Rueben Soady Quotes in Escanaba in da Moonlight (2001)


Rueben Soady Quotes:

  • Jimmer Negamanee: Shay, Reubensh.

    Rueben Soady: Yea?

    Jimmer Negamanee: Shince you ain't sherving shashties, I'd sure shike shome of those sherman shlapjakcs.


    Jimmer Negamanee: I could eat shlapjacks every day of the weeksh, eh.

    Rueben Soady: Oh, I know you could, Jimmer.

    Remnar Soady: No, not flapjacks.

    Jimmer Negamanee: Ya'll don't like the shlapjacks?

    Remnar Soady: Macaroni and cheese, tank you very much.

    Albert Soady: With spam.

    Remnar Soady: With spam.

    Jimmer Negamanee: How'sh about shlapjacks with spam?

    Rueben Soady: Uh, fellas.

    Albert Soady: J-just spam for me.

    Remnar Soady: Kraft Macaroni and Cheese.

    Rueben Soady: No flapjacks, no macaroni and cheese, and no spam.

    Albert Soady: No spam?

    Rueben Soady: Boys you are not only going to eat like kings, but that 2o bucks you was going to throw into the kiddie for pasties, keep it. I am about to feed the whole camp for all week for absolutely free.

  • Remnar Soady: We've known each other since we was kids, Reuben.

    Rueben Soady: We're brothers, Remnar

    Remnar Soady: Hear me out.

  • Rueben Soady: [after drinking some of Albert Soady's sweet sap whiskey] Little heavy on the sap.

    Albert Soady: A little what?

    Rueben Soady: On the sap, it's a little heavy on the sap.

    Albert Soady: The saps what makes it.

    Rueben Soady: Yeah, well that may be, but if I didn't know better I'd say I just drunk from a bottle of maple syrup.

    Albert Soady: Gimme the damn jar back!

    [gets up from chair]

    Rueben Soady: Alright, sa

    [gets interrupted]

    Albert Soady: A man who can't look another man in the hairy eyeball and tell him he's heavy on the sap ain't much of a man.

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