Ruber Quotes in Quest for Camelot (1998)


Ruber Quotes:

  • Ruber: [after the giant ogre sits on him] The ogre's butt.

  • Lady Juliana: You're mad.

    Ruber: I'm *so* glad you noticed. I've been working at it for years.

  • [Lying under the giant ogre]

    Gryphon: Well, at lest things can't get any worse!

    Ruber: Wanna bet?

  • Lady Juliana: Ruber.

    Ruber: Juliana. I was in the neighborhood, and I thought I'd invade. How about a kiss? I hear you're still single...

    Lady Juliana: Impertinent pig.

    Ruber: Is that a no?

  • [after Ruber melds Excalibur to his arm with his potion]

    Ruber: Don't worry, Julianna. I'll make sure Arthur gets it back. Or gets it in the back.

  • Ruber: Charming singalong. Now let's get down to business. I've waited a long time for this. What about my new land?

    King Arthur: Sir Ruber, always thinking of yourself. As knights of the roundtable, our obligation is to the people. Not to ourselves. Lands will be divided to each persons needs.

    Ruber: Then I need more than everyone. I wouldn't have supported you all these years if I knew you were running a charity.

    Sir Lionel: The king has decided!

    Ruber: Then it's time for a new king. And I vote for me.

    Sir Lionel: I will not serve under a false king!

    Ruber: Then serve... a dead one!

    Ruber: [moves in to attack Arthur]

  • King Arthur: You may kill me... but you'll never destroy the ideals of Camelot.

    Ruber: Well, I've got to start somewhere.

  • Ruber: A spear. How Stone Age. A king would hold a nobler weapon. A king would hold *Excalibur*!

  • Ruber: Panic sweeps across the land.

    Gryphon: Precisely.

    Ruber: My plan is perfect.

    Gryphon: Precisely.

    Ruber: Without the sword, Arthur is vulnerable.

    Gryphon: Precisely.

    Ruber: And now Excalibur is mine.

    Gryphon: Eh... here's where we enter a grey area.

  • Ruber: Where did you drop the sword?

    Gryphon: It all looks so *different* from down here...

  • Ruber: You've been quite annoying, for a girl.

  • Ruber: Find them all and report back to me! Did you hear me?

    Gryphon: Sorry, Master. My mouth was full.

    Ruber: Typical! Of all the evil creatures in the world, I had to find one with *table manners*!

  • Sir Lionel: I'll not serve a false king.

    Ruber: Then serve... A DEAD ONE!

    [Ruber attacks Arthur]

  • Ruber: When I get my hands on that girl...

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