ruth I'm not going to punish you, 'cause it doesn't seem to do much good. But I've been thinking things out on the way home, I don't seem able to manage you or bring you up as I ought. You have ten days more of holidays, then if they can take you I'm going to send you to Boarding School. Your mother suggested it at Christmas but... well I-I wanted to keep you then. It will be a big extra expense, but anything is better than you growing up as, selfish, obstinate and ill-mannered as you are now.

    Ruth: [firmly] I shan't go!

    Aunt Margaret: You won't be asked.


    [Ruth runs out of the house]

  • Ruth: [voice only as she and Philip run across a field full of sheep] What with Spring bursting out everywhere there was just no stopping us! Poor Aunt Margaret didn't quite know what had hit her. She'd agreed to look after us while our parents were in India, but I think by this time she was regretting it!

  • Philip: [looking at the cameras in a shop window] That one there on the left.

    Ruth: What would we use it for?

    Philip: To take bird pictures with it of course!

    Ruth: [excited] You mean like the pheasants hatching out?

    Philip: [downcast] No. They'd be hatched out within a few days. It'll take *ages* to buy a camera.

    Ruth: Well how much have we got now?

    Philip: I don't know. Just over a pound I think.

    Ruth: [encouraging] Oh Philip! It won't take long to save! I'm *sure* it won't!

  • Ruth: Hello Mr. Tandy.

    Mr. Tandy: [cheerfully] Hello. Heh-heh-heh-heh, well then Ruth, and how are you eh?

    Ruth: Very well thank you. We've just built a wigwam over there, by the pond.

    Mr. Tandy: By Hill Farm there? Well I know that! And who's "we"?

    Ruth: Me and my brother Philip, but he's hurt his ankle today so he had to stay at home.

    Mr. Tandy: I'm sorry to hear that. One of my sheep's lost himself. And I'm thinking maybe he's got stuck in some of these bushes somewhere. Y... you can stop and help me find him if you like.

    [Ruth nods happily]

    Mr. Tandy: [kindly] Come along!

  • Ruth: Have you always been a shepherd?

    Mr. Tandy: [cheerfully] That's right. Always have been. Now see through here.

    [they pass some big trees]

    Ruth: Why doesn't he stay?

    Mr. Tandy: Well, I expect he's like the rest of us: He likes his own way. And his own way has got him into a *deal* of trouble.

    Ruth: Well, I expect he's sorry for it now, all caught up in the bushes and wishing he'd stayed in the meadow.

    Mr. Tandy: Yep. Aye. Takes a deal of thorns and briers to teach these lambs that their own way ain't the best.

  • Mr. Robinson: [finding Ruth in his church] Come on there's no need to be frightened. No need for you to hide. I don't mind little children coming into my church. But I-I was a bit surprised to find someone here this time of the morning.

    Ruth: I couldn't help being here. I came in last night when the door was open. Fell asleep my mistake.

    Mr. Robinson: Do you mean you've been here all night? Whatever is your mother thinking?

    Ruth: It's not my mother it's my Aunt. I wouldn't have done it with my mother.

  • Mr. Robinson: [as Ruth is having breakfast] What are you going to do now? Do you *really* think your Aunt would send you to Boarding School if you went back to her?

    [Ruth notices a portrait on the opposite wall]

    Mr. Robinson: Do you like it?

    Ruth: Reminds me of a shepherd at home. He lost one of his lambs and was looking for it. I went too. Do you know we wouldn't have found it if it hadn't started crying. Mr. Tandy heard it, and there it was all caught up in the bushes. It couldn't get out. The poor little thing must've gone an awful long way.

    Mr. Robinson: That was a daft thing for it to do wasn't it? Got itself into a whole pile of trouble. It reminds me a bit of you.

    Ruth: What do you mean?

    Mr. Robinson: Well you looked cold and lost when I found you in my church this morning. You'd run as far as you could, you didn't want to go home, you were stuck, and you don't know what to do now do you? Do you know who that shepherd is?

    [Ruth shakes her head]

    Mr. Robinson: It's Jesus, the Good Shepherd. And we're, we're like the sheep. We all run off, do what we want to do, and it lands us in trouble. Sometimes much worse trouble than you're in. But like your friend Mr. Tandy, the Good Shepherd doesn't forget us, and all we have to do is, is cry out.

    Ruth: [puts the breakfast tray on a table] Then what?

    Mr. Robinson: I know you can't see Him, but He's here, now with you and me, waiting for you to be found. If you ask the Good Shepherd to go home with you, He will. And He'll start to mend things for you.

  • Terry: [climbing a tree with Ruth and Philip] Can you see 'em?

