Rudolph Valentino Quotes in Valentino (1977)


Rudolph Valentino Quotes:

  • Rudolph Valentino: I was giving a private lesson, Miss Billie.

    Billie Streeter: You give too many private lessons. Lay off the de Saulles dame. Circulate more, baby. Give some of the older broads a whirl. They tip better.

  • Hooker: Oh, hi!

    George Ullman: Oh, Christ.

    Hooker: Wanna have a good time?

    Rudolph Valentino: Which one?

    Hooker: Oh-oh, I can handle two at once. I got the sockets if you got the plugs.

  • Jack de Saulles: No more tea time... with Dagos for you, baby. Hello, pretty boy.

    Rudolph Valentino: The music is not quite over, Signore.

    Jack de Saulles: As for you, sweetheart, now you go straighten up your lipstick before your one geep guinea.

    Bianca de Saulles: Jack!

    Jack de Saulles: Shut up , god dammit! Waltzing with WOPs is one thing, but he's a pansy.

    Rudolph Valentino: Sir! I'm an artist, a professional dancer!

    Jack de Saulles: You know, I say any guy that dances with another guy is a powder puff, you got that WOP.

    Bianca de Saulles: I didn't tell him.

  • Marjorie Tain: Mr. Kid Gloves, is that what all those ladies paid you for?

    Rudolph Valentino: A real lady never pays for anything, Miss Tain.

    Marjorie Tain: Is that right? Well, god help you, Junior, if you ever have anything worth taking, some bright bitch is gong to give you the ride of your life.

  • Natasha Rambova: Here with a loaf of bread, beneath the bough, a flask of wine, a book of verse, and thou beside me, singing in the wilderness, and wilderness is paradise enough.

    Rudolph Valentino: Did you write that?

    Natasha Rambova: Ha-ha-ha. Omar Khayyam.

    Rudolph Valentino: Hey, maybe he can write our subtitles.

    Natasha Rambova: Ha-ha-ha. Well, he's sort of retired. Anyway, it'd be kind of a mouthful to say during the big rape scene, don't you think?

    Rudolph Valentino: You couldn't, by any chance, be kidding me, could you?

    Natasha Rambova: I've never been more serious.

  • Rudolph Valentino: To my public, I will never die!

  • Rudolph Valentino: You are the spirit that moves the universe, the song that wakes the day, the waves that soothe the sand, the giving hand, the magic of the touch, the peace of afterglow, the mystery of night, the promise of delight,

    Natasha Rambova: Ha-ha. You make me sound like a shopping list.

    Rudolph Valentino: The thrill of surrender, the fount of all pleasure, the power of religion, my meaning for existence, my vision of heaven, my life eternal, my love, my friend.

  • Rudolph Valentino: Now, I must go back inside there or forever lose my self respect.

    Natasha Rambova: Self respect? I'd call it vanity. But, if you really want to win the respect of the crew, you better screw that little whore, Lorna! And make sure everybody knows about it!

  • Lorna Sinclair: Oh, I never dreamed that this could happen! I mean with all the women you must have, not to mention your wife, I mean. You know, I'm not going to accept another date all week. Just so I can lie in bed and remember this. All the others will just be, a silly memory. I just won't be able to stop thinking about this moment.

    Rudolph Valentino: Confess. Have there been many others, Lorna?

    Lorna Sinclair: They don't count. I often dream of you, when I'm with another man. It doesn't bother you, does it? The other men, I mean.

    Rudolph Valentino: No. Women are meant to be loved, Lorna.

  • Lorna Sinclair: Hurt me. Don't be gentle. Imagine you're the sheik on your big white stallion, rushing the life out of me in your arms. Don't be gentle. Hurt me! Do something! Oh, look! Look! It's the desert. Close your eyes. Trust me, honey, I've been over this a thousand times. It's the desert. Merciless. Beating sun. Heat wave shimmering from the purple dunes. My lips are rimmed with sweat. Perspiration, excuse me. The clothes are sticking to the contours of my damp body. You come riding up. You reach down and with one brown shriveling arm, scoop me into the saddle. Faster and faster we ride. Your strong hands turn my little body to shreds. Feel your fingers groping my thighs, pawing at my swollen breasts, plunging it into me now, with your sharp crack of leather as the riding whip cuts into my flesh, thundering, oh, and groaning leather, until, Rudie! Rudie! Rudie! Alas, I am, spent! Rudie, Rudie, you were so wonderful. I think I'm gonna die.

    Rudolph Valentino: Ha-ha. No, Lorna, We're going to be late for work.

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