Ruben Quotes in Band of the Hand (1986)


Ruben Quotes:

  • Ruben: Yo, man-where's the facility?

  • Ruben: Why are their eyes so big?

    Walter Keane: Eyes are the windows to the soul!

  • Ruben: Sweep the gutters before the taste police arrive.

  • [Henry enters a tech shop]

    Henry Altmann: I need a camcorder! And I need one quick!

    [Ruben gets up slowly]

    Ruben: W... w... w... w... what type are you interested?

    Henry Altmann: Oh, it doesn't matter! Just one of those!

    [points at a shelf]

    Henry Altmann: That one, right there!

    Ruben: The P... P... P... P... Panasonic, or the F... F... F... F... Fujitsu?

    Henry Altmann: [points again] No, THAT one!

    Ruben: Oh, the Samsung?

    Henry Altmann: Yeah, the Samsung! I'll take it!

    Ruben: W... w... w... w... warranty?

    Henry Altmann: No, definitely not.

  • Henry Altmann: [holds a Samsung camcorder] How do I get it to work?

    Ruben: F... F... F... F... first, you have to charge the b... b... b...

    Henry Altmann: Batteries? How long will that take?

    Ruben: F... F... F... F... Four hours.

    Henry Altmann: Does the world hate me?... Do you have one that's ready to go right now?

    Ruben: [looks at the shelf] The F... F... F... F... Fujitsu . or the F... F... F... F... Fuji...

    Henry Altmann: Which one do you recommend, the F... F... F... F... Fujitsu or the F... F... F... F... Fuji?

    Ruben: F... F... F... F... Fuck you!


    Henry Altmann: Bravo!

  • [Tom is frisked as soon as he enters Richie's home]

    Ruben: Got to frisk you.

    Tom Stall: Nah, I'll save you the trouble. I'm not packing.

    Ruben: I got to frisk you.

    Tom Stall: All right. I don't smell very good. I've been driving pretty much non-stop 15 to 16 hours.

    Ruben: I'll hold my nose.

  • Ruben: I don't like cops. And cops don't like me.

  • Lupe: [the tracking dogs have been stolen] How are we gonna find them now?

    Ruben: [shouting] Well, asshole, why don't you get down on all fours and we'll follow you!

  • Ruben: [admiring a waitress] She sure knows how to fill a skirt.

  • Ruben: [about Ernie] I talked to his mother on the phone. He got married.

    Babe: What can you expect?

    Ruben: All that energy they waste. If they're not getting married, they're getting arrested or they're joining the navy or they're killing themselves on motorcycles.

    Babe: You know why I think he did it? I think that beating discouraged him.

    Ruben: Well, if you don't have confidence in yourself, you're never gonna get anywhere.

    Babe: I remember the first time I passed blood. I was one scared kid.

    Ruben: Sure, when I got my jaw broken and I had to suck liquids through that straw, I started wondering if it was all worthwhile.

    Babe: I'll tell you what bothered me: getting my throat ruined.

    Ruben: You didn't keep your chin down.

    Babe: How's your nose? Can you breathe?

    Ruben: Yeah, can't you?

    Babe: Not on a wet day.

  • Ruben: You have fucked with the wrong man!

  • Ruben: Fuck! It is quiet here!

    Thomas: Yes! It's wierd... It's strange that in a couple of seconds everything dissaperd... Everithing died... It's fucking cool!

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