    [Ruth notices a bird's nest]

    Ruth: [excited] Yes!

    Philip: [excited] Gosh look at that!

    Ruth: How does it not fall off?

    Philip: I don't know. Wood pigeon's nests are always like that.

    Terry: [climbing higher up] I've got a better place to watch the eggs from!

    Philip: It'll never hold you!

    Ruth: Terry be careful!

    [Terry edges along a thin branch whilst holding onto an even thinner one]

    Terry: [swinging out] Wahoo!

    [Ruth screams and Terry laughs as he steadies himself on another thin branch]

    Ruth: Terry don't do that!

    [Terry laughs and edges along another thin branch, which snaps]

    Ruth: [screams] TERRY!

    [Terry falls out of the tree and lands on the grass]

    Philip: [quickly climbs down and runs over to Terry] Ruth, I'm not quite sure but I think he's alive.

  • Philip: [as he, Ruth and Terry are running down a hill in the woods] What's your name?

    Terry: Terry.

    Ruth: Where do you live?

    Terry: At the cottage in the euro, down Tanglewoods way.

    Philip: Have you got any brothers and sisters?

    Terry: No, it's only me and my Mum.

    Ruth: Where's your father?

    Terry: Ain't got none.

    Ruth: What are you collecting flowers for?

    Terry: Mum sells them in the town. She's a flower seller.

    [Terry points to a nest]

    Terry: There you are. There's one of your pheasant's nests.

  • Ruth: [opening a parcel containing a picture of Jesus with a flock of sheep] Mr. Robinson it's lovely!

    Terry: [lying in bed] Where are they going?

    Mr. Robinson: He's taking him home.

    Terry: [weakly] Where's home?

    Mr. Robinson: It's where the Shepherd lives. Would you like me to read you something about it? What it's like there?

    [Terry nods and Mr. Robinson opens his Bible and reads Revelation 21:4]

    Mr. Robinson: [reading] "And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes, and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain."

    Terry: [weakly] No more pain. Cor, that would be smashing. Can anyone go?

    Mr. Robinson: [wisely] Yes. *Anyone.* Anyone who belongs to him. Anyone who comes to the Good Shepherd.

    [Ruth and Terry look at each other, then at the picture of Jesus]

  • Ruth: [voice only, as Winter trees are seen] Just a few weeks later, when... Autumn had turned to Winter... Terry died.

  • Mr. Tandy: Hello littlein'!

    [Ruth stops by a tree]

    Mr. Tandy: Hey, what's the trouble then, eh? Is it your Terry? Hmm, I 'erd about that in the village. It was sad for you.

    Ruth: [sadly] I prayed so hard he'd get better, didn't do any good. God didn't even listen.

    Mr. Tandy: [kindly and wisely] Littlein', if you were to come to me and say... there's a little lamb down there yonder, who can't run about and can't do the pasture being so steep and the stones are sharp. Hmm? I used to go down there, pick that little lamb up in my arms and carry it... to another pasture... where the grass was sweet and ground more, well easy like. Heh-heh. You wouldn't come to me and say that I hadn't needed you would you? No. You see, the Shepherd took his lamb *home*. That's all. You've no caused a fret.

    Ruth: [sadly] But it didn't seem like that at all.

    [Ruth walks away]

    Ruth: [sadly] We buried Terry in the earth, and we left him there. Seems so sad and lonely. How could Terry be with the Shepherd when we left him lying in the earth?

    Mr. Tandy: Yes. Here.

    [picks up a conker]

    Mr. Tandy: [wisely] You see this conker? Hmm? Well what's gonna happen to it, eh? And what's gonna happen to its shell?

    Ruth: Well... it-its shell will probably get covered and... wither away, and the... conker will grow into a Chestnut Tree.

    Mr. Tandy: That's it! Heh-heh. You couldn't have said it better! Now, when you see that Chestnut Tree blowing in the wind, you're not gonna fret about its case mongering under the leaves are you?

    Ruth: No.

    Mr. Tandy: [wisely] No. Heh-heh. Then, cease to fret about what's laid in the earth! 'Tis only the case. Your Terry is growing strong up there, with his Saviour. That's the truth.

  • [last lines]

    Terry: [voice only as Ruth climbs over a fence and stops in a field to think] No more pain. Cor, that would be smashing. Can anyone go?

    Mr. Robinson: [voice only, wisely] Yes. *Anyone*. Anyone who belongs to him. Anyone who comes to the Good Sheperd.

    Mr. Tandy: [voice only, wisely] Your Terry is growing strong up there, with his Saviour.

