Rusty Dennis Quotes in Mask (1985)


Rusty Dennis Quotes:

  • Rusty Dennis: First you told me he was gonna be retarded, then you told me he was gonna be blind AND deaf. If I'd dug his grave every time one of you geniuses told me he was gonna die, I'd be eating fuckin' chop suey in China by now!

  • [to a student staring at her son's face]

    Rusty Dennis: What's the matter, never seen anyone from the planet Vulcan before?

  • Rusty Dennis: [her final line, after finding that Rocky has passed away in his sleep] ... Now you can go anywhere you want, baby.

  • Rocky Dennis: [smashes some plates] I hate you going out every night and coming home wasted all the time!

    Rusty Dennis: It's none of your goddamn business!

    Rocky Dennis: You're my mother!

    Rusty Dennis: Well, you're not my warden!

  • Rocky Dennis: What's his problem, Ma?

    Rusty Dennis: Nothing. He's just another asshole. You let that negative dreck in and it'll put ya away. You can be a chickenshit and die or be a mensch and keep makin' yourself well.

  • [after an unpleasant visit with the grandparents, Rusty is about to take a lot of drugs]

    Gar: [gets a beer from fridge] If you're gonna get wasted on that crap, I'm not gonna hang around here and babysit you.

    Rusty Dennis: [scoffs] You must be confusing me with someone who gives a shit.

    Gar: I must be.

    Rusty Dennis: [looks at drugs, Gar and shakes her head] You know, this is not going to work. I'm doing things to please you and I'm just gonna end up hating you.

    Gar: Oh come on, Baby. You and your old man have been going through this shit forever. Got to you again, didn't he? Got you ready for another one of those two-hour screamers. Gets you to the place where I'm gonna put you through the goddamned wall.

    Rusty Dennis: [snaps back] Well, Go ahead. Put me through the goddamned wall, then! Why should you be any different than any other guy I've been with?

    Gar: [clonks beer bottle down on table and leaves her]

  • Rocky Dennis: Mom. Do I look like a freak to you?

    Rusty Dennis: No.

    Rocky Dennis: You know, your always been big on telling me when my face doesn't matter, but, it does. Doesn't it? You think that I can't even get a girl to like me unless you pay for her.

    Rusty Dennis: That's not true.

    Rocky Dennis: Bullshit!

    Rusty Dennis: Bullshit yourself. You know lots of young guys got problems getting girls. Well, what if I was your dad and I did the same thing?

    Rocky Dennis: I'd hate that too!

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