    [Ruth realizes what it all means and excitedly looks at the sky as the Sun shines brighter]

    Ruth: [running happily through the fields to tell Philip the good news] Philip! Philip! Philip? Philip! Philip! Philip!

  • Ruth: Since you say your God is everywhere... perchance I am stepping on him right now.

    Mahlon: Indirectly, yes, the Earth being one of his creations.

    Ruth: The Earth? Then you may as well claim that he made the moon too.

    Mahlon: It is told that he made two great lights in the heavens. The greater to rule the day and the lesser to rule the night.

    Ruth: And all other luminous objects in the sky, I suppose.

    Mahlon: Yes. And one closer by.

  • Ruth: [to Naomi] Entreat me not to leave you, or to keep from following you. For where you go, I will go; where you lodge, I will lodge. Your people shall be my people, and your God, my God.

  • Mahlon: Suppose you wish to pray, but you're not near an image of Chemosh.

    Ruth: Then I go to him.

    Mahlon: Well, suppose a soldier of Moab is wounded on a field of battle and cannot get to an image of Chemosh to pray for his life.

    Ruth: Then he thinks of Chemosh.

    Mahlon: But the Chemosh he's thinking of is invisible at the time he thinks of him. In my work, gracious lady, I have sometimes repaired your god. Isn't it hard to believe that a god who cracks and crumbles and can be repaired by a mere artisan like myself can be the same god who makes the birds sing and the sun rise and set? How can a god whose own head gets broken mend the broken heads of his soldiers?

  • Ruth: Why do you look at me like that?

    Mahlon: Because you are so beautiful, so very beautiful. Don't you know that you are?

    Ruth: I have never thought about it.

    Mahlon: No one has ever told you? No man has ever looked at you as I do?

    Ruth: If... if he has, I have not seen it.

    Mahlon: You were not watching for it. Isn't it pleasant, even for a priestess to be told that she is beautiful, especially when it's true?

    Ruth: Is beauty so important?

    Mahlon: The beauty that's within, as I know it is with you.

    Ruth: How do you know?

    Mahlon: I am older than you, and the years teach.

  • Ruth: [sobbing] He taught me to care about living things, but he never told me of the pain of caring.

    Naomi: Pain on entering the world, anguish on leaving it. But the interval between is worth it all.

    Ruth: [still sobbing] How can you say that in such an hour? Look around you, at this hard wilderness, and what do you see but mourning women? Where is Mahlon's invisible God of mercy? Where are his blessings?

    Naomi: You are one of them. You gave my son joy, and you sent him away with peace in his soul. I am grateful, my lady.

  • Ruth: Rachel, please. I saw her face.

  • Ruth: I spent four hours on the internet and I couldn't find one single case of a 16-year-old girl's heart just stopping. I spoke to three different doctors and not one of them could tell me exactly what happened to my daughter.

  • Ruth: Who would want to haunt me?

    Frederick Loren: I would say any self-respecting male ghost.

  • Annabelle Loren: Dr. Trent, don't you approve of our little party favors?

    Dr. David Trent: Suppose Nora had a gun when she was alone in the cellar with the blind woman?

    Ruth: Oh, I don't think anyone else is going to walk around in total darkness.

    Annabelle Loren: Oh, I'm sure we're not going to go running around the house shooting each other, aren't you?

    Dr. David Trent: Who knows? Fear can make people do amazing things.

  • Watson Pritchard: [Lance is found in a 'locked' room with a head injury he attributed to bumping it] I wonder why they didn't kill him.

    Ruth: Who?

    Watson Pritchard: He didn't bump his head, they hit him.

    Ruth: They?

  • Lance Schroeder: Do you think it would do any good if you went in and talked to her?

    Ruth: Well, do you think there really was a head in her suitcase?

    Lance Schroeder: I don't know.

    Ruth: A thing like that would put me right over the edge.

  • Frank: WHORES!... you can tell them a mile away.

    Ruth: What do you care?

  • Ruth: Harvey, I have a headache, a toothache, a backache and I'm expecting the gout.

    Harvey Beckman: Would an aspirin help?

  • Susan: Does Mr Beckman always talk to himself like that?

    Ruth: It's the only way he can win an argument!

  • Georgia Latham: Honey, my advice is to get off the train at the next stop, wherever it is. This is the biggest maybe trip I ever took.

    Ruth: What do you mean maybe trip?

    Georgia Latham: Well, you're the daughter of a very wealthy man - maybe. Murray is a New York lawyer taking you to meet your father - maybe. Allen is in love with you and trying to protect your interests - maybe. Scott is a nut! Positively! I'm beginning to suspect Blake and, eh, I'm not even so sure of myself!

    Ruth: I'll see you in the morning.

    Georgia Latham: Maybe.